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  1. Boosters xD

    Thanks for the report.
  2. Best configuration

    Your fps issues can also have a direct correlation to your latency.
  3. Im spending way to much money....

    Big money big prizes I love it
  4. Infestation: NewZ #11

    Love it, some epic shots in that montage

    Imo don't remove cars, just remove collision for cars with players.
  6. Game still active?

    Yes there are still players, and we are not an emulator.
  7. Game Won’t Start

    Has your ticket been answered if not do the following steps, Flush DNS with IPconfig, restart your modem/router to obtain a new IP or use the IPconfig/renew command, restart your PC. That should fix your issue.
  8. Firstly what we need to look at is what are your pc specs and we can take it from there.
  9. I can see blue outline of loot from far distance

    I believe you are having this issue due to custom settings in your Nvidia control panel that are over riding the standard game settings I have personally experienced this issue in the past and corrected it by reverting your NVIDIA settings back to there default state try and see if it helps your issue.
  10. fireworks

    Nice idea
  11. Is this normal at that distance?

    Hello, in future when you want to report suspected players please report them in game or submit a ticket here http://playnewz.com/support.php. Thanks
  12. Patch 2.20