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    Mystery is just a gamle skinbox. In case you want to new skins, then you have to buy the skinboxes, where the new skins got added. Otherwise You pay 75cent for a skin, which is from a 2 euro skinbox.
  2. NewZ in 2018 #2

    Yeah i understand your point but I see him complaining about everything daily in the discord server, that's why my reaction looks a bit "rude" like you said.
  3. NewZ in 2018 #2

    I don't see the problem, this is naturel and when you play on potato, then you have less fog. Simple. So you only mention early revive and daily reward. What about double GD/XP? You can't say, daily rewards are trash only because you don't need them. This is something for free and other player like to get these things. Honestly I really don't see a point to start a drama here. All these points look like coming right after he ragequitted out of rocky.
  4. rocky sniper only headshot

    I like the general idea about hs only. Map doesnt matter.
  5. Sound Bug

    Yeah we know about that bug and will be fixed in the upcoming patch.
  6. zombies invisible

    Thanks for the video, it helps a lot.
  7. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    Yes, we won't release the fully map and yes, the version will have bugs like flying objects etc and yes, it will start like a beta phase. Here are also some new pictures. I am focusing on the environment right now.
  8. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    You mean "lighting" right? This part will be done at the end. Right now i am using V2 settings.
  9. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    Sven did like 40% of a finish map, placing towns and places. Now i have to go over it. Fix flying/misplaced objects/buildings. Add details like trash etc and then i have to paint the terrain. Then the environment will come right after. Then after these points, which will take some time, the loot, player and zombie spawns will come. So there is still a long way infront of us and as soon the map will be released, there will still be some areas which aren't completed.
  10. Arizona Battle Royale bugs

    The glitch got fixed for the upcoming patch.
  11. Monthly Weekend Event

    MONTHLY WEEKEND EVENT INFORMATION Dear Players, It's Friday and guess what? It's time for some new exciting events! Are you guys ready? Let's jump into it! Double XP Event the entire weekend on every game mode. Don't miss it! A Random Classic PVP map will be back during the weekend. Keep an eye on the Server list. :hugging: All the GC skinboxes are 15% off in the marketplace for this weekend. GD skinboxes dropping from the Alien and Super Zombie in all the game modes! Start: May 04, 2018 12:00 PM (CEST) End: May 07, 2018 12:00 PM (CEST) The Staff Team wishes everyone a great weekend! ⏩Register: ⏩Buy GC: You can find a quick overview of this weekend event in the following languages:
  12. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    I start working now "behind" sven to paint the terrain, placing details, loot, zombie, player spawns and finishing it up for the release. ETA is still not there but we try to aim for the upcoming patch. I will share some pictures every day with the updated terrain etc. Here you see the Prison
  13. Osterhasen Skin

    Seit diesem Ostern. Spielen haben eine Menge von den Items. Einfach mal im discord herum schauen oder auf der deutschen FB page. Lg
  14. open world reputation issue

    Don't think so. True. PVP servers are for farming rep. It won't improve FPS. Loot despawns after 2 mins and the servers are max 20 pop.
  15. Bring back the old NewZ

    Yeah these were the good old days and they won't comeback.