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  1. Sure it does thank you! I never knew there were an outside Market even tho im a very old Player here
  2. Hey and wassup, I came up with a Idea for an "Anti-Scam-Trading" and this would be looking like this: We will have a Slotmachine where we can put in a Item (Like a SVD also we can put more than one at the time) and I can select that Item I want (Like 10 Stanag C-Mags) and than Players have the Chance of getting into the GTS Slotmachine and search for an Item so he can easily get that Item he wants, without scamming, and maybe u are able to do some Profit with that!# If that Trade happend u dont have to be online so the Item will be instantly in ur Global inventory so you do not have to worry. Twitch Streamer will have an awesome System for giveaways, like a GC Airdrop for one Stanag 30. And These slotmachines could stay in all Safezones (Survival/OW) or not even in a sever maybe outside of the Maps, maybe in the Main menu! This would make Trading way easier and better for most of the People!
  3. DiD yOu JuSt AsSuMe iT's gEnDeR?
  4. Omg hahahhahahahaha shiiiiiit this is sooo relateable woman want this! 100%
  5. She is 50 and crying like a baby like cmon
  6. U just showed me that u are triggered chill like haha getting a stroke at ur age is quit common my mothrr got one and she is 10 years younger.. calm down sir
  7. Well it was an well placed Post right under the Post of ur Wife, sry for that, yes she was saying wife. My BaD sorry :^)
  8. If this Woman (She is 50) would Play CsGo and if she would get german/russian/turkish/british enemies, she would quit within sec's after the match started. (I'm from Germany myself and can prove it that These People like in Germany/russia/Turky/England are pretty toxic in csgo and I have over 4.000 hours so I have to know
  9. Yo Adrian, ur Girl said in one Post "Husband" so I was assuming it :^). And Yes sure I dont really want that Person to leave, but if she is getting triggered cuz People call her "Sir" than she should just quit, I mean she is 50 and for being that old she should not cry about things like that. (In my OpInIoN)
  10. I was assuming that u were straight because normally A Male marries a Woman but I do not care if a Male marries a Male or if a Female marries a Female. It is just a FACT that 97% of all Married couples are straight. I might be just 18 years old but I am an REAL Person, just because I kinda find it funny how you are reacting to being called "Sir", does not mean that I am disrespectful. Why dont u tell the other Trader that you are a Female? Girl.. They dont know ok? Male Players Name themself "Ashley" and have an Female Skin. It's like an Rollplay. I dont have a Female Char but I had 2 on Infestation Survivor Stories and I named them Female, but it s a Char ingame so if I would stood in real life right infront of you, I would easily know that u are a Female or Male (Even if you would Dress up like a dude) but yooo, ingame? cmon.. Crying about those things are really sad and it Shows me, that you hate Men in generall (In my Oppinoin) But what if a Girl Gamer called u Sir and she did not know that, cuz u did not tell her that u are Female, so do you not know if there was any other Girl, calling u "Sir", "dude", "bro". If you want to be accepted as a Girl then get a CLAN TAG with the Tag [GIRL] So People would know. Or find atleast a Solution (maybe a Pink Name for being Female) but no all you do is crying (for an adult pretty cringy) and pointing for the whole community out that you are a triggered Feminist.. You are such a meme for those People here.. I'm from Germany, and Jewish, People calling me: "yo, lil ASH" and I dont even give a fuck, just ignore that sh*t. We Germans have actually a bad Rep, for being Toxic and I know that but not everyone is like that. It is the same everyone is assuming that we Germans are toxic and nazis. But I do just ignore that it's the Internet.. It's a different world.. And you are all grown up. Act like it and dont cry and complain about it in the Forum. Just create a Post and ask if Girls could get a Pink Name so that the other Trader will know that u are a Girl. Maybe we can do that and you can apply that Girly Name colour on the Forum and all you have to do is sending in a Pic of ur ID. This aint a bad Idea right? And for me Male and Females have the same rights.
  11. Happy Holidays, I know you guys will make this game awesome (It is already pretty good)
  12. Do you work for BuzzFeed? Why are you get Offended by this? You can call me Miss I would not even give a f*ck.. Use ur Voicechat than, like you are complaining about someting which isnt even a Problem.. I do "manspreading" and there are only 2 Genders. Are you getting Offended by this? Seems like it! I have no Problem with anyone but this is just a meme for me.. My Girlfriend makes fun of People like you, just accept it how it is. Not all Females are playing a Zombie MMO Shooter on Pc and trading in a Tradelounge. In a f*cking survival Situation nobody gives a damn about if You are a Male or Female (2/2 not more or less) and If I would give you 10x Heavy Armor Chrome Fallen Angel for free and call u sir u would not accept? Like wtf?? How can you get TRIGGERED about that? I am not a rude Person but cmon, I want this place to be chill. I Play this Game for over 3 years now (NewZ) and in that Community it never happend that someone is getting such triggered about that BS! Is your Husband triggered aswell? This is like TikTok, People making tiktoks of being offended by People and they react with funny duets, this is just the same. Not even @Sven have words for it because it is not relateable. Just quit the Game if you are getting triggered while Trading if someone is calling u Sir just to be nice..
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