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  1. SurZeus

    Halloween Week 2018 (End)

    So im rank 2 rep,rank 3 survivors/bandits killed on survival and i got nothing.
  2. SurZeus

    Halloween Week 2018 (End)

    @Sven - Halloween 2018 Seasonal Leaderboard Active during the entire event.Special Halloween seasonal leaderboards for all game-modes. Rank 1,2 and 3 at the end of the event will receive a special "Halloween 2018 Trophy"
  3. SurZeus

    Halloween Week 2018 (End)

  4. SurZeus

    Halloween Week 2018 (End)

    Why I didn't get anything for being top 2/3 in leaderboards? Did I miss something?
  5. SurZeus

    Survival - Clan System

    Yeah thats what im talking about. Its that simple that i still dont understand why nothing has been done in this direction.
  6. SurZeus

    Survival - Clan System

    I dont want to be a dick etc but u guys always answer with this "we will bring this in the meeting" and then we still dont have any answers. Its like yo uare making decisions but you are not letting us to know about it. And we are still waiting etc.
  7. SurZeus

    Survival - Clan System

    We found a sollution.Making 5 man limits.Which equals to 5 man groups. Its simple as that.
  8. SurZeus

    Survival - Clan System

    I loSt my hope already.3/4 of players wanted it and we found a common sollution yet nothing has ben done.Im rly sad about it because there are dozens of ppl playing together in at least 2 man groups.People want clans and also its a nice source of income 0gc for slots etc.
  9. SurZeus

    All My "Get More Players" Ideas

    haha yeah it was funny
  10. So I decided to post here all my ideas of saving this game and getting more players. Advertisement *make completly new trailer with ALL the most important features and and changes made relative to the classic version (ISS). *hire a big streamer who plays games like CS:GO/Lol and pay him to show thsi game at least for a couple minutes on his stream - players guaranted. *this one might sound stupid: Gave players who bought Infestation Classic back in days some kind of a refund - gc,items or badges whatever. This happened in Infestation World (game is offline for 2 years now) where Devs transferred GC from Infestation Classic to World. That was nice for ppl who bought a lot of these before the game died. *Idk if it makes sense but - Relaunch the game again on Steam in a different edition like Infestation Anviersary Edition (of course keep NewZ there as well). And by this I mean making a completly new, redesigned client which would contain some unique, no P2W items only for ppl who bought this edition of the game. Now days almost every game has different editions with new content. Thats why I believe this is worth trying. *Assembly Infestation with steam market, add some new unique kind of items/skins or even redesign current skin system and make it so it would be only tradeable with the steam market - people love this which was prooven by CS:GO succes. Events December is comming and I believe that this is one of the best opportunities to get some players. Daily Login: Lets say that Christmass will least for 2 weeks. Every day you log in, you will get better items. Events For Every Gamemode: *stop with gd skinboxes - everybody hate these and already learned every single one of them *more Survival events where streamers are hosting these - never seen anyone partnered making Survival Event, never. Competitive Mode -Cmon! This game is mostly known from its PvP aspects and mehcanics. Competitive mode is probably most awaited game mode which could bring dozens of players who like things like 5vs5's, tournaments, getting new ranks etc. Give us any hints!
  11. SurZeus

    Survival - Clan System

    Be patient.
  12. SurZeus

    To get more people here!

    So recently I realised a lot of players never gave a chance to Survival. But many ppl who did (like me and my mates) stayed. My idea is to make event which will in some way force players to play on survival - or at least give it a go. 1.For example make event where if you play Survival for 24 hours and kill 3k zombies you will get a sinbox or gd . 2.Weekend event where only some game modes are avaliable per day. For example: Friday : Survival,PvP Maps only Satyrday:Battle Royale,Open World Sunday:Survival,Br,Open World and if u play at least 1h on each game mode you will get reward or idk. The point is to make something that will force players to play survival and i think its a very good idea sinces in its current state this game mode needs players.
  13. Hello in this thread I would like to talk about my vision of implementing Clan System to Survival game mode. 1.No Limits, No tags - Ok so the idea is you can join with as many people as you want in the same clan but to make it fair Clan tags (purple arrows) should be disabled. The point is to make clans something you only can see in the main menu and next to player nicknames and I believe this is the propper sollution since it won't make things for huge clans easier and at the same time fair for everyone. Now to verify if someone is your ally (lets say that he is not in the group for some reasons) you have to aim at him to see his nickname. Many players are crying because ppl will play with 10 man clan and destroy everyones fun etc.But they are fin with it when ppl are playing outside of the group and lets be honest guys only thing that differs player in group form the one without it is a yellow tag (arrow) above their heads. 2. Also I believe that removing group tags is a must too .At the beginning we had no groups and in my opinion this was GREAT since it forced players to play more carefull and give info about your where abouts. Now groups are way too op and solo players stand no chances against ppl playing 5+ ppl cuz they simply can cover entire city and shoot others on sight. Removing groups would force them to play more carefully and at the same other players could get more opportunities to get in between enemies pretending to be one of them etc. So conclusion is simple: Clans should be like on open world but without markers above players.Remove group tags too. We need clans on Survival. Leaderboards and Capturing the Flags (territories) are something that would add something fresh to Survival. If this is too much just reduce group limit back to how it was (3). If u dont like my ideas don say shit but try to explain why you dont like the idea and what should be done in your opinion.
  14. There is nothing to explain.I myself made a psot about cars and how awfull these are at their current state.You cna run over ppl who are behind trees,walls.Kill them when they sit inside a building.Dragster do not recive any dmg from time to time when its standing still and when it reaches 30 mp/h its invincible.When you levae the car there is a chance that tyou will fall under the map and lose your items.Sometiems you can get teleported miles away.There are 1k reasons to delete them.And here is why its a huge +1 from me.
  15. SurZeus

    Newz 2k18 season

    +1 these could be better since ppl sacrificed a lot of time playing.I my self ended up getting a 2nd places (x3) and the value of items i got is the same like for the 3 days one (season) i think its should be doubled since some ppl were playing days/nights to grind and were expecting better rewards.Im pretty happy from what i got but yeah - rewrds could be better. What suprised me the most is that i thought i will get a trophy (added last patch and i didn't).