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  1. So basically I created this post because something must be done about current Survival Rep Table while referring to the current player base of this game mode. On open world I can easily get Warmonger in like 1/2 days only while entering server and grabbing the loot form the ground.Players like WLSpartan,Geneticz,Kaz etc would for sure get even more. On Survival it took me 4+ months to get warmonger while on ow as i said - it would take me only 2 opr 3 days to do that. Even my friend MATRIX who is rly good survival/ow player have -17k rep for past month and on ow guy have 163k rep which is 9 times better than my friend's score. Another case is that there are NO players on survival which is making things even harder.Servers are mostly empty and sometimes when there is 50 ppl on the server only 5/6 of them have at least 1k rep while they are spreaded across the map which makes PvP even harder.The thing is It would take years to get -200k rep on survival which makes ppl don't want to grind anymore.Thats why i suggest changing rep table and decreasing the values needed to get certain Ranks.And please take my request very serious because this is important stuff,stuff that matters and this comes from experienced Survival players and ppl who i play with/against. Here is an example of possible rep table. jsut so you an see what i mean.
  2. MATRIX/SurZeus PvP Montage

    So here is my montage (I Never Freeze) and 2nd one i made for my clan mate MATRIX (DEATH OFF);
  3. Something more...

    So recently I started thinking about quiting survival cuz its simply boring and many good players and my friends,enemies left the game because of it and recently some of them went for fresh game which name i won't even psot here.So i decided to make this simple list of suggestions: 1.Some rewards for top players in both all time/monthly/weekly ladderboars - ppl are grinding to get new ranks but due to current lakc of survival players getting reputation is very hard (when i get reckless im done czu it simply makes no sense xD) and in my opinion it should be more rewarding.I mean repairkits,stanags and other nice items. 2.Planes dropping napalm - it would be intresting if in the middle of PvP u would hear alarm and then planes would start dropping napalm all over the city so you will have to hide inside building/under the tree etc. 3.Survival themed events like:devs/mods holding big markets with snieprs and players have to push them etc. 4.More bushes. 5.PLS made camp fires craftable.This would give some fresh feeling to the game and could be funny. 6.At least one Oegon beta test server - free of loot so ppl can only fight here,explore etc.
  4. Ok so here I would like to why im disappointed with the new map and this will be my presonal opinion with some quotes etc.I did that cuz something was promised and i was hyped about it and when recently i found out it was missleading i kinda went mad.Dont get me wrong its nothing big yet...still. My complain is the lighting and quality of Oregon which was promised to be looking like old WarZ/ISS map.Colorado themed with nice lighting,a lot of terrain details,color correction,grass tint and many other things so map can look realy good.Everything of this is absent on the new map.Everything is just green -literaly green and rock textures are the only ones.And if this pushes me,veteran away im scared that this first look will also reject other players both new ones and those who were waiting for WarZ themed map like me.Here are some quotes from mods.players so ppl won't say things like "Nobody said that,dont lie" etc. "12) Yes. The new map is going to look AMAZING. (Complete new different lighting etc more based on how it was in War Z alpha.)" " We're already looking into the Colour Correction and the visual side as that's one of the most wanted feature by the community. " "Ya survival looks just like open world now. I hate that playdo look this game has... it needs a visual change on survival mode at least. Who really cares what open world" "+1 Give us the old graphics, grass tint and lightning" "Keep in mind that we're working on a brand new map You'll be happy with the lighting and looks of it " And there is way more...many ppl promised us good looking map which will be worth to explore.I like the new locations,the details but the quality of the map just doesn't feel right and it just doesn't look right.I was hyped for some WarZ feelings.In recent update Silent tweaked colorado (survival one) lighting and it looks dope!! But when i asked why can't this be done on new map he said its impossible...I rly hope something will be changed atleast for survival players because this map is the last hope for the players of this game mode.
  5. Oregon - The New Map

    Looks great except lighting and i believe current map need more safe zones
  6. Disappointed with the new map

    Yeah i hope so..currrent colorado on survival look awesome and i hope new map can look as good as colo..
  7. Patch 2.18 (Part 2)

    Looks promising and I hope that there will be more safe zones
  8. Lockers on Map

    Thanks for all the positive responses so far
  9. Lockers on Map

    So I recently forgot where I left some of my lockers and i realised that it would be nice to have in game option which would allow players to see where a their lockers are placed at.The option should be possible to be disabled/enabled with a little button - so it wont cover other tags. I think its not hard to do and could help some players with finding their lockers after long breaks,etc.
  10. Prison Trailer Video!

