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  1. missaussie

    Looking for grp

    So i havnt played in forever and im looking for a grp or clan to join who will put up with my noobness! would be nice to have a grp of easy going guys/girls to play with
  2. missaussie

    game play

    thanks guys will check all the places later!
  3. missaussie

    game play

    Awesome thanks! Places are still them same then !
  4. missaussie

    game play

    So i haven't played in a long time and was wondering where is the better place to go and farm for gear now>?
  5. missaussie


    Nice work!
  6. missaussie

    Mystery skinboxes

    Oo atleast you can sell it and get ur money back! Thats kinda lucky
  7. missaussie

    What are you currently listening to right now?

    Yeah i will for sure! Anyone you recommend?
  8. missaussie

    What are you currently listening to right now?

    Normally dont listento stuff like this but you actually post some good stuff
  9. missaussie

    Survival - Current Progress

    Or getting infected and having to search for a vaccine
  10. missaussie

    Mystery skinboxes

    I guess i do sound like a 12yr old boy on ts it could be confusing haha
  11. missaussie

    Mystery skinboxes

    George foreman?
  12. missaussie

    hello to all, im new here

    Welcome how are you enjoying the game so far?
  13. missaussie

    Mystery skinboxes

    Are u sure kaz!
  14. missaussie

    Mystery skinboxes

    Sooo i must have super bad luck spent my last bit of gc on the 2 mystery skin boxes and got 2 bloody light gear forest skins..................how does that even happen 2 in a row </3