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  1. DaZeD

    Become a part of HIGH & Hungry now!

    Is high available for a favela player?
  2. DaZeD


    Yesterday it happened to me something like that with him :p
  3. DaZeD


    ye but fanZ will always stalking you
  4. DaZeD


    http://prntscr.com/k1dm7x can he have at least any warning for that?, he was spaming the chat around 30 mins.... (i know its not a big thing but it happens every single day...)
  5. DaZeD

    why reps need to be reset...i think

    it's doesn't mean about rep but honestly i think that they had a good position for camp ez 24/7
  6. DaZeD

    Weekend Event!

    The spotlight of market are wrong, in the loadscreen says ''VSS Mag $3200'' but in the market are in $4000.
  7. DaZeD

    DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    It's popular but they should make it more balanced. Example: (+Firerate/-Spread/-Damage)
  8. DaZeD

    Few ideas for game

    im agree but sadly nop, what if you have a normal ping but you can't enter into the server because of limit?, what if i have a little high ping but im not laggy?, im from SA but when i play EU/NA the people dont see me teleporting because my internet is pretty good enough.
  9. DaZeD

    I got bored today, so i made this.

    @isnt u forgot the word ''pleb'' and ''bot'' xD, looks cool but maybe u can get more words and make a fullscreen same as N
  10. DaZeD

    abuso de clitcher

    flipa la flapa....
  11. DaZeD

    Bring back the old rocky ford.