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  1. Dementhor

    Patch 2.27

    We need cars!
  2. Dementhor

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    - No limit restriction, we are more than 5. Yes I know, STARS is going to rush with 748936487 players at least but its ok, I hate that but they have been doing a great job on recruiting and training new people, they deserve it. - We just need a purple tag for identifying people in battle or looting. - Game tag on the TAB list of online people. ¡Long live to the Queen of the Forest!
  3. Dementhor

    My last topic with suggestions

    Arowsky for president!
  4. Dementhor

    Is this a joke?

    Damage is done. I have reports of 32 snipers found yesterday only among SA clans. Im playing right now and theres only teams of 3 people with a sniper camping the bus stop.
  5. Dementhor


    The Guardians of the Forest, the best clan for spanish speakers, agree with this request. We want to build a powerfull kingdom of survivors and we need this feature to accomplish the will of the Queen. Thank you!
  6. CLAN EN SURVIVAL - EN ESPAÑOL ¿Necesitas ayuda y hablas español? Guardianes del Bosque reclutando sobrevivientes para exterminar invasores y ladrones. Únete a los Guardianes del Bosque y trabaja para la reina y su sueño de construir un gran reino libre de oscuridad. Somos el mejor clan del universo en español lleno de latinos sexies y poderosos. Tenemos entrenamientos, nuestro propio sistema económico y mucha sabiduría. Servimos fervorosamente a la Reina del Bosque, la única diosa que lucha en contra de las fuerzas del mal y que nos protege de los más feroces y malvados enemigos. Para unirte a los Guardianes del Bosque, el mejor clan de survival en español, necesitas tener Discord para comunicarte. Búscanos en Facebook como Guardianes del Bosque - Infestation Survival y envíanos un mensaje para recibir el link de invitación al Discord oficial!
  7. Dementhor

    Help us translate the game!

    Spanish here!
  8. Dementhor

    Translators Needed!

    If you need another spanish translator or some1 to make tutorial videos in spanish just let me now, I'll be glad!
  9. Hello guys, how can I report that I died twice by going down the map and I lost all my stuff. The first time I get off the car and get stucked in the floor and when I was next to my stuff trying to rescue items with another character I died again by getting stucked. I died and then my game just kick me out @Silenterror @kazmightONFIRE This is not the first time that this happen to me, but TWICE in a rox in the same spot¡? Route 70, south of Survivalist outpost Is there any way to get my stuff back? I was farming for 3 hours
  10. Im new to the game. Play on SA server but I can move to NA to join an anglish speaking clan.