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  1. Lets Do It again

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! New Week new streams and allot of fun to be had all around !!! @infestationnewz
  2. Partnership video

    A quick little Partnership video
  3. Partnership video

    A quick little video about the Partnership Program
  4. New Weeks stream

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! New Week new streams and allot of bitching all around !!! @infestationnewz
  5. Last one this week

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Last stream this week, Box giveaways and stuff's @infestationnewz
  6. ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Some PvP, BR, and onlyGod knows what else LoL @infestationnewz
  7. Counting Cars With BRAVODOG

    A viewer suggested I put one of these together for players to help them find cars.
  8. I got bored today, so i made this.

    Don't feel bad @HEARTBREAKER mine isn't in there either lol
  9. I got bored today, so i made this.

    LoL you for got Free Skin?
  10. A Big Thank You

    I just want to thank everyone for coming out to the 3 day scavenger hunt It was allot of fun. Congrats to all the hunters that found the lockers. There was allot of gear won as well as allot of GD on top of every locker. A Big thank you goes out to my Community Manager Matriarchy and Super Game Moderator Murkymurks and Shippo for all your help and being the dreaded assassins in the hunt. I have put on several of these hunts and to date they have been a blast to host. This was the last one for this map I plan on doing another one when the new map is dropped so stay tuned. Of course I have to give a "REALLY BIG THANK YOU " to all the viewers, Fredaikis, and the crew that came by and dropped those follows and support for this event. Your continued support means allot to me.
  11. Scavenger hunt Finale

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! New Map Info, Last Night of the Scavenger Hunt 4 box's still out standing and a hole lot more !!!! @infestationnewz Register here:
  12. Scavenger Hunt Night 2

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! New Map Info, Night 2 of the Scavenger Hunt and More!!!! @infestationnewz Register here:
  13. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    Ok you answered my question from the twitter feed
  14. Come on in

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream about to start. Scavenger Hunt night 1 @infestationnewz
  15. Zombie Superman!!

    LoL you'll fly higher if you do it with a quad