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  1. FlowZ

    Patch 2.23

    Legend high
  2. FlowZ

    Patch 2.23

    What about competitive... You should really think about it. Imi tar HIGH Is planned for this patch or ?
  3. FlowZ

    Alors On Danse.

    trash singer and song btw
  4. FlowZ

    server anti macro

  5. FlowZ

    Bienvenue sur les forums

    Salut a tous c mr lv12
  6. FlowZ

    [SCAM] Noobie trade scammer

    Nice famas france
  7. FlowZ

    Function-able Bi-pods/Riot Shield Realism

    Touching mechanics of the game is a really hard choise and probably a bad one. About the realistic its probably the worst choise you can do on those type of game (Exemple H1Z1) H1Z1 try to copy PUBG and being more "Casual" by removing the Car swap, spray etc to make the game more "realistic" aka "easier"? That how H1Z1 die.
  8. FlowZ

    Patch 2.22

    @Sven Seems like my issues is fixed.
  9. FlowZ

    x-mouse button banned and after what ?

    Its a bit late to take the macro problems serious LUL
  10. FlowZ

    Patch 2.21

  11. FlowZ

    Suggestion for regaining players

    Game is just getting old. Not that much to do imo
  12. FlowZ

    Patch 2.21

    F l σ ω ζ` ?新ドラゴン#8642
  13. FlowZ

    Patch 2.21

    When I play 4g, no prob. But when I'm using home net which is 4 Download and 1 upload I got the issues. 16 ping no spikes netgraph of my network is clean. I'm using a CPL.
  14. FlowZ

    Having freezes ingame

    t rinsé alé salu