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  1. Damn you killed the Beatles
  2. KOTAZ

    Random often crashes

    Can you do me a favour and try the fixes in the following link and see if it helps with any of your issues https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-tips-fix-100-disk-usage-improve-windows-performance/
  3. KOTAZ

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    guns are guns and btw IRL some shot gun loads have a 100+ yard kill range especially if you have a super constricted choke. You also cant do 360 quick scopes with a 50 cal just saying.
  4. KOTAZ

    Caliwood premium south america SA

    Hello, you can log into north american servers they are open for all to access.
  5. KOTAZ


    Thanks for the ideas.
  6. KOTAZ


    Do you mean if a clan member kills you do they get punished for it if so the answer is no.
  7. KOTAZ

    mochilita gg HACKER

    Hello, not exactly sure what your image is meant to show, can you please provide some more clear evidence of your accusations? Did you report the player in game?
  8. KOTAZ

    【KCKP】Infestation: NewZ Montage #18

    Nice one mate
  9. Happy Beard day mate 🎂🍻😁

  10. KOTAZ


    Hello can you please put in a support ticket so we can assist you further in this matter https://playnewz.com/support.php
  11. KOTAZ


    Good luck with recruiting
  12. KOTAZ

    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    Thats not 400ms fella.
  13. Silent Kruger pistol wold be cool but vss hip fire is way to op.
  14. KOTAZ


    Hello, can you send in a support ticket with detailed information relating to your issue so we can further assist you https://playnewz.com/support.php Thanks.
  15. KOTAZ

    New Week, New Video.

    Geneticzz irl , Btw your montage was almost as good
  16. Like Sven said you find the majority of them at the halloween spots and yes the super zombies drop them also.
  17. KOTAZ

    need some help find

    Sorry you will just have to go hunting for yourself
  18. KOTAZ

    Temporary Ban

    The ban lasts for 24hrs sorry nothing else can be done to unban you you will just have to wait it out sorry.
  19. KOTAZ


    welcome back Boiii
  20. KOTAZ

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    As I stated above this is about Halloween patch please put in a support ticket https://playnewz.com/support.php
  21. KOTAZ

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    Hello, can you put in a support ticket because this is a topic about our Halloween patch the support team will be able to help you further with your problem https://playnewz.com/support.php