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  1. KOTAZ

    Oque queremos

    Google translate op , could you repost a translation for me lol. In English thanks as google thought half your post did-dent matter.
  2. KOTAZ

    booster guy

    Thanks for the report player has been dealt with.
  3. KOTAZ


  4. KOTAZ

    Macro's and hacks

    You can use macros to shield and heal any other eg rapid fire or recoil dampening are bannable. As for players getting head shots on you when your jumping seasoned players can do this easy because they understand the mechanics of the game. For cheaters there are always going to be cheaters in any game you play this is part of gaming wether it be an indie title or a well know studio game it happens however cheaters are caught buy our anti-cheat believe me.
  5. KOTAZ

    Survival PvP Montage

    Nice one
  6. KOTAZ

    eu serverlerınde ping limiti

    There are ping limited servers or unlocked servers you are free to play on either.
  7. KOTAZ

    Christmas 2018

    Hype and Merry Christmas to all
  8. KOTAZ

    Wheel of Fortune

    Its a nice idea.
  9. KOTAZ

    2nd Gandalf Cup - "New Year World Cup"

    Love it
  10. Thanks for the report we will investigate all issues relating to these reports.
  11. Damn you killed the Beatles
  12. KOTAZ

    Random often crashes

    Can you do me a favour and try the fixes in the following link and see if it helps with any of your issues https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-tips-fix-100-disk-usage-improve-windows-performance/
  13. KOTAZ

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    guns are guns and btw IRL some shot gun loads have a 100+ yard kill range especially if you have a super constricted choke. You also cant do 360 quick scopes with a 50 cal just saying.
  14. KOTAZ

    Caliwood premium south america SA

    Hello, you can log into north american servers they are open for all to access.