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  1. Kazmights seeing if Fred will remove skins!
  2. And yeah I completely agree with Kazmight on the skins, they do not fit whatsoever with the survival setting. Let the skins stay in open world and competitive.
  3. Just buy premium if you want to play it that bad. Don't freeload, just buy the product that they are selling. 5 dollars or whatever it is for 30 days of premium is so under-priced that it doesn't make sense not to buy it...
  4. That's wrong, as it wouldn't be just hard, it's probably impossible on this engine. I highly doubt it can be coded, and it would be basically fixing something that isn't broken. Ima have to disagree with this whole post.
  5. Just a killstreak I went on like an hour ago http://prntscr.com/fksoma
  6. How about meet a middle ground and put in somewhere in the middle of the US like Kansas or something. Then that way, all US players get the same deal in terms of equality on the ping side. I know its not as simple as saying 'alright, time to move servers to new state cus guy on forum said so!' but something like that in the future would be awesome.
  7. Yep. This high ping makes you feel like RR
  8. 'North American' servers are from my knowledge all based in Florida. I have heard from mods that there are some west coast servers, but I'm pretty sure that is BS because I get 110+ ping. It just kinda sucks playing in my native region and getting foreign esque ping. If you could add even 1 or 2 PVP servers being west coast United States, I'm sure that a lot of players would be happy. Just my thoughts.
  9. I love that original Infestation look!
  10. Haven't been this hyped for a game in a while!
  11. Kazmight's right, Idk what this guys talking about. Could just be ping, I for one struggle with that but then again Idk.
  12. I wish I got that kind of ping. lol
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