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  1. In what part of the subject does the date of modification say?
  2. It sounds a very interesting map, although for the survival mode, it seems to me that the loot is very close.
  3. It's a good idea, there are people who just want to loot quietly without being disturbed, or bothering anyone, for the same reason it's a game and that should de-stress instead of stressing you more ... Also, there are times when the servers are relatively empty and then, people take advantage of that to play alone at that time of day, but it only lasts a few hours. If the problem is that the objects can be transferred from one server to another, then, make it impossible to transfer objects and both servers are independent, something like: "Survivar No PvP"
  4. I think is more hard get the "Gun Powder" than "Metal"... Maybe can low the "Gun Powder" for 2 or 1, i dont know... Maybe in the future can add "pack of stuff items" ? Example: 5 metals (in 1 pack item for loot) 10 metals (in 1 pack item for loot) or 6 cloths in the hospital (in 1 pack item for loot) but with low possibility of get. Is it possible to add a section where you can find medicines as well as in the real-life schools? (at least 3 loot items)
  5. I think the same as zombie, now if the problem is the vault, then you can implement a separate vault on the server types, PvE (including PvP) and PvE (not including PvP), then you can add the option to buy "premium permission "" to transfer objects from one inventory to another. How? Using the inventory of the character as mediator of both inventories.
  6. If you stop your car in 0 km where possible, you can get off without falling from the sky. Avoid getting off the car in the mountains or non-flat lands.
  7. I also happen exactly the same in survival mode, only teleports me when I get under of the car, my character teleports falling from the sky or buried in the earth, and I die. Is a horrible bug.
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