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  1. If you use a skin you can't lose that if are applied. Lol The "special" or "rare itens" should be a skin, not a item. Macro have a simple solution, cooldown and "time to use" (like catch itens on "E"). But they not apply because most off players don't like lose this play2win advantage. But my point is to make pve players get more advantage than "low farm" players. Think about the economy. If you like to farm and get a rare iten, the value of this item is higth. Now pvp players have the same itens or more than PVE players. Its fair for a dedicate PVE players? No, is not. Anyone in 5 minuts are ready to pvp at full set. You can login "bambi" and go to pvp pick up itens in your way. IF the itens has their fair price, the PVP players need to buy from PVE player and the game economy works fine. But now it's broken. In pvp you get more GD in 5 min than 30min farm. You think I am a PVP player. No my friend, I wait for radiation 72minuts or more (and I have problems to fun on this "event", like visibility or no much zombies to kill). I use pistols to kill zombies and kill zombies at arrows. I play bout of modes and my inventory is from farm. I know the two worlds and say definiatly, PVP player have more and more advantage, modes and ways to get fun. THe radiation in game, is a start, but I like to see "boss" zombies or special areas when is hard to survive play versus the machine. Like a quest in old games. And to balance all the game we need usefull itens, not the same itens every time. I can buy a 10x 0.50 in store, but no have more amunation for my old flare gun.
  2. Yea. In PVP all players use Heavy armor and DX. Custom or less is for noob players and you don't have a chance (if you don't have a heavy) because 2 shots at VSS (higth speed shot now 35 vs 90) or one hit at 107 kills you. If we have much "top" itens avaliable, low itens no makes sense. Also if you are a new player you are dead. The game itens are limited to: sniper, riot, DX, heavy, Nvg, military BP or better. Play using another rifle is hard, because you can't kill a player at 100m using all atachments. 2 headshots, he heal with macro and put a riot. And a sniper is one item to shot another player and kill. If you search for use a normal rifle you need a forward grip, compact scope, rifle laser, bullet compesantor, silencer (if you want more chances to survive) and cmag or stanag 60. Riot is a problem because no have cool down, (have but is 0,00001), and, yea, macro ¬¬. DX is not a problem, but if you put in store at low price all veteran players will use, and the new player no have a chance. Heavy is easy to get. One adventure in nato at premium or private server and you get 20+ easy. That's funny, is more easy get heavy armor, but more dificult any low armor. NVG is basicaly the one helmet in game, but no makes diference. We no have a helmet to protect a sniper shot, only rifles, smg and pistols. All helmets in the game are NVG or not. And you can buy in store at 6k or less in trade. The damage at rifle can't make sense use rifle x sniper in PVP. Your target should be at 20m, you can't miss a one head and if you miss he use macro, cure, put a 3 riot lines and now you can drop your useless rifle in floor. Military BP is in store. Found a medium backpack in game is more hard than found a hunter or military. My point is, we have a great options off itens in game. The players use 10 or less same itens because another options are useless and no have advantages. The game limited hinself making players use the same itens. And skins, this not makes diference in pvp game, only in economy.
  3. Probably the game is having more updates and fixes than the debut period of "Nider" or whatever it's called that game. **Special thanks for @Sven, he listen the community.
  4. Plz, make it rare. Don't put the item in store. And is necessary increase damage on low damage guns. All guns with 24 damaged or less are useless in game.
  5. In my opinion all bans should be to "disable" the acc. In free online game, temporary ban can't maked diference. I agree your list, but in diferent order; 1. Wipe XP and Rep with - Chat block at 1 week 2. Wipe GI and all chars 3. Make a oficial list to show the "trash" playes to all comunity 4. Stop the computer processor-fan.
  6. Open world is Sniper, bug riot, heavy, DX.
  7. Please correct the bullet drop table for snipers available at; https://playnewz.com/info/gameplay_sniperscheatsheet.php I test mauser sp66, SVD, Blaser and 107. It's all wrong. Example 200m from this guy; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkxaOkHk-ss&t=2m44s Blaser, first dot, little up. In the oficial table second dot. Make all snipers in table at tactical scope, PLZ. And the information "decay" means bullet drop? Doesn't make sense two snipers have the same value and different drops. plus: Black Longe water is usuleess now. The drop is more dificult at long range using than.
  8. JKS

    GI Suggestion

    I make a new video to show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxMNaEtkLw0 If we have a same system in game will make diference to servers? Because the macro make my manual work, only that.
  9. That's the idea. SA players join only in europe severs because is the only who starts. If you put a ping limit to make this players go to NA servers we have less servers and more players in low ping region. Less maps make the same result. And SA servers will nevers start, trust me, NEVER.
  10. In my opinion, it should be a one map (the other is always empty) and the exchange should be shorter. SA server OFF EUA servers with 200ms ping cut USA with 250Ms ping cut
  11. Is not. To real new z players this is a nice increase in game.
  12. Wainting for a riot skin system to organizate my inventori.
  13. Radiation I liked the idea of a new challenge for the game, mainly because it looks like a quest. But arriving and clearing the areas of radiation I have some points to raise; -First-person mode is immersive, but uncomfortable. The restricted view at night discourages the visit of places with radiation. -There is no certainty of when and the sound warning is not enough to prepare. -The PKM drop is unnecessary and only pollutes the scenario. The 200 ammunition helps, but the weapon would not have to drop. -It is difficult to kill the toxic SZ and its reward is almost always nothing or an anti-radiation helmet. -You can bypass the radiation bringing the SZ and SZ toxic out of the limit. -Zombies should accumulate more easily or have a greater sensitivity to hinder and at the same time facilitate the player who wants to kill more zombies in the short time of radiation. -The timer could show how long the radiation has yet to let the player know if goes to worth. -There is no "reason" for the radiation. Should be a box (like the airdrop) that would have items and at the same time with the fall would warn you that the radiation will start (like the airdrop). -I think it would be more interesting to change the first person with the field of vision restricted by free vision in 3rd person without possibility of running, which would also mean a longer time of active radiation. Thks for all.
  14. This make my BP open more fast or is my mind? Thank you for your dedication.
  15. JKS

    Simples ideias.

