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  1. 4 Severs, Colorado V1, Colorado, Cliffside and Caliwood + Oregon on a weekly Map Rotation. 1. Colorado V1, it is basicly a PvP and PvE Sever 2. Colorado the same as Colorado V1 3. Cliffside PvP Sever and Stronghold Sever, You can farm Water/ Food. You can make Lights with a lamp and you can craft useful Thing with the Harvesting tool. 4. Same as 1 and 2 just with a Rotation aspect. I know sometimes the Cliffside Sever were a Little bit empty but the Map is quit small and I had evertime Enemies to fight against! + It gives us the old ISS Feeling back
  2. Ok, sure well I still hope cliffside will get into the map pool I just love it
  3. In my Opinion to get the Old ISS Feeling back, we Need a Cliffside sever, with that tool to craft wooden walls or Stone walls, get us a Safezone on the cliffside sever back, on that Big City, Sven.. I really miss Cliffside and I was sooo happy that it was into the Event last week+ Pleas bring back atleast 1 Cliffside sever!!!
  4. Sven, do the Cliffside Sever on Survival stay forever? I really love them!
  5. I agree, we actually have those severs on survival on that event, those cliffside severs, like in the good old days in Infestation!
  6. I really enjoy cliffside on survival! Pleas let atleast one cliffside on EU severs, it's just awesome!!!
  7. I kinda like the Idea
  8. What are we 4ever premium user getting?
  9. It is ur opinion and I'm glad to see another Persons view of it. Sure the fact with the free rentable sever with Game Dollar is kinda hard for the devs so I must admit u are right there, but still. I talking about Survival currency, because Open world and survival world are different worlds. In my Opinion it is a Must have and it would feel like the old ISS, damn I would even be happy if there would be GC items on the market. I honest, I would pay more.. Even Strongholds, like in the old days of ISS with a SafeZone on the map, for me a must have too! Strongholds are for PVP Players and the PVE Players have a Little bit more peasful looting for themselve if most of the pvp Players would move to the Stronghold severs
  10. I know that this Topic got discussted a couple of time, BUT I think if we spend a Little bit of time and a Little bit of engery into it, we gonna get a good result out of it! - New Currency. Some nice new Dollars would be noice! I know that someone can mod this into Survival, and I belive that this is possible! You can do it guys! - Drop rate. The Drop rate for the Money would be just 3% for each Zombie and even than, if u are lucky to get Money, you get the Chance of 5 - 2.500$ of each drop. (Premium 10 - 5.000$, Premium2 15 - 7.500$ and Premium3 20 - 10.000$) And VET Players are getting to the 3% a extra 1% drop Chance. - Market (Just Ingame on the SafeZones OR In Boulder City on the Old SafeZone) In There you can only obtain Items that cant be found ingame. and The Prices will be very high! If you are interessted in buying a SVD (Would be the only Sniper obstainable) it would cost 500.000$ (This Item can be found ingame ofc) Create new Items for the Shop, lets get new Mission and make them buyable with random rewards. - New Skills Imagine getting 4 new Skills only obtainable with Money (250.000, 500.000, 750.000 and 1.000,000 Ingamedollar for survival) Giving us 1. 250.000$ Able to get a higher Chance of getting a Money drop (1%) Name of the Skill: Banker 2. 500.000$ Unlocks some "rare" Items on the Market to buy. Name of the Skill: Black Market 3. 750.000$ Able to get a higher Chance of getting a Money drop again (1%) Name of the Skill: Banker 2 4. 1.000.000$ Do x2 more Damage to Zombies with meele weapons. Name of the Skill: Zombie Batcher - Privat Sever rentable with Ingame Currency People which are spending much Time into this Game but doesnt have the Chance of spending Money, finaly have the Chance of renting a privat sever in survival for 500.000$ per Day (24h) So PVE and Farming People can get that Sever without spending real Money. - Survival Currency trade Now you can Trade with that Survival Money for survival items. Hope my Ideas could get into that Game! I would surely help with that!
  11. That would be soo cool! Once hit with the molo u are getting 5 damage per sec if u are Standing right into it, if u run away from it but u were still hit by it. You are gonna get a 10 sec cooldown in healing and 5 sec Long each sec 3 damage cuz of the burning.
  12. Keymbo

    New NPC

    Ye or a REAL market with a currency would be a 10/10 what would improve the Game for me much
  13. In my Opinion a Big yes! Also, we really Need more updates for Survival! How Long does it take for a currenty in survival? I think when we get Money in Survival many Players will come to us in Survival and Play / Farm / trade there
  14. Sure it does thank you! I never knew there were an outside Market even tho im a very old Player here
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