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    Valentine's Day Event!

    If you have any problems or question about our game, feel free to submit a ticket at or send "The New Z Support Bot#2551" a message on Discord for help! Напиши боту в дискорде .. проблема у тебя в пк , а точнее правах администратора
  2. Egoist

    не заходит в игру

  3. Привет Проверь сейчас если не работает напиши тикет
  4. Egoist

    Patch 2.28

    Patch ETA: Patch is rolling out as we speak. Estimated downtime: around 1 hour but we will do our best to do it fast.
  5. Egoist

    Patch 2.28

  6. Egoist

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Yes + add Clan Territory ⚡
  7. Egoist

    70X1Cfps痛- PVP MONTAGE

  8. Egoist

    Suche Gruppe/Clan

    Hello Try here:
  9. Egoist

    How to trade?

    Trade Skins or Skinboxes in the trade window
  10. Egoist

    Macro's and hacks

    I believe Сonfirmed
  11. Egoist

    XMR sniper

    Hello You can get it only from >>>
  12. Egoist

    When this will end?

    Thanks for the report.
  13. Egoist

    No GC sale before christmas????

    Hey! We don't announce Double GC events. Just keep an eye on the social media: Twitter, Facebook, Discord for information regarding double XP/GD/GC Events.
  14. Egoist

    Weekend Event! (Week 50)

    Spring Valley
  15. Egoist

    DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

    Кс и NewZ 2 разные игры ЛОЛ Прыгать ты о чем ? Тут игра The NewZ
  16. Egoist


    What if you have 20 different attachments in ur bp ?
  17. Egoist

    Баги с машинами

    Привет Мы вкурсе этой проблемы будут исправлять надеюсь в след патче
  18. Egoist

    I was wrongly banned ??

    Hey! You are no longer banned from the game!
  19. Egoist

    what banned?

    Tu ticket fue contestado y tu caso resuelto Puedes volver a jugar en una nueva cuenta. Que tengas un buen dia.
  20. Egoist

    Черного супер зомби нет

    Сказали спавнится !
  21. Egoist


    Hello, Thanks for the report. Regards,
  22. Egoist

    Черного супер зомби нет

    Привет В каком месте их нет ?
  23. 1 . Not game bug . Play on ur region 250 PING not really good for you and he kill you before entering the car 2-6 Thanks for the report.
  24. Egoist

    failed to decompress game files

    If after steam not working Please make a support ticket at