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  1. I know how the old ISS was, and u could just buy some wooden shields. If you Play for 3 years you gotta know how to obtain them, via radiactive zones by Zombies. You are pretty rude.. Speaking on a different language does not make ur bad words unseen.. And one Thing, be happy of what you got, waste ur snipers, People do aswell, u just Keep them until u leave the game and then?
  2. You have Wood shields, and they arent that rare, so u have a Wood shield, if you Need snipers? Trade them of a amount of 10 and than u have shields and snipers so good luck!
  3. I bought it, is it active now?
  4. I'm still not home yet, but I already loaded up 20 Euro worth of GC so I will get that bad boi! And I'm hyped!!! Yeah 2 month of farming in survival and battle royals ist going to be hella fun! HYPED!!!! Thanks for the nice update
  5. If you Need help with that, just check the comments on The Post from September 16th 2019 from Sven, where he ask for Ideas to improve Survival. People comming up with good ideas, and even if you like to Change something, do a "Meeting" with the Community on discord or anything like that. Btw. Currently I'm doing much Youtube, and my Channel is growing. I was going to advertise you, just for free. Because I want the Playerbase (mostly in Survival) to grow! And I know People would Play that game! But first we gotta have to get a Hardcore survival mode, where hunger, thirst, and beeing sick is ur main Problem, (Players would avoid Players to survive) It is all just to easy. But Im happy to hear, that u are working on it (Currency!!!! etc.)
  6. If you really trying, than give us Survival Players a real survival Feeling like in the good old days. I find way to many Weapons and all These V2 sever are just anoying.. I know, for a Game creator you guys doing a really good Job in few Gamemodes, but just Survival is going to be left behinde, and all the Players are not interessted anymore in playing Survival or NewZ.. We just want Survival like it was in Infetstaion 2014 that was really awesome!
  7. 1. I'm not for a complete wipe, sure i dont have much in my GI but many People invest Money on Survival Stuff, that is just basicly scamming the Players. So just reduce them a Little and give us the Community time to waste the Guns we have to much in Stock (80/50 Imi tars) 1 month should be ok. 2. Old Maps like in the Infestation Survival Stories time Normal Colorado, normal Caliwood and normal Stronghold. Why dont you make a seperate Game on Steam? Or just on ur Website? 3. The Idea with the currency is awesome! I've been talking about it since the beginning of survival, and you told me that u are working on it. So I'm glad to see that soon. I love this Game but more Survival.
  8. 4 Severs, Colorado V1, Colorado, Cliffside and Caliwood + Oregon on a weekly Map Rotation. 1. Colorado V1, it is basicly a PvP and PvE Sever 2. Colorado the same as Colorado V1 3. Cliffside PvP Sever and Stronghold Sever, You can farm Water/ Food. You can make Lights with a lamp and you can craft useful Thing with the Harvesting tool. 4. Same as 1 and 2 just with a Rotation aspect. I know sometimes the Cliffside Sever were a Little bit empty but the Map is quit small and I had evertime Enemies to fight against! + It gives us the old ISS Feeling back
  9. Ok, sure well I still hope cliffside will get into the map pool I just love it
  10. In my Opinion to get the Old ISS Feeling back, we Need a Cliffside sever, with that tool to craft wooden walls or Stone walls, get us a Safezone on the cliffside sever back, on that Big City, Sven.. I really miss Cliffside and I was sooo happy that it was into the Event last week+ Pleas bring back atleast 1 Cliffside sever!!!
  11. Sven, do the Cliffside Sever on Survival stay forever? I really love them!
  12. I agree, we actually have those severs on survival on that event, those cliffside severs, like in the good old days in Infestation!
  13. I really enjoy cliffside on survival! Pleas let atleast one cliffside on EU severs, it's just awesome!!!
  14. I kinda like the Idea
  15. What are we 4ever premium user getting?
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