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  1. Keymbo

    Acid CREW

    Yeah I wish I could join the United States
  2. I used to Play ISS World and they had a Tyrant Super Zombie wich was a giant He used to get killed by 600 PKM bullets to his Body. And he was found in caliwood Stadium, also lets add him to a secret spot in Colorado Survivals in a forest! Make him only spawn if there are 20+ People on the Sever, so People have to fight other Players while killing that Tyrant Give him 4 Drops instead of 2 so it will be worth it to kill him. Make him respawn all 1 Hour Survival only for that Tyrant,
  3. Keymbo

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    Sadly I dont have a Laptop she would let me tho, BUT I will get her that Time to spent with me :^) (After her Birthday I will marry my NewZ Acc lmao)
  4. Keymbo

    Loot - Survival

    I do not care
  5. Keymbo

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    When u are actually hyped to Play but ur Gf is turning 20 so u have to stay by ur Gf home and cant Play so basicly im sad (It is just a joke but I still wanna Play tho)
  6. Keymbo

    Some ideas for survival

    I felt this actually the drop amount of SZ and normal Zombie is "lower"
  7. Keymbo

    Loot - Survival

    Yesterday I looted 2 hours and killed many Zombies but the medic drop amount was low aswell as the weapon spawn and SZ drop
  8. Keymbo

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    Good that I only Play on survival and camp there with the shotgun instead of open world :^)
  9. Keymbo

    We need Money in Survival!

    Yoo this Idea is awesome
  10. We really Need some Money in Survival! The Survival Community is asking for a currency for over a year now and Sven said in February it will come soon but here are we now! We want to have a 5 - 10 % Chance of getting a Money drop just in survival, like non premium 5 - 5000$ and with premium double. You can add a ingamemarket with GD and GC! We all love survival, but this would make us happier as we would be already! We can finaly Trade with Money instead of Anti's / Stanag / Dx, so we have an Trade currency aswell in Survival! Thanks for reading!
  11. Keymbo

    Got Some Questions

    All +1 but the 5. Point is a Little bit too hard.. I mean 2 Colorado 2 Oregon 2 Cali and 2 V1 sever would be nice And we really Need that currency in survival
  12. Keymbo

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    I mean it has to be rare so i do not mind finding that case only 1 time per 200 sz
  13. Keymbo

    Premium Christmas 2018 Calendar

    Ayy thanks i have nearly 3 years lifetime premium and it paya out everyday! Best premium ever!!!
  14. Keymbo

    Loot - Survival

    Haha ok man
  15. Keymbo

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    I havent got any survival cases yet, I killed 20 SZ what is the drop rate in %?