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  1. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    It is Old but still looks better than Oregon/V2 and will be good for small community of survival.
  2. Vehicles

    Its not even funny anymore

    you can run over ppl with the car hwen the yare standing behind trees
  4. Rank/Reaction Updates

    thanks boss
  5. Rank/Reaction Updates

    Also where can i see these ranks?
  6. Rank/Reaction Updates

    Nice update i was waiting for it every day and night and here it is!
  7. Airborne Transport in Survival

    Yeah great suggestion.It would work like a bus but the difference is that you would be actually able to choose point of destination for food/guns etc.Great idea!
  8. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    V1 and and pls make some sort of advertisement.Tell some OW streamers to play Survival just to show ppl this gamemode gezzz...they dont need to play it 24/ least they could promote it in some way unless it die out completly.
  9. Survival - Clan System

    I dont need clan tags.I need clan system.
  10. RONIN Rekrutuje!

    RONIN Polski klan RONIN rekrutuje graczy na Survival! Wymagania: 17 Lat albo głos po mutacji Umiejętność grania w zespole Podstawowe Global Inventory Co Oferujemy ? Własny server Discord z rangami! Dobrą Atmosferę Graczy w topce SurZeus,MATRIX którzy zawsze chętnie grają Eventy Klanowe Survival/Colorado/Caliwood/Br/PvP Mapki Wielu aktywnych członków Obecni członkowie: SurZeus,MATRIX,XENOB,GNIEWOSZ,X3KRUK,Axell,danielos3
  11. Survival - Clan System

    Bullcrap..i play withup to 7 ppl sometimes and we never had problems with communication nad other stuff like that.+Kazmight said that there will be servers for solo players only so if u dont like clans and playing with frinds this is the bestplace for you.
  12. SYKE Clan recruiting [PL/ENG]

    SYKE Pl: Wymagania: -150K Repy (mogą być wyjątki) 16 Lat albo głos po mutacji Umiejętność grania w zespole Podstawowe Global Inventory Bez spin Co Oferujemy ? Własny server Discord Dobrą Atmosferę Aktywnych członków Eventy Klanowe Survival/Colorado/Caliwood/Br/PvP Mapki Eng: Requirements: -150K Repy (there may be exceptions) 16 Years or a voice after the mutation The ability to play in a team Basic Global Inventory Not being a rage quiting kid What we offer ? Our own Discord server Good atmosphere Active members Clan events Survival / Colorado / Caliwood / Br / PvP Maps

  14. Survival - Clan System

    +1 add clan system because with clans comes more options like clan wars,events ,territories etc. Atm anyways ppl play with others in 5+ groups and its ok because if you have friends you want to play with them no matter what.And adding clans will only help these ppl.If you dont want to fight vs clans jsut go to another location/server or simply get more firends and fight. Huge +1 from me.
  15. Survival Revive Time

    Ok so pretty much everone playing survival is aware of the difference between Premium and non Premium revive time.For Premium users its 5 minutes and for the normal users its 10 minutes which indeed is something that premium players deserve but these values are still not the best ones. The biggest problem is that the most of the current survival player base is using normal accounts and therefore I can say that the time of the revive is not right at this moment.The biggest problem is that when such a player (normal user) dies and then will be back on the server he will never be able to get his stuff back because it will be already despawned due to ~7 MIN item de-spawn timer.This creates an unfair advantage for new players who would be only getting annoyed after each death and then they will think that game is P2W and might stop playing.So im here with possible sollutions and their pros and cons. 1.Reduce revive time to 3 Minutes for Premium users and to 5 Minutes for Non premium users. Pros: Everyone will have a chance of getting their items back. PVP will become more dynamics - many ppl from open world are used to join pvp instantly after death this could help them addapting to the survival. Players with slower PC's will have chance as well. Cons: -Don't see any becasue 3 minutes is enough to get gear from people u killeld and run away. 2.Increase item de-spawn time to 12-15 minutes for Survival Game Mode. Regards SurZeus
  16. Item Specific PVP servers

    good idea
  17. Loot - Survival

    Make compact scopes more common and add more loot variations inside the car wrecks. daily login like in iss th where every next day you will get better items.
  18. Ok so here I would like to why im disappointed with the new map and this will be my presonal opinion with some quotes etc.I did that cuz something was promised and i was hyped about it and when recently i found out it was missleading i kinda went mad.Dont get me wrong its nothing big yet...still. My complain is the lighting and quality of Oregon which was promised to be looking like old WarZ/ISS map.Colorado themed with nice lighting,a lot of terrain details,color correction,grass tint and many other things so map can look realy good.Everything of this is absent on the new map.Everything is just green -literaly green and rock textures are the only ones.And if this pushes me,veteran away im scared that this first look will also reject other players both new ones and those who were waiting for WarZ themed map like me.Here are some quotes from mods.players so ppl won't say things like "Nobody said that,dont lie" etc. "12) Yes. The new map is going to look AMAZING. (Complete new different lighting etc more based on how it was in War Z alpha.)" " We're already looking into the Colour Correction and the visual side as that's one of the most wanted feature by the community. " "Ya survival looks just like open world now. I hate that playdo look this game has... it needs a visual change on survival mode at least. Who really cares what open world" "+1 Give us the old graphics, grass tint and lightning" "Keep in mind that we're working on a brand new map You'll be happy with the lighting and looks of it " And there is way more...many ppl promised us good looking map which will be worth to explore.I like the new locations,the details but the quality of the map just doesn't feel right and it just doesn't look right.I was hyped for some WarZ feelings.In recent update Silent tweaked colorado (survival one) lighting and it looks dope!! But when i asked why can't this be done on new map he said its impossible...I rly hope something will be changed atleast for survival players because this map is the last hope for the players of this game mode.
  19. Is this a joke?

    Dear DEVS. You added Oregon servers yesterday and also added bugged FAC 2.0 and made seasonal ladderboards.Everything would be great..except its not and here is why. 1.ALL servers are dead because for ultra low survival player base u added 3 more servers and now community is spreaded and THERE IS NO PVP on sa/eu/us. 2.FAC is kicing ppl for no reason. 3.Something has been done with the servers.Before me,my team and everyone was able to play on hk servers with no problems (from eu,sa,us) and now EVERYONE is getting kicked form these/banned/lagged or killed with single bullet. SO coming to a conclusion.HOW DO YOU EXCEPT PLAYERS TO GET RANK 1-3 WHEN ITS ONLY POSSIBLE FOR THAILAND PPL?It triggers me so much since normaly i would grind 24/7 but now i just dont have where.You need to remove 1/2 of the servers asap or players will get triggered and will leave.AAnd the funniest thing is that you knew this would happen.And yet you still made these changes.You said "we know survival player base is too small so we will be decreasing servers" and then yo uadded 3 more!Great! - thats how i see it and no ofense.Im just rly triggered.Because its not fair when only thai ppl have chance to win something. 1.Fix servers. 2.Remove servers. Just compare ladderboards form last weeks and you will see the difference.
  20. Server Changes (Survival)

    Who cares about colorado?Oregon loot is OP and its time to switch for the new map.Less colorado servers is better for the new map.
  21. What did you do with the loot?

    +1 same with snipers...i think its the end.

    +1 thing like this should be under closed tests before release otherwise these cna destroy survival forever
  23. @GENETICZZ prove with new montage pls