    So I spent couple hours making this video and I hope you guy will enjoy it I did my best to make nice and qualitytrailer so maybe more players will come. Ofc you can use video for your own purpose.
  11. Prison Trailer Video!

    Premiere Pro CC
  12. Patch 2.18

    Various changes have been done to the vehicles exiting, this should prevent the glitch where you got teleported, and allow you to exit vehicles from high places.
  13. Medic Item Box

    So recently friend of mine came up with this idead to make the red bag and obtainable item which will be like an item box but only with meds and would have for example following loot-table: 1.dx,dx,dx,dx,dx 2.dx.anti,medkit,pain,green 3.anti,anti,anti,pain,pain,green,pain,green,green So the idea is that you could get multiple meds from this bag and if u are very lucky you could get 5x dx or if u are not u could get 5x green bandages etc. I think this is great idea and would give some fun for those looting meds.And the box should be openable so it wont open instantly after u pick it up.
  14. Prison fence bug

  15. Prison Is painfull

    So here are a few suggestions which will make PvP milion times better than it is now. 1.Make more holes inside the main inner fence so you can get insde from every side. 2.Increase height of this concrete. 3.Remove the big tower in the middle which is to op and when players are camping inside with the snipers you wont be even able to move form the spawn or walk inside the fence (based on my experience), 3.Add more cover spots cuz as you can see on the video there is nothing i could do to hide adn push. 4
  16. So when u craft items they still aren't stacking +the statistics window is bugged.
  17. Prison Is painfull

    Its not about liking this pvp but abot being able to do this.I mean yesterday many players went there to check thsi new place out and then they got rekt from campers and unbalanced structure of the prison.
  18. Prison Is painfull

    Barricades on survival,nice meme.Where do you think new players can get shields when they are barely existing/spawning and PvP here is trahse here only because of the tower.Silent already said he will make more holes in the fence cuz many players wanted it and many want tower to be gone -or replaced with other less op building.I now thsi as welcuz after 5 tries we secured the prison and were camping there for 5 hours and killing EVERYONE and there was nothing they could do cuz we had perefect angles/crossfire.One guy even brought the shields (pink ones) and after placing 4 of them died cuz we sprayed the shilds down.
  19. Prison Is painfull

    Good luck with covering your team mates when there are 1k towers and 1k windows on the way to the enterance and only 2 trees to hid behind them.Also entire interior makes no sense cuz pvp is focused at rhe tower cuz if u want to fight in other parts u have to deal with tower first.
  20. Characters menu idea!

    So tbh i hate the new way of choosing characters cuz for me and not only me its confusing and not as smooth as it used to be. So I created this my version of sollution in pain.Also players should not only be able to change chars with arrows but also with pressing on their models in the bacgrounds.
  21. Prison Is painfull

    Tower is cancer.Everyone camps there and this makes no fun.
  22. Prison Is painfull

    Yeah because PvP is focused arround the tower so it looks like this: 1.Try to avoid geting spawncamped. 2.Push by the fence to lose 3/4 of your meds. 3.If you luckilly manage to get into the barracks loot some meds. 4.After you re done looting go push the tower only to get kileld with saiga and giveaway all previously looted items. So the tower is pointless here.Also you should remove back window of hospital or just put more cover spots so ppl can actually survive and have a chance to push. If u dont how to do this just give the "DEV" powers to one of us and we will show you (not gonna happen ikr)
  23. Characters menu idea!

    Good to hear that.
  24. m9 helmet black nvg new skin

    +1 maybe adding one more nvg item like + civilan googles combined would be a good idea - for survival ofc.