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  1. GI’s!

    What do your GIs look like!!!

    Selling below 519 IMI TAR (FULL) 250 Honey Badger (full) 809 M4a1 (full) 948 AUG (full) 150 Red stalker (full) 651 FN Scar Night Stalker (Full) 279 L85 (Full) 40 AN94 (Full) 121 SVD (Full) 41 AMR2 (Full) 28 OTS (Full) 41 M200 (full) 4 QLB 06 (Full) 32 Mauser SP66 (full 20 Blaser R93 (full) 7 M107 (Full) 4 VSS Compact (full) 5 Autumn Skinbox 2 Red limited skinbox 2 epic skinbox 5000 DX Buying below at set prices VSS 120k AWP 90k AWM 20k heavy gear 6k nvg 2.5k VSS20 - 15k AWP Ammo - 4.5k AWM Ammo - 4k Please do not low ball me. Also exchanging my current snipers for Mauser SRG. Not buying Mausers. Cheers
  3. Snipers

    What’s the value of the actual weapons? please list price for all snipers thanks

    *Facepalm* Fred wasn’t here from the start. Few weeks after he started helping Deboss who was the original founder of newz. I was the first mod of newz however was kicked of the team as I went on vacation 😂
  5. Few General Questions + LF CLAN

    Cheers for that I suppose air horns / car to farm zombie is most efficient ?

    Well I’ve been here longer than Fredaikis am I a veteran?
  7. So basically I’ll keep it short as title says questions are: best place to farm snipers best plave to farm heavy armour? best place to farm zombies? also looking for English clan - very experienced player. Have +6k rep but just had a year break from gaming - also huge GI. HMU cheers