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  1. 2kmattias

    Honestly, bring back clan skins.

    Dear All Players, if you mean by contributing a "Stream" and you get rewards for streaming a game its basicly giving a unfair advantage regardless streaming or not a game it causes a advertisement for your game = MONEY $$$$$$ / And more players which is Greediness, But there willing and you are rewarding them for helping out. On my side theoreticall, I been here since it was made a emulator, and through everything together and a lot more people has appeared over the years / and I don't think just because Your a streamer " as Chupacabra said "NO EXECEPTIONS WILL BE MADE" why streamers exeception>?
  2. 2kmattias

    Weekend Event! (Week 50)

    +1 useless items we need Stang And Dx and shields not Meeles dosent seem Special enough for weekend sale
  3. 2kmattias

    2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

    @Sven can you do this event for each region ? 3x - 8k ppl can you do it so people in SA,NA,EU,TH,HK get different event ? like one for each region?
  4. 2kmattias


    My name is Mattias Leijon As I played this Game since the beginning when this game was meant to be a PVP Emulator and it was hitting amazing numbers due to the fact you didn't have to waste hours upon hours looting for items there should be a game mode which latterly loot is not hard to get it should be like the old days its the only way to keep veteran players, or actually refrain totally wipe whole database but keep skins wipe everything, wipe the loot , make a fresh start but make the loot balanced not 5000 awps and not 2444 Mausers actually fix the problem people are leaving the game due to lack of "enthiuaism" I don't want this game to die out I love fredakis and I always been a supporter I spoken with him many times, and I think the game Development Board and the Board where the game will progress and have a discussion where this is heading, Stop it now before its too late" my Personal Opinion the best option is the following, 1. Wipe the Open World Make Loot Servers On official Like the old days like a map literly packed with zombies and the zombies drop weapons" a pvp based non hard non wasting time PVP MODE where all the pvp grinding reputation people want ! EZY LOOT EZY REP 2. You go back to old ISS days when the loot was rare you had to actually put in effort not buy a private server and 2 days later sit on 700 augs 300 sigs " and put in more effort into actually putting more effects in like broken legs " Veichle assistance" Garages " more useful stuff " Like more advanced Go back to the old days, Im sorry to point this out but we lost a major priority in the main pvp people and the Reason why people play this is to PVP regardless CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE!!!! MAKE LOOT SUPER EZY DX CHEAP AND EVERYHTING BACK TO OLD GOOD PVP SUPER EZ OR GO TO ISS OLD HARD WAY. LOVE YOU ALL VOTE 1,2,
  5. 2kmattias

    Disconnect when driving car

    @Paaauuulloooh what you should do is this follow these steps --------> Support -------->Ticket ----------> game issue ------------> write issue ----------->send and a moderator or a staff member will check for you and they will respond to you about your issue. hope this helped you
  6. 2kmattias

    Infestation The NewZ - Super Cup 2017

    TEAM (or team name): PDAO - DRAGZIES REGION: EU COUNTRY: England TEAM CONTACT INFO: [email protected] https://discord.gg/GHbWct Here ---:^^^ PLAYERS: Player 1: TwitchtvDev0 Player 2: EVANS Player 3: FinnxD Player 4: midgetgamer Player 5: mattias leijon (REserve ) ( Biggamingyt) FINAL REGISTRATION