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  1. Kraft in survival mode.

    That's a really good idea
  2. Happy Birthday Svena

    I wish you an happy Birthday!
  3. look at the corners

    go and Play DayZ
  4. Z.E.R.T Clan recruiting

    Why you want to join us? A clan in survival is awesome and I really want to join one. How will you help us? Being a good Teammate. Tell us about yourself. I'm 17 years old turning 18 on the 4th of August. I'm from Germany and I started playing Infestation ~April 2014. I could be active 2 time a week. ( I could do more but I'm busy whit School/Family/Girlfriend..) Also Playing CsGo.
  5. New Map

    Already told Svena cars/tents/Zombies/SZ/ and other things onm the Bridge we will see what he's doing
  6. The Saviors rekrutieren

    16-47 Jahren Mindestalter 18 Da stimmt was nicht.
  7. We Need an Special Zombie in that Building which tank half or 1/4 bullets of an Superzombie. (Like 30 bullets Stanag) He would drop either Money or Items. Like we can Use "Barack Obama" for it like we Need one black Zombie, or asian, I can't see None of them And if the Loot there is very Good, there would be prob many Players in survival tryin to find good stuff, and face other Players. And we really Need new Weapons (Meele/Guns) Hope for Moneydrop in survival
  8. Can't wait for the Map
  9. I like the old Medic car
  10. DevBlog - Optimizing Original Zombies

    crawling superzombie would be funny lol
  11. On the Bridge we Need a Superzombie who is blocking the way and some other Zombies that would be soo cool and ofc, many Military cars and tents on the Bridge. And we reaaally Need Survival Money, but not for every Zombie kill, no, we Need the Money droped on the ground so we can loot it up! Awesome Work so far ! :)) And I think most of the Survival Players really want new Weapons like 2 new Pistols 2 new shotguns 2 new smgs 2 new Ar's 1 new Sniper 5 new meele weapons and some or new Items would be soo cool! even WW1/WW2 weapons would be cool aswell!
  12. Arowsky's shop/trade reputation thread

    what do you want for one Air horn? rare items aswell?
  13. Super Zombie Survival

  14. All the weapons that we have should have an Condition, like u find a 100% weapon if u use it in pvp it can get worn like 100% - 1% same whit ingame Dollar for survival only and ofc new Zombies and new Guns
  15. Survival - Loot Feedback

    Svena we Need more Special Items like weapons (meele, snipers, handguns, Ar's, smgs,) Or add Heavy Armore to the rare loot table or more Food/water items and more skills