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  1. cherche joueur fr

    This google translate is insale i'm dead lmao
  2. H E N T A I pvp montage #8

    Yellow filter trash
  3. New map new beginning

    Yeah, why not trying the new map into a beta mod (New gi but with same rate/drop as open world?)
  4. Should get more reward to finish like alteast top #10 in solo maybe
  5. open world reputation issue

    Only hater from HIGH fuck this clan 😡😡
  6. open world reputation issue

    Farming rep isnt the only thing to do on this game now ? I don't know why remove it tho
  7. Lets talk about fog

    You the only one who complain about it
  8. Pls have me :)

    LUL nice meme
  9. Dead bodies blocking shields

  10. Twitch Drops Update!

    I'd like to see a reverse of PvP server to 20 people / 5clans players & also old srpead T_T random spread make no sense on an arcade game..
  11. FPS Problems

    Sell FPS on blackmarket
  12. FPS Problems

    20Slot / 5Group back, Old AR spray
  13. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    What is the fog you talk about all the time ?