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  1. Best configuration

    No, what? that is not true, lag spikes may create the effect of low FPS and lock up the game momentarily or permanently but it has no correlation at all. Network performance can create overheads on the CPU particularly for DX11/12 but not on DX9, any modern CPU even a dual core can do that easily. FPS is directly related to hardware, GPU and CPU performance. I built my stepbrother a gaming rig for Battlefield 1 Pentium G4660 GTX1060ti 16GB DDR 4 2466 It runs BF1 at over 100FPS no issues, the spikes are minimal and on 50mb/s internet vs my backup 10mb/s ADSL line the performance is the same and we are talking about the biggest and baddest game engine out today. In short FPS and network performance have little to no corrolation.
  2. Okay it is very old tech so you are going to have to make sacrifices, I don't thing you are going to get massive boosts but you may get some tweaks that could get you into say a 30-40FPS range. At some point ou will slowly need to start upgrading your system. I do understand that it is a difficult thing to do for many and it takes hard saving to get there but there are some good cheaper upgrades that you can eventually look at, even if you buy parts one at a time it will help you out a lot down t he line.
  3. What are your PC specs?
  4. This is literally unplayable....

    the lag is terrible and they lag the server out
  5. Weapon Statistics

    Preaching to the choir dude, been on this for so long. You can draw pictures, circles in the sand and the game is rifle centric to the point that even in close ranges an automatic is unfavourable. I mean you can jumpshot with a 15kg rifle but how dare you try convince anyone you should be able to jumpshot with 3kg automatic. At this point if I want realistic physics I just go play another game, newz is for trolling now, roll into servers with MTV's, spring onions and utter garbage, and chuckle when they come look for loot and get killed chasing about 5k worth of equipment. Even funnier when i go on 7 kill streaks with a Nightstalker on open world playing ling ling against the ling lings.
  6. does this look like aimlock to you?

    you must be NewZ here, it is the only game where macroing is equated to madskills
  7. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    ping is not determined by speed of internet, but distance from host to server, since NewZ has no host near me I have 180-190 ping whether I use my new fiber line or my old 4mb/s coaxal line. The only thing fiber does help with is lower spikes, almost no spikes in ping ie: 180ms then 230ms then back to 180ms, it is almost flat a t 180ms, and everyone else can also be on netflix or youtube without killing the line.
  8. DevBlog - Optimizations of all Official OW Maps

