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  1. So i found a few of them in Oregon but none on both colorado V1 and regular colorado, is it jsut bad luck or are they not in yet?
  2. Piromanijak

    im looking to buy miliruck!

    i have a military ruck , but i dont know if i will sell it considering it can carry 100 kg and is extremely good for airport loot runs, of course for a snipe id sell it lmfao.
  3. Piromanijak

    Selling Ammo/Guns

    there are no more scammer since u can trade ingame and not drop and pickup items...
  4. Piromanijak

    Spawn Points

    There are so far like 3-5 spawns around clear and campos when u spawn into the world with a new char, a few on the right and down right side of the map but thats it, no matter how many chars i deleted and made new ones to fresh spawn it never spawned me in or near : Boulder, Norad , Smallville , Rogeway Airport and generaly the upper area of the map.
  5. Piromanijak

    Survival - Feedback :)

    Yeah i Agree everything is good just the low tier guns should spawn a bit more.
  6. Piromanijak

    Patch Notes - 2017/06/23

    the everyone is playing pvp part is not quite right, survival will have more ppl than pvp u will see if u are familiar with the old emulators u should know the hype and what ppl like.
  7. Piromanijak

    Fix Sniper Servers

    Ok so lately every time you log into sniper server u will always be rushed by some other sniper and forced to fight the shotgun range sniper fighting which is extremely retarded way to fight with snips, i reccomend that u put in melee weapons in snp servers or shotguns or even pistols so the rushing can stop quickcscoping on 2 meters is not a sniper fight so as a measure of preventing that put in melee weapons but u must have a sniper to get in of course or disable sniper damage on a radius of 1-5 meters idk it is getting annoying like bcs of that i only go to the pvp server where u can use everything, i remember in some other emulator called zmmo i believe there were melee weapons and it was much better pvp experience bcs it is actualy takes skill to fight there.