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  1. jewdiciousorange

    Legit or not?

    same happened to me a few weeks back, i was behind a wall and got shot. since the FAC thing i think the escalation in dubious players has increased but nobody ever gets looked at.
  2. jewdiciousorange

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    Panamerican cup, the operative word being "American". Which ones? Canada, USA and Alaska? Because it is called Panamerican for a reason. Because it doesn't work like that.
  3. jewdiciousorange

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    I am sure you have
  4. jewdiciousorange

    TLKC Recruiting

    will need your discord ID
  5. jewdiciousorange

    Bug or Bad Aim ?

    looks like bad netcode
  6. jewdiciousorange

    server anti macro

    Been saying the same for a long time, it is just so bad it cannot even be policed.
  7. jewdiciousorange

    New Skins for Halloween

    A donald trump head
  8. jewdiciousorange

    Moving on

    this gets completely overlooked all the time, if you make it impossible for asian to join eu/na they will stick to HK and visa versa, but they are now reducing the servers forcing you to play these kinds of lagging players.
  9. jewdiciousorange

    Bug or Bad Aim ?

    Turkey is lagging behind world standards.
  10. jewdiciousorange

    Bug or Bad Aim ?

    he is one of those asian clan cvnts that are so laggy the net code is out. But don't worry they fixed it.
  11. jewdiciousorange

    Servers - Adjustements

    Its how the asians wanted it..........Right
  12. jewdiciousorange

    Competitive Mode!

    Competitive mode should be spawn in with nothing, find stuff and use until you die or leave server then be wiped. That seems very competitive, but I assume it will be some kind of PVPish like mode for the few clans that are stacking up on all the better players.
  13. jewdiciousorange

    Weekend Event!

    150 000 farming XP my dream come true
  14. jewdiciousorange

    IMI, Augs and Honey ( PVP Life )

    I like being a troll, I use the atypical guns, I blew through 500 EVO3's, but want to do a MP5 SD with flashlight run now just to be a super troll.
  15. jewdiciousorange

    Competitive Mode!

    Don't know what competitive mode is really, difficult to gauge on how it will revive the game or not, but it has been a fantasy for the best part of 2 years now, at this point it is a unicorn