    I like the idea of reducing loot clutter, less loot is also healthy for the game, puts a premium on things also
  9. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    I don't think a full ping halt is great e specially for players like myself that have no dedicated regional s ervers, i t will mean we have no access just based on where I am in the world, I have a 50GB/s up and down stream fiber connection while say some German may be playing on a wireless 3G and be allowed to play even though mine is a lot faster. I can get 180-200ms in EU and 230-280 in US or HK, if they are dropped to much then I can't play at all which is why the spike rate needs to be the factor, if you have 150ms but it spikes 100-150ms every couple seconds it is an unstable connection, if you have 10-30ms spikes intermittently then it is stable, if your spikes are over 50ms to often you must get DC'd.
  10. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    1) I mentioned DayZ in context of game mode, DayZ mod was the first drop in world where players had to survive and scavange their own loot and supplies, there was not global inventory to store items and you used to lose, if you died you just started again as the game would dump you into safe zones to start looting again until you got better and more equiped. This dynamic is what I have said survival should be and for me open world is the pink elephant in the room, often abused by players with money to buy to win, new players cannot compete with that. 2) Gun physics are incorrect as there is no corrolation to actual ballastics and it seems to work on the age old formulas, ie: this game suggests that a .50cal has higher drop rates and in cases less damage than .308 which the L96A1 ie: AWP uses a Lapur magnum round that is almost identical to a .308 and with a slight reciever change you can chamber .308 or 30-06 rounds, anyway the point being that a Barret M86A1 ie: M107 military class has far superior range and hit power vs a .308 round, in fact a M107 can group 3 shots inside 6 inches over 2.5km's, a winchester has a max operation range about 1.2km but at 1km it is already lost to much energy. Further a .50 cal c an penetrate 1.25" steel at 2km's, it will go through 4" steel inside a km, while a 308 lucky to breach 1.5" inside 600m. I have suggested that .50's become ingame pick ups with one magazine of instakill ie: 5 shots then it is empty and it randomly respawns elsewhere, further to reduce spawn rates of snipers by at least half the rate preferably 75% reduction and further to setup a loot rate depending on the weapon itself. Further physics is that take a AS VAL which is classified as a PDW or SMG uses heavy 9mm rounds, normally solid tip steel but has as much hitting power as a M4A1/3 Carbine which uses the NATO 5.56mm round. As I stated before, I spent years with Symthic developing their stats for weapon behaviour, DICE worked of mostly realistic stats or as close to manufacturers specs, what symthic did was tabulate spread, hip fire spread, aim down site spread, crouching spread, prone spread, naked gun behaviour, attachment behaviour, reload times, which NewZ needs, to effectively shoot it will require actually aiming and the consequence of aiming requires a moment where the player is stationary. The necesity to make it less action shooter which players hate ie: bad player support for games like Doom and Unreal tournament and any other arcade shooter, they had their time in the late 90's early 00's, the world is moving and prefers something where there is real satisfaction for a kill, this is why Dice can do what they want and people wll buy battlefield even if they had to put a technicolour bush pig on t he cover. Adding a degree of realism even just 50% will allow a new player more chance to kill, even in a world were say a Varesk is actually useful, I have about 7000 kills with a SR2 Varesk in battlefield, how many people use a Varesk in NewZ because it is useless?
  11. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    IBID forgot to add this to the suggestions but lean left/right or poke over to using obstacles like a wall or a concrete barricade. You can lean left or right to shoot someone but you leave your head exposed, similarly if you are crouched behind a boulder, you can poke over and shoot a unsuspecting player but also you expose yourself to a headshot, this to me is better than the peeking abuse where some players are able to push snipers through walls or their shields and shoot and not expose themselves at all, seems to much of a advantage to me. I feel further adding a suppression affect like screen blurring to someone cowering behind a shield that is being blown away by a CMag, his screen needs to have heavy blurring to make that right peek one shot a thing of the past, the blur needs to be written to the game and not an option to turn off, when you are suppressed screen goes white, blurry and distorted, no advantage to peek, you have an option to drop shields and run for a better position or when it disappears hope the ammo is gone or you will be royally screwed.
  12. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    The US gamers have left for that problem and that is a massive loss of players
  13. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    Another massive pet peeve of mine is the Field of vision, feels like I am back to the day of John Carmack Ultimate Doom with some shitty compressed field of vision. I am not sure whether i must send it to you or to Vintorez whom I chat a l ot to, but I feel like I can help a lot with the weapons physics and behaviours to at least make the game less about guessing and more about playing to strengths without giving up so much, for instance I could kill most players here in battlefield with a PDW vs bolt action rifle, and it comes down to strengths of a gun and understanding its behaviour. A PDW in battlefield is not a close range high rate of fire, medium DPS spray gun, in fact the UMP45 does as much damage as the most damage points assault rifles and carbines do and it has a very low Rate of fire, each gun there has a purpose and strength, barrel swing characteristic, scoping charactaristics and recoil, all can be managed by attachments and how the player uses it ie: spray and pray or burst shots. I feel in newz guns are tiered, snipers rule, then AR's a distant second, then PDW's come in with almost no hope, when last was a Varesk or UZI used? I was part of clan symthic that did the stats databasing for battlefield 3 and 4, we spent years putting it together, how guns are affected by attachments, how a naked gun behaves on spread and recoil, reload times eg: the Famas takes just off 4 seconds to reload so the 1000 rounds per minute is offset by a very slow reload time, the M416 conversely reloads in 1.2s. Things like little details change useless guns into effective weapons. The analogy sure I can kill someone 250m away with a PDW, it suffers damage drop off after 50m but it can still kill, a bolt action rifle is a one hit kills to the chest or head, but it is offset by reload per shot, the type of scope used ie: 20x scopes are slow, cumbersome to use, while a 4 scope is quicker to scope in but you lose the ability over range, also lense glint on high scope magnifications give a hardscoping sniper away which adds fun to the game, you can't sit and camp forever. I am happy to share some opinions on gun physics and charactaristics, and attachment aided support, feel this is more where NEWZ can be made significantly better.
  14. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    I have been making suggestions for over a year now and nothing is addressed. People join NewZ but don't stay, they don't s tay because the game is excessively non user friendly, the gun dynamics are bogus, shielding/peeking and general glitching is off the charts and to newer players it is a shocking experience. I have s tated this many times that people play pubg, battlefield etc e tc because it is not difficult to learn, gun physics and behaviour makes it easier to learn how to manage a gun, AR's, carbines, DMR's, bolt action/bolt action semi's are all equally dangerous but none has an advantage over the other. Snipers in newz can shield and wall glitch, quick scope and jump shot while small caliber arms can't do any, they do to little damage a nd the effects of healing just replaces the damage taken instantly. It is anti competitive and unless you waste your life on newz it's never going to be appealing to new players, hence they leave and older gamers leave there is no pool to refill the losses. Battleroyale and survival are closer to being okay given there is no shield or sniper spam, if you get caught with no cover you die simple, try again be less stupid about how you move around. Remove armor effects, armor is just cosmetic Remove shields Healing is delayed and takes time to apply eg: PUBG and just about every other game out there. 3rd person aiming crosshair removed, takes away peek abuse and one shotting just being a camping whore. remove all guns ability to shoot while jumping. Add sniper limits to teams/clans, if you exceed the limit can't join in. Make snipers rare, like survival type rare remove open world, replace it with survival, drop in and loot to go, no advantages to anyone, no GI's basically a DayZ mod, hopefully a little better. You guys have competition now, a single developer game Xera, i will continue to play newz for a little while longer, i will play xera also but if I see that NewZ is stagnant i will move over perminantly, with fallout 76 and battlefield 5 also coming soon these types of loot n shoot games are to time consuming for little progress, I am hoping things change with NewZ, I have given a fair amount of money in support, but feels like you guys are catering only to this percieved "pro newz player" model, makes this game grinding to anyone just wanting to have casual fun, not bash buttons non stop, shield med spin quickscope jump repeat.
  15. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    Amen man, this happens all the time with shielding, die behind it because the player sided ping delay is an advantage to him, he will kill you behind walls and shields on the delay. I am a Battlefield fan boy and lifer and being client side hosted means that ping is controlled central server, the high pingers have no advantage as with location hosted as in the case with NewZ. Being a BF4 admin on official dice servers, I have probably banned and kicked more Asians than a small African country, eventually we put hard ping limits on, the limits were 200m/s but if your spikes were 250+ it will trigger the player boot sequence of warning he will be kicked from server. The result was everyone had regions to play without high pingers invading, there was no benefit from high pinging.