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  2. Instant Revive System - Feedback

    remove it on smaller maps like rocky, u cant really get a safe spot when These People whit spawnprotection spawn right next to ur face there is no spawning time so they instantly can see u
  3. Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    extra for u 100$ ea Bodypart :^)
  4. Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    Why are u mad? dude I'm just saying, get this Joe char he got the same Body
  5. Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    Than get the char and u are done if u do not care about money
  6. Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    Sometimes you have to pay at least 5$ for ur Skins, yo it is ok tbh because other People here paid for NewZ more than 100$
  7. Infestation NewZ Surival Montage 3 - Arowsky

    Phew! I tought u were adding me in. I came from small whit a car and u just snacked me away
  8. Oregon - The New Map

    I mean if the New map could come out for survival. And I just wanted to ask if it is possible to get the loot done in 1 week for survival?
  9. [CLOSE] DDO5 is recruiting

    220 K in Minus KDR : 2.00 IGN: Keymbo Played for a Long time tho but Mostly stop playing because Reallife showed me the hard site
  10. Oregon - The New Map

    How Long does it take to do it from Tomorrow? 1 week?
  11. Oregon - The New Map

    Can u put 1 Sever out for Survival would be nice
  12. Jup da warst du noch memeber bei High
  13. Patch 2.18 (Part 2)

    I stuck at work... dang it will be home in 2 hours and online at 3 hours good work Sven told u u gonna be rdy on Friday so I have to buy 10$ worth of gc now
  14. Oh man, dann haste wegen deiner Mutter übertrieben shit m8 du sagtest sie sei tot, du hast damals jeden der dich gekillt hat als Hurensohn beleidigt und dann sagtest du dass deine tot sei, egal m8 kann sein das du aus Rage gelogen hast, macht ja jeder mal! ^^