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  1. Special Weekend Event!

    Farm or die.
  2. why all the lollipop Skins

    This game aint even 6 years old.
  3. Snowscape picture in load up

    I also wondered about it, i guess it is from the new map.
  4. Happy Birthday Svena

    Happy birthday svena!
  5. Yeah, there were no backpacks at all spawning on the map.
  6. I got bored today, so i made this.

    Sure, i could also change the colors if wanted. Okay, feel free to add some words, imma rework it for you guys.
  7. I got bored today, so i made this.

    You want a version with your name, just let me know.
  8. BUG in tower, NATO Airforce

    They're already aware of it. It will be fixed for the next patch.
  9. New armor

    Who said it would increase our skills? lol That is the dumbest thing i've ever heard.
  10. WEEK END

    Didnt even got one.
  11. glitched tower

    Thanks to glitchyleaks.
  12. New armor

    Would only be nice for BR in general, the other game modes don't need a RPG.
  13. Region locked servers

    You probably lag/fly on HK servers, your actions are client sided, so you dont see it at all.
  14. New armor

    I also wanna see some rare AR's it would be nice if the Sig 516 from War Inc gets a comeback. This gun was so OP. Fire rate, recoil and spread were really fine. The RPG could be added too.
  15. New armor

    I would recommend the M-Stlye Helmet for Survival.