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  1. Bring back the old rocky ford.

  2. DevBlog - SVD Shark Attack

    Looks good but the shark is pointless imho
  3. Any ETA for pre patch notes?

  4. Cheater Campos

    He was in front of way he could see me.+van has 2 walls and the angle didnt match
  5. Cheater Campos

    Cheater's Character name:CAMPOS THUGTime:NOWDate:NOWWhat kind of cheat:AIMBOT/SPEED HACK/MAGIC BULLETSScreenshot proof (if made):Video proof (if made): Was playing with a friend of mine and then we went to campos,he got killed from the bridge and a guy killed me thru the wall and then magicaly appeared on the stuff.Flash ? Important: Report him in-game.
  6. QBZ Running Animation

    So my friend recently gave me a suggestion I believe adding this (show on the video) swaying like animation would be nice thing for those who ever played other ISS games and for thos who got bored with standard running animations.In my opinion this would be a great thing and adding more variatons of running animations would add some variety to playing with different Ar's. This is just a suggestion from a friend of mine.
  7. Classic Small Backpack

    So in my and many of my freinds opinion old classic small backpack should return and by this I mean the one with no Infestation The NewZ Logo on it.It just looks way better and this messy green color doesn't math with the red color of logo. This requires nothing and would be an awesome thing to have it back in game again.At east for survival (or as a skin kappa).
  8. Swap everything for Famases!

    Hello I would like to swap everything from the list for Famases! And please only huge bulks/reasonable offers! What I have: IMI TAR 200 SIG SAUER 200 L85 120 NIGHT STALKER 300 RED STALKER 100 THOMPSON 40 M4 80 AUG 70 HONEY BADGER 130 AK 47 70 MASADA 70 QBZ 100 M16 70
  9. Server List

    Yeah would be easier if i could use Disco...xD
  10. Server List

    Yeah I can do that
  11. Camp Splinter 101

    Good one!
  12. Server List

    So recently pvp died out on survival (1 week and everyone who i was pvp'ing with left the game/decided for a break) and there is literaly no place to have as good pvp as it used to be +having that many servers in this confusing order isn't making things easier. What i suggest is reducing servers (Eu) from 8 to 6 and mkaing first 4 normal and last 2 ping limited. So it willl look like this: 1.EU 01,EU 02,EU 03,EU 04,EU 05 -Ping Limited,EU 06-Ping Limited. Thanks to this things will be easier and finding pvp will be most likely more enjoyable cuz the EU01 will be likely the highest popped one.Now I can't tell where the pvp is in Clearview when i see 8 servers with 18 players on each.Do find PvP there i need to sever hoop and when I did that last time i figured there are always many servers with 2-3 ppl in Clearview (playing pvp) and gathering them on the same server would jsut make pvp better.
  13. Small Market Interior

    You re free to go then