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  1. This argument is just total trash. As much as I used to hate on the Mods and Devs back when I was active they're not doing anything wrong. The reason that the game peaked at 13k players was because the second it released on steam the game got a shitton of exposure. People got nostalgic and tried it out again. The size of the active playerbase is equal to the size before it got released on steam. The nostalgia just died down for a lot of people. Other than nostalgia being a big factor for the huge playerbase in the beginning of the steam release it's just that the game is dying. NewZ was never about PvE. It was about PvP all along. The people that want to get into fast paced 3rd Person PvP start playing fortnite instead of NewZ. While NewZ has a few things that makes it unique from other 3rd person shooters such as the apocalypse setting and the zombies, a game like this isn't needed anymore. The zombie hype has died down in general. It's not NewZ that's dying, it's the zombie survival genre that's dying. As much trouble as I caused for the devs, and especially @Steve Ecke I gotta thank them for giving me an incredible year 2016. I had a shit ton of fun even though I was fucking trash at the game. Even though I got banned a lot and even if I was part of the reason that the public shoutbox got removed on the forums back in the day, it was all a lot of fun.
  2. Haste ne Liste von den Leuten die in dem Clan auch noch actually NewZ spielen?
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