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    fix rate spawn loot

    Hello dear community and developers. Firstly i want to say BIG THANKS to admins and devs for BEST map Colorado v1. Sincerly good work about clasic map with optimization, textures and hight fps. i know devs has decreased loot spawn but thi is not enough. Today loot has OP, spawn rate OP, time of spawn loot so fast, position of spawn of loot so much, exist disbalance vs other mao oregon and colorado v2. This factor ( OP of loot) damage interal economycs of survival mode, and will lead to lower value of survival items and transform survival mode to open world. We ( survival community trusted traders ) work so much about price list of items survival mode ( https://goo.gl/wQiukT), but now with OP of loot, its so hard for configure balance of value and prices. I think so much ppl agree with me and devs has lower and balance survival loot. Thx for attention http://vfl.ru/fotos/78335a8c23614581.html http://vfl.ru/fotos/40eb110723614582.html http://vfl.ru/fotos/59d63fc223614583.html
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    rare adventure backpack in survival

    Sven good values for this backpack its slots and weight , example 200 slots 200kg , survival mode its classical game type where we need epic items, craftable onlyhow example seasonal skinbox, you can add this craft in event.
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    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    dont need separate because so much ppl trade in survival and buy skins, be so difficulty to regulate prices for skins or skinbox for GD of SURV AND OW. ITS ONLY EXAMPLE
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    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    How legit trader in survival and trader who know economic situation and othe factor in survival mode, i want to explane my opinion about this: 1) if adding drop gd from zoombie in survival mode need to get more difficulty 30-40% in defference of open world. (ITS SURVUVAL ) 2) if you (devs) adding market with ars / ammo / armor / how it in OW there need decide all factor of prices: for example we know all ppl sell items cheaper to 30-40% of official item price in market place ( for example if in market place OW dx price its 2k pll sell them for 1.5k-1.7k its logical ) Now how it can be. we go to official survival price list https://goo.gl/7nsEkb . If custom guerrilla price is 90k then in market place can be 60-70% expensive of this price and be 140-150k. But all price depend any of rarity of loot. Any one example you can get VSS Vintorez in market 50-60 or how so rare weapon 100m, when in price list VSS Vintorez have 17-20m and there player have choice or look this in game world, buy from other player, or buy for so hard price in survival market place. all price needed get expensive to 50%-60% and proportional of them rarity more example with prices: in pricelist ANTIBIOTICS 40-45k to survival market place 60-65k.
  5. iKaraman

    rare adventure backpack in survival

    i suggest not adding permanent craft but, to make event with CRAFT ADVENTURE BACKPACK ! but take it so hard craftable , for example (2-3k clotch , 500-1k leater, 5-10 military e.t.c.) it be so funny.
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    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

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    Loot - Survival

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    Patch 2.23

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    Server Changes (Survival)

    GOOD NEWS ! Next we wait 1 map CALIWOOD ! and newz SURVIVAL MODE A L I V E! ?????
  10. iKaraman

    To get more people here!

    1) 100% agree with or alternative event survival "My idea is to make event which will in some way force players to play on survival - or at least give it a go. 1.For example make event where if you play Survival for 24 hours and kill 3k zombies you will get a sinbox or gd ." 2) i think its not good ideea, because exist ppl who play only survvial mode, and stay Saturday and want play in u favorite mode ( survival) and them disable of cause of event, ppl instant left the game "2.Weekend event where only some game modes are avaliable per day. For example: Friday : Survival,PvP Maps only Satyrday:Battle Royale,Open World Sunday:Survival,Br,Open World"
  11. iKaraman

    My Vision of the Clan/Group System

    Good ideea, but 50:50 1) "Now to verify if someone is your ally (lets say that he is not in the group for some reasons) you have to aim at him to see his nickname. Many players are crying because ppl will play with 10 man clan and destroy everyones fun etc.But they are fin with it when ppl are playing outside of the group and lets be honest guys only thing that differs player in group form the one without it is a yellow tag (arrow) above their heads." or adding clan or up count ppl in group its not resolve situation, if ppl come to play 5-10ppl, the has play "group", or with system clan and system group or without, 2) clans in survival mode and "Leaderboards and Capturing the Flags (territories) are something that would add something fresh to Survival." not be fresh, survival will not be distinct of open world.
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    Maps - Open World

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    sorry messpelled, 1 sniper per 6/7 airdrops.
  14. iKaraman


    I agree with Darioxix , in the each 6-7 airdrop sniper, need up spawn raiting. + i think need litli bit more rare spawn rating of all loot , ars , meds, food. Remove pains from simple zoombie
  15. iKaraman

    Caliwood Alive

    Hello survival community I want to suggest adding 1 SERVER CALIWOOD ( MAYBE without San Pavel and West Oaks). FIrstly Caliwood its good and interesting palace with GOOD FPS, for looting and pvp, and normal gamma colors (how in colorado v2), for example i know players (from open world) with low fps who pvp near beach palace where is minimal textures and good fps. Initially Oregon be good map, but after any path and update ppl leave oregon of cause lower FPS and strong colors (my opinion) Please make 1 server Caliwood for test opinion of survival players. Instatn after addyng we ( players with active participation in suggestion in the development of survival mode) can help with testing loot balance and other suggest. I hope so much players agree with me , have nice day and good game. ???
  16. iKaraman

    New survival skin suggestions

    AKM camo / mosin camo for example
  17. iKaraman

    Caliwood Alive

    1) V1 instead V2 good idea only with gama colors of v2, because v1 havent gray colors intensivity. 2)San Pavel and West Oaks its small palace only for pvp, if you want small palace to pvp, you can go open world, survival mode not only pvp, all type of map must be complete how for looting and survive, and how for pvp. We can write so much but comlete opinion of all survival community we can see via online after adding the map.
  18. iKaraman

    Caliwood Alive

    3 servers COLORADO V1 , 1 server CALIWOOD be the best for survival mode, P.S. Last week i observe online has increased to survival servers
  19. iKaraman

    Maps - Survival

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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    Polish Pictures & "KURWA" Production.... presents
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    Loot - Survival

    1) good ideea adding in survival mode missions 2) adding silencers for snipers that's a moot point ( need reduce drop snipers in air drope and take it werry rare from sz ( each 3-4 airdrop mauser or blaser), because after oregons loot before fix rate spawn so much players have so much snipers) but now VSS vintorez its not be value 3) CRAFT HEAVY good ideea but parts of craft need rake it WERRY WERRY WERRY rare or survival be transformed in open world and decresing value of MTV / IBA and Guerelia.
  22. iKaraman

    Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    SVEN , 1) COLORADO V1 its nice but need optimize textures and colors how in V2 for more players with slow pc, 2) I think so much players be agree with me to remove in survival all Oregon map and take 3 server Colorado v2 , 1 server Colorado V1 , (for test) 1 server Caliwood ( maybe WITH or WITHOUT San Pavel and West Oaks Its be fine
  23. iKaraman

    Maps - Survival

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    Recently, FPS has decreased very much both in Colorado ( before 60-70 , now 35-45) and also very strongly in Oregon ( nefore 50-55 and now 30-40) , not as it was before. and the graphics became different, many of my friends left the game and for poor optimization and falling FPS ( SOS YOU PLAYERS )