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  1. SurZeus

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Nobody cares dude. You already said the same shit 1k times. It realy won't change anything because you clearly don't understand that most of the players - not only Kjer want to have clans for a long time. Also he clearly stated that clan is something more than just a clan tags - which you clearly cant understand.
  2. SurZeus

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    It already is a different game mode. And clan system is something that should be there since the beginning since Survival was supposed to be just like old ISS where clan system was one of the most important parts of the game. Clans are a thing in every game nowdays - csgo,lol,wot,wos - all the games has a clan option because players want to play together, want to compete etc. The pool shows everything - most of us want this feature and next patch we will get it. I play survival since day one. Same is Kjer. We know what community wants.
  3. SurZeus

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Jesus Christ - but this is already happening! People are playing 10-20 players already for a year - without a clan system. Clans won't change this because its already happening. Clans without purple tags will not make anything any different and wont give players any unfair advantages. Apparently you dont realy see difference between survival and open world by any means. So arguing with you makes no sense.
  4. SurZeus

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    1.Clans as Kjer said aren't only purple tags - clans are the idea,the system and something that unites players and adds more possibilities to the game - no advantage at all if purple tags are not a thing. 2.Its already happening so there is no reason to fight with it - people are already playing with 10 man groups and players who don't want to fight with them are simply playing at different places, against other enemies - adding clans won't add any advantages at all. @miranda if for you clan is nothing put purple tags you should never come here in the first place.
  5. SurZeus

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    By doing limits and restrictions you will force people to leave survival because they wont be able to join their team mates or as Kjer said - join hte server to trade,farm, pvp away form the clan.
  6. SurZeus

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    -1 for limits because you will just make people mad. Because half of your survival playerbase wont be able to join the server based on what you are saying Sven. And they will need to leave clan in order to play. 0 sense.
  7. SurZeus

    Christmas 2018

    i got scammed we got the worst rewards possible and these arent even unique basing on what silent said im quiting
  8. SurZeus

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    +1 was waiting for this one for a long time
  9. SurZeus

    Christmas 2018

    I hope that rewards will be worth the time and resources people sacrificed to get top places.
  10. Its been a month. First you broke the lockers physics and we had to wait weeks for it to get fixed. Then you made thing even worse and game bacame completly unplayable. Iv reported this bug many times in tickets, on discord - still no news. Somebody please finally notice this bug.
  11. SurZeus

    My last topic with suggestions

    Agree - I hope we will get some answers from DEVS this time.
  12. SurZeus

    For God Sake

    Yeah now i feel its to late for anything. There was a time when survival has a lot of players who thought that DEVS will realsie the most important suggestions. They didn't and players left. Now it seems that nobody even care of whats left. Thats how i feel abouyt it.
  13. SurZeus

    For God Sake

    Guys please finally add GD trading option for survival players. I don't understand why this is still not a thing after tones of scams and problems related to it. People are being scammed every day and they are getting mad/leaving because you dont support such a option. This makes totally 0 sense because you are allowing us trading with gd but you are not supporting it. It doesn't make and sense and logic and is only creating problems. This is another reason why nobody plays survival. On open world you can farm and sell your gear for gd on lounge - then you can buy skins for this gd. On survival you just cant without risking getting scammed. Also people who don't use discord won't have any idea that they can trade with gd. Jesus im realy counting on a reasonable response this time because i can't look any more on these poor scammed players.
  14. SurZeus

    Survival PvP Montage

    After month of break I made some nice kills. Hope you enjoy