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  1. The Future of NewZ in 2019

    just a joke
  2. The Future of NewZ in 2019

    I can use meds and riot same like a macro 0.111 sec slower ( It's why we have a cooldown for it )
  3. racism

    Hello, Thanks for the report.
  4. The Future of NewZ in 2019

    Just my opinion.... I've been playing since WarZ 2k12 Not all players use Steam, yes not 10 k ppl still play the game Oregon not many ppl like to play this map, only like to play old map which they know 100% all places houses trees e.t.c Same as Oregon answer Br don't see a problem Hope soon battle mode Macros heal and shield don't give you a special opportunity ( rapid-fire we ban these players) Iss World 3-4-5-6 reboot? Wipe Wipe Wipe? You can buy this likes on fb They can ask about this ( FAC best no joke )
  5. желанный

    Привет :-D
  6. Weekend Event!

    It's a normal delay! Enjoy this
  7. Patch 2.19 (Hotfix)

    Hype fps
  8. Oregon

  9. Patch 2.18 (Hotfix)

    HYPE !
  10. GD disappeared

    Make sure you use Open World game mode !
  11. Patch 2.17

  12. Baned account

    Привет, Ты использовал "баг" игры 2ой раз ! Я тебя разбанил , больше не далай так !
  13. Bring back the old rocky ford.

  14. бан

    Разбанил !