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  1. Something more...

    Nice ideas to bring some fresh feel to survival, but if you hide under a tree from the napalm you might need a fire blanket
  2. Is it Only me making theese videos? ^^

    In your next video can you make the ramen noodle beard
  3. Close my true topic

    Multi level face palm
  4. Booder

    Yep harry potter be like
  5. Set the Damage from the AWP higher

    No sorry this wont happen with either a wipe or the damage increase it is already op enough to 2 tap someone with it in the body just aim for the head is your best bet never aim for body shots. As for the wipe we have already tried this in the past and it caused lots of problems withing the community .
  6. Lockers on Map

    Nice idea
  7. nocliping bug

    This is not a no clipping bug it is made this way.
  8. Weekend Event!

    Yes amazing
  9. Prison Trailer Video!

    Amazing video well done.
  10. Oh Dear Baby Jesus another stream?

    Sweet Baby Jesus
  11. Partnership Program Rework

    Look at developers like DICE, Cloud Imperium (star citizen), or even EA. EA for there last financial year reported a profit of $976,000,000 and an estimated net worth of 22.90 billion Dice is part of EA studios so unfortunately working within the same scope of those studios with the budget and Development team that Newz has to work with is like comparing a commodore 64 processor to an intel i9 however I can see your point your trying to reach but its not so simple just to bring in people to work on a project, you know human nature and all that.
  12. Partnership Program Rework

    There already are north American Moderators and support staff not just EU.
  13. What the hell happened xD

    That is what happens when your team mates play with their eyes closed