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  1. Maid Sama

    Looking for Clan

    Hey im finaly searching a Clan for newZ my main char got -50k rep but i just play my Agent now he is at 6500 rep yesterday he had 5000 rep my global is full so i dont have to bag for something or steal Full Chrome don't mean that im pay2win just to say that i play NewZ for long time now got Veteran Skill is about a 8 right now i have to warm up with Teammates then 9 Fav maps. Desert Island ,Rocky ,Caliwood Hope there is a Clan that could need a handsome guy my ign is Rastamann maybe we've met already
  2. Maid Sama

    Easter Event Week!

    Oh thanks for reminding me i thought 12pm is 0am mb
  3. Maid Sama

    Easter Event Week!

    No double XP and its already start
  4. Maid Sama

    Looking for Clan

  5. Maid Sama

    SZ drop money

    +1 Would be great when you dont need anymore Exp / Snipes then its useless to farm SZ
  6. Maid Sama

    Elite Câtz Sucht Wieder Aktive Member

    Würde gern beitreten skill vorhanden global auch und gute teamkompetenz
  7. Maid Sama

    Sell Vss Vintorez on Bulk

    Still Selling and thanks for letting me know
  8. Maid Sama

    Sell Vss Vintorez on Bulk

    Also sell following Heavy 7k each [60] on stock Stanag 30 1k each [3000] on stock and buy riots / antis
  9. Maid Sama

    Sell Vss Vintorez on Bulk

    Selling All my Vss so 60 pieces at 140k each not fix price Just commend or write pm for a tradeup i just sell all together at once ! so 60 vss = 8M GD its lowered also selling mags 4k each vss 10 7k each vss 20 Im most time on Trade lounge EU ign Lob Ster
  10. Maid Sama

    Looking for Clan

    kannst ts oder so schicken ?
  11. Maid Sama

    Looking for Clan

    Hey im searching for a Clan for pvp on colorado or whatever you like to pvp on i got a 1.5 kda and like a global of playing 3 years got Veteran so im not so new to it got a full global and alot of time to play newz age 18 global 8-10 skill 7-10 From Germany send a pn or just commend below if you want me -19k rep / +3k rep dont had much time to play
  12. Maid Sama

    Attachments useless?

    They do work and buff your Gun but don't show any buffed stats
  13. Maid Sama

    Attachments useless?

    Yes they Should do that click on them then you see what they buff.
  14. Maid Sama

    Looking for a good clan

    I got a +3000 1.7KDA Paragon a total filled global and lots of game dollar + Veteran Account also got a -20k 1.1KDA Killer but only play the good one for now i look for a good group no need of mass more about quality im 18 years old and from germany and got about 6 years experience with warz/newz