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  1. Server List

    well most f players left the game noone wants to fight a clan of 8 pyers in my case 6 asassins camping spawns on airport
  2. hmm your name looks like same as some noob asassin team camping airport spawn
  3. What about colorado V1 ?

    Add an survival V1 servers without an option to place a code lockers on them.
  4. surv loot scammer

    make a suport ticket
  5. Teams in BR are getting out of hand..

    teaming i a hard problem both for br and survival try playing survival agains a group of 5+ players
  6. Open world is HELL

    well the reasone i quit openworld snipers and big ass clans left openworld with 2k snipers and moved on to survival
  7. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    Nothing for survival nice work.
  8. Locker items?

    deal with it
  9. Another patch , another f**k up .

    its more then ok
  10. Survival Revive Time

    guys u got pvp servers and go kill people ther as much you like.
  11. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix)

    same as shooting a real gun u wont shoot same evry time usless ur a cuck noris or rambo
  12. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix)

    ahh seen this ppl cry alot about spread change it finaly requires some skill to shoot instead of just using a software for it keep it like this please.
  13. Fix the weapons SPREAD

    sig.l8p and many others used by some players in my case 30% of them
  14. Fix the weapons SPREAD

    finaly can play survival without getting killed by and asassin or agony from 200+ meters in 1 ms
  15. Loots despawning

    well its a way to make u buy premium but u can always use gd to reviwe unless u play survival.