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  1. well you know, if you wear a nice pair of shades you can't get head shot
  2. if you want cool things you can play Unturned which is free to play and has a high end game engine which features dynamic weather and water physics. If you want low cost paid games then you can look at Miscreated and Scum for complex game engines with all sorts of cool things. As for weather and guns and stuff like that for newz, you are living a dream.
  3. may need to edit it and make more paragraphs, it is a pain to read that. Yes snipers are to accessible and cheap there is no prestige to them as they are to easy to buy. The game has been forgone into a sniper simulator given how low and ineffective other guns are other than point blank.
  4. if Merit was what you are going by then the M4A1 carbine would be the best gun of the lot. In real world performance the M4A1 excels at everything, it is the evolution of the M16 made lighter and compact to be used in more circumstances. It is a deadly accurate gun and you can chamber it in 5.56x45 or 7.62x39 Nato rounds depending on the circumstances needed. To many versions of the same gun, the M4, Semi and A1 are the same thing, the M4A1 is the standard military version and has all three optional fire modes, the FN SCAR L is all the same gun, you can take out 4 guns and maybe add two new guns like the SKS, AK 5C, UMP .45, CX8 Can the masada be renamed also, It no longer goes by that name now that Remington owns its development. It is now reworked and modified into the ACW-R.
  5. It is all based on a Scar L design, it is quintessentially the same gun regardless so the stats should be the same or you just remove two of them and have one gun rather than pretend they are different due to some crap red or blue skin. I mean if I change the colour of my two SRS 1's they are not going to be any more powerful or shoot differently based on colour but then again this is NewZ and apparently a Scar H ie: SCAR H SSR uses 7.62x51mm Nato rounds, that is the same a s a .308 winchester yet they try tell you it only does a third of the damage, to much lol oh and they also try and tell you that a .308 fired from a garbage mauser can outperform the ballistic capablity of a 50 cal, Lapua magnum or Cheytec 408. No f'ing clue how ballistics really works
  6. It probably won't get anything, and yes the M200 is probably the most poorly reflected gun in the game, but not like you are going to get any changes, when changes have been called for over a year and they still havent made them.
  7. We have looked into a problem where the standard FN Scar CQC was stronger than the Night Stalker or Red Stalker. Based on that we have done some changes: Lowered the spread of the FN Scar Night Stalker from 2.7 to 2.4. Lowered the recoil of the FN Scar Night Stalker from 4.1 to 3.4. Lowered the spread of the FN Scar Red Stalker from 2.7 to 2.3. Lowered the recoil of the FN Scar Red Stalker from 3.5 to 3.3. It is all the same gun
  8. That is very old and the drop rates are completely different, TypedForce hasn't played NewZ in like 3 years.
  9. Why is booty being mentioned a lot in this? My understanding of booty is clearly very different. The AK 47 is going to be abused, I can see it. Having been shot at by an AK 47 I kind of have no fear of that gun every hitting, probably why the Russians don't even use it anymore. About the only thing the AK can do is be abused and work and it sounds nice but other than that its garbage.
  10. So like it hasn't been fixed. This happens a lot.
  11. same happened to me a few weeks back, i was behind a wall and got shot. since the FAC thing i think the escalation in dubious players has increased but nobody ever gets looked at.
  12. Panamerican cup, the operative word being "American". Which ones? Canada, USA and Alaska? Because it is called Panamerican for a reason. Because it doesn't work like that.
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