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  1. I play infestation the newz on a daily basis and have since it came out on steam! I have also seen posts where some in the community have said that No One Cares about Clan Territories (Capture the Flag). Well to be Blunt, this is totally incorrect. I have killed many people including many clan members and continue to see flag turnover on a daily basis.... I also have a character in "Z.E.R.T.S" and I am the clan leader of my community and leader of our clan "Ghost Squad" Both clans whom have been and will remain in "first - third place for clan territories" until the game either closes or you remove them. its irritates me to no end to hear this coming from staffers who simply failed to finish what newz staff was supposed to do in the first place. "which was include some form of incentives for participating in Clan Territories (Capture the Flag). Instead you do what you have done so often in the past. talk highly of writing it down and never completing what you started, or even worse, putting something out that has been only half ass' tested before it should be. Fred I hear how genius you are and ive seen with my own eyes what this game could be I guess what irritates me to no end is I wonder if you see it too fred, well do you sir? 1.) why has no one put radiation in the outside of the map to put a real stop to those who glitch out of the map to gain an advantage. 2.) when are you if ever going to utilize the other vehicles and items that are currently not enabled in this game? **** I could go on for hours but I simply will not waist too much time when I can just go kill people and wait for it to end like everyone else. Thanks GSDead Clan Leader Ghost Squad
  2. LOL if you don't get over your " defined played style" Chupa!!!!!! you wont have a game to play period brother Just saying.....
  3. TEAM (or team name): [SOGS] Ghost Squad COUNTRY: USA TEAM CONTACT INFO: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SOUElite# or Email me @ [email protected] PLAYERS: Player 1: GSDEadly Player 2: Diiz Nutz Player 3: RikiBobby Player 4: ilulzatgaming Player 5: Trip Wire
  4. Hello, Nice to meet you.

  5. GSDead

    Ghost Squad

    Ghost Squad is now reading and going to be posting on these forums, and I would personally like to say hello from all of us to all of you!!! Thanks GSDead
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