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  1. Survival - Clan System

    @kazmightONFIRE Great Idea,that does not exceed 10 members
  2. Patch 2.20

    @SvenNo clan system in Survival ?
  3. Survival - Clan System

    Great Idea, I would like to have clan system implented in survival, im sure pvp would be more intense and it would even attract more player base in survival P.S. I think you should remove bus stations from oregon in survival because it makes looting way to easy.I agreeWe need Clan System on Survival Mode. But the number of clans should not exceed 20 people.
  4. Official Asian Tournament!

    Email or steam?
  5. Official Asian Tournament!

    I team gwm which way?
  6. Official Asian Tournament!

    How much race day?
  7. Official Asian Tournament!

    How do I know? You will say that. How to compete.
  8. Official Asian Tournament!

    TEAM (or team name): GWM COUNTRY:THAILAND TEAM CONTACT INFO:[email protected] or PLAYERS: Player 1:Resushin01 Player 2:On ThE RocK Player 3:ONTOVO Player 4: ONAMI Player 5:HELLO POLICE (Add here all your reserves.) silverbulletares patza zorry s lmranger Raizel keen za project av lux x hunter kal