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  1. korred635

    1v1 Tournament

    IGN: CASH CARTI X KittykatRolah#7805 Rep Beast
  2. korred635

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    Country America flexgang, kitykatrolah ya thought Suspect player Xcashcardi KeroPlay theflexkingmike that's our team last two are subs Contact info KittykatRolah#7805
  3. korred635

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    flexgang, suspectplayer kitykatrolah ya thought danielreiger Xcashcardi thelokii theflexkingmike that's our team last two are subs
  4. korred635

    Competitive Mode!

    I think this is the best idea so far with this game... Getting comp released will help the community/game so much it may begin to start to bring this game back alive again with 20 people on almost all servers and pvp day and night not just EU times.
  5. korred635


    It was not he told me that is was cancled then the next week I hear its full.... I jsut thought that if it was going to go with in a week or so we would just get put in and then I hear that its full. I just dont think its fair I asked 2 days early then to be told that is full after being told its cancled....
  6. korred635


    Good afternoon, I was wondering if we can still get in I msged you like a week ago about this and you said it was cancled?
  7. korred635

    Halloween Week Scythe Giveaway

    Can it be sold and wow I want looks soooo cool