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  1. Cinematics #2

    Looks kinda like a BESTSMOKE edit.
  2. Forum Username

    Why does everyone want to change his username these days? Dont you know how you wanna be called?
  3. Please add more skins for the Park Ranger, a suit like for the one for the Asian Male from Valentines Day would be nice too see.
  4. Very odd airdrop in BR

    This already happened a few times.

    No exceptions.
  6. Sorry for my video spam. Kappa

    This was actually amazing.
  7. Prison Is painfull

  8. Did you realised, that they already added items from War Inc? The Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Ghillie Suit, Heavy M-Style Helmet, L 85 (LS 90), AN 94, G11 (GX 11) etc etc.
  9. Classic Small Backpack

  10. The Sig Sauer 516 from War Inc Battlezone would be really cool too. Also +1 on your idea.
  11. AR Stats - Feedback

    FN Scar CQC. less M4 Semi. more IMI TAR-21. more And please could you rework the complete M4 Semi, because its almost the same as the normal M4. And would it be possible to add the Sig 516 from War Inc Battlezone to the game? Thanks.
  12. Ideas for better Open World

    Not these days my friend, not these days. Trust me.
  13. Ideas for better Open World

    I think they wont wipe anything cause they did this back then with the snipes and they lost a pretty amount of players.
  14. Did i said anything about the whole table being wrong? I am fine with most of 'em, i just mentioned the big gap between those "commons".