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  1. Patch 2.21

    @Sven I still have the freeze issues while running
  2. Clan Points - Buff Idea Feedback

    Just add potions
  3. Patch 2.19 (Hotfix)

    Yo, I still got the same issues as Patch 2.18, getting stop while running... I've got this problem since few patch and after I discuss with Chupa/Sven the problem might come from the "Reconnecting screen" which probably popup for a milisec and dissapear. Here some gif to explain my situation. https://gyazo.com/189be932ac1d9dba5959c7fa2e8b5e67 https://gyazo.com/432c22010cc146329f76d30d6a7e494c Thanks for looking into this, Flowz
  4. Infestation The NewZ - COMMUNITY CUP

    Yamete sir I play
  5. Infestation The NewZ - COMMUNITY CUP

    Good to know, Didnt know I was still playing the game
  6. Colorado V2 barely any loot.

    Nice farmer geneticzz
  7. harassment

    Press H
  8. Welcome!

    Hello i'm new can I get free gc ?
  9. Patch 2.18 (Hotfix)

    @Sven https://gyazo.com/432c22010cc146329f76d30d6a7e494c On this one the guys die and I still get hit register for no reason, like I play with 200ping but I have 17 constantly, I keep having hit register even if the guys is behind wall/object it looks like its me playing with high ping.. and for the freeze while running its the same issues like few patch ago probably the "screen reconnecting" popping too fast and making me "stop". https://gyazo.com/189be932ac1d9dba5959c7fa2e8b5e67
  10. Patch 2.18 (Hotfix)

    I've played abit since "hotfix" fps on PvP map seems way better and I didnt get any drop/freeze. I've got 15ping without any packet lost but my characters still stop running for no reason "1step" and fighting people with high ping seems way more bullshit than before, they still have advantage, i'm still getting shot behind my shield even if the guys in front is already behind a wall/shield.. its even worse imo
  11. cherche joueur fr

    This google translate is insale i'm dead lmao
  12. H E N T A I pvp montage #8

    Yellow filter trash
  13. New map new beginning

    Yeah, why not trying the new map into a beta mod (New gi but with same rate/drop as open world?)
  14. Should get more reward to finish like alteast top #10 in solo maybe