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  1. Rusek

    Help us translate the game!

    I can help you with polish. Rusek #5325
  2. Rusek

    Life Time Premium

    you could buy forever for 50$ over 1 year ago so ye
  3. Rusek

    Life Time Premium

    newz is alive for over 2 years so ye, stop talking shit if you dont know the game... and you dont need to buy GC because this game is not pay2win.
  4. Rusek

    Life Time Premium

    No, you dont.
  5. Rusek

    What does this mean???????? (RUSEK)

    i had same problem when ive played duo with kamil, used 3 cmags on guy and he was still running #nobugsinnewz
  6. Rusek

    Find The Pumpkin Event

    Character name: r u s e k
  7. Rusek

    Halloween Week Scythe Giveaway

    Good luck everyone.
  8. Rusek

    Halloween Week Event Stream

    Sounds so fk great, good job
  9. Rusek

    Patch Notes - 2017/10/27

    macro players are not allowed to comment
  10. Rusek

    Patch Notes - 2017/10/27

    bring west oaks baaaaaack
  11. Rusek

    colorado pvp only

  12. Rusek

    colorado pvp only

    game is boring a.f, people are only playing fk useless pvp mapssssssss when you want to play clearview like in old times there is no fk way to fight normal clans only lagging th with group of 15++++++++++++++++++