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  1. Steve Ecke

    Weekend Event!

    That's like when there is a car on sale today, but you bought it yesterday and now also want the % on it. That is not how events and sales are working. Anyways thanks for the idea.
  2. Steve Ecke

    Weekend Event!

    Sorry but that is not possible.
  3. Steve Ecke

    Weekend Event!

    Dear Community Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this weekend's weekend event. Start: November 16, 2018, 12:00 PM (CET) End: November 19, 2018, 12:00 PM (CET) Now, let's jump into further details: Autumn Clothes Release The character clothes of the autumn collection will be purchasable in the in-game marketplace. Find Me Alien Super Zombies will have a chance of dropping GD Skinboxes during this weekend. This includes Open World and Survival. (Official and private server) Indigo Limited Skinbox Release We are going to release one of our newest limited skinbox on the in-game marketplace. This skinbox will only be purchasable during this weekend event. Content: 20% Discount on Subscriptions The Premium, Deluxe and Extreme Subsciptions will have a 20% discount for the first month at This discount only counts for the first month. The second one will have the normal costs. Keep in mind, the subscriptions on are cheaper than the subscriptions in the in-game marketplace already. Weekend Event Sale Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture bellow for more information. Release of 2 of our newest sprays and they got also added to the Spray Box which is available in the in-game marketplace. We also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us by creating a support ticket at If you have any feedback, regarding this weekend event or just about the game in general, let us know in the comments or at The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend!! // The New Z - Staff Team
  4. Steve Ecke

    BR in Group

    Thank you for your report. NOTE: It's not clear if that player was there the entire time or he pushed from a other tree to it since you killed that other player. Maybe he also wanted to pick up loot. Regards,
  5. Steve Ecke

    Patch 2.25

    I mean rocks are changing their proper form after xx years, you will probably see the proper connection when you cut a bit away from the rock.
  6. Steve Ecke

    Patch 2.25

    What if the fense is connected there. I mean who knows what the owner of that farm was doing xx years ago before the apocalypse started.
  7. Steve Ecke

    Clan Riot Shield Application update

    You have to ask why your clan got declined and then you could improve it and apply again.
  8. Steve Ecke

    FAC anticheat wont start

    Please message Fred privatly on discord.
  9. Steve Ecke


    Just send "Fred" a private message and wait till he answers.
  10. Steve Ecke


    Do you have discord? Please contact Fred on discord with sending him a private message (don't add him).
  11. Steve Ecke


    Thanks I will look in to it right now.
  12. Steve Ecke


    Okay you have windows 10. Can you install a windows program called debugviewer which will create you a list what exactly is happening. Just install start that program and then start the newz launcher. As soon FAC crashes or says not responding, close newz and save the logs of this program. Then send us the log so we can see the issue.
  13. Steve Ecke

    Patch 2.25

    We even wrote an announcement about that. You have to leave your private server and leave this server empty for around 25 minutes. Then join and the loot will be fixed.
  14. Steve Ecke


    What windows version do you have?
  15. Steve Ecke

    Birthday Bash!