    I have tested right now if macro changes the firerate. Do not. But have way to cancel sniper recoil and put automatic right click at center. - Desclip by client side I maked a macro to my organizate inventory. But if we have someting like this in game to help us a stack or desclip item? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxMNaEtkLw0 .... and before they accuse me of cheating, I asked if I can do that in trade before. http://www.mediafire.com/view/zxq5ddx4tdc55sa/Capturar.PNG
  16. JKS

    Simples ideias.

    First I have to say that I did not expect any reaction, so I did not spend time explaining item by item. Apparently topics generate more comments and develop better than extensive texts defending several points. After the interest I can explain to each one and with that answer more than one person. At first I would like a black market for browser, but this would consume manyresources of the game. So a way to sell the items without having to stay in the trade and even sell items that have low value would help beginner players. Some items not have value because they has in store. If you have GD you can buy any item and go to pvp, lost it and not have problem. I play pvp every day and the players not use multiple armors. Just guerrilha and Heavy. And the curios is, they use guerrilha because is hard to get a loot of heavy in trade lounge. My opinion is, "top" itens no have to be in store. Like medkit. The price in trade no have limit because no have reference in store. And some players use in PVP because they buy in trade lounge at hight price or farm that. 90% players use DX because is in store, the price is low than 2k in trade lounge (1.4 ~~1.8k because the price in store put it low) but get DX is no to easy. Only in radiation you have more chance to get 2 digits of this item. And this is another point. Radiation is not atractive, only some players get in. BUT if the DX is now out off store? Think about that, why the players not use all the times adventure backpack in pvp? It make the pvp more competitive. I agree with the obvious advantages of the muffler and its importance in the game, especially for solo shooters. Do not get me wrong, I want it more rare and not eliminated from the game. But this item makes all snipers silenced, and only the most "veteran" players of the game have access to them for their GD price. New players could profit from an item that was recently placed in the game. Why the sniper barrel is out off store and silencer is in the store? I disagree. If you use the rifle you have to shoot 3 or 4 times in head to get a kill. If the game no have macro players at med and riot, we do not have a problem. But we have. In BR we do not have that. But in open world one rifle shot make the player build a wall and shot you in left peak (yes, it has in game now). New players have a chance? Rifle at short distance 50m less should be a advantage. But the game is focus in sniper. Rifles no get damage in body to kill. If you shot a guy with DX you can't kill him if you can get 2 headshot and 10 body shots. They med at macro and have 100% again. Rifles right now are use like a shotguns. That make useless sell this items in trade. Also if you have GD (like me) you can buy a loot of stanag 60, asval 60 and a many of special sniper ammo. The ideia is move the players from the game store to trade lounge. It make all itens in "PVP drop" more value. I see playing and in stream players ignore loot because they no need than. Have in store. But elite ammo, heavy, adventure, medkit, snipers, sniper silencer, sniper barrel, all players pick up the dead player items. They pick up expencive itens or rare itens. yea, you understand me. Short cooldown is same at no cooldown. Also, "time to use" is better than it. Like time to get items but more short. Market place in lounge to sell itens. Can you send me a print off this? We do not have in the game a sniper with a damage of 165. It would be unfair to put now or just change the status of the current awp. But considering the rare drop of this item and that it is little used yet (it does not have in the store) increase the effect is the best move to do, if you want a use to this item in game, because right now no have diference clip this item. AWP dont kill, you have a player at 0,65%. The item is useless. The firerate is unfair in PVP. The player shot you more fast tha you can heal. And is a 9mm shot and get the same damage in body than a SVD. Is +-1000 Muzzle Energy (in best thest) VS 1500 Muzzle Energy. But I have doubts if the players are not using a way to cancel loading using macro. I said put some why I never noticed any, because apparently it hardly even exists. Thanks for the attention and I explain beforehand that I do not speak or write in English. 90% of it all came from google translator, so if there are any understanding problems, just ask me again, I try to relay the information
  17. JKS

    Simples ideias.

    -Put an NPC in the game that buys items. -Remove from the store K style NVG, DX and Custom Guerrilla. -Remove from the store all ammunition above the standard weapon. -Remove Sniper Silencer from Store -Increase damage of sniper barrel -Decrease protection of vests by 3%. -Decrease firerate speed of snipers like VSS -Eliminate the no reload swich to melee and back. - Put a cooldown in riot to eliminate macro.
  18. JKS

    GI Suggestion

    https://www.mediafire.com/view/zxq5ddx4tdc55sa/Capturar.PNG/file So if it is now considered cheating then the team should give a public response or I ask again in support. Note: The video I lost, but I can make a example to show.
  19. JKS

    GI Suggestion

    Use client side like a manual mode. The server will no have a problem, make a button in "GI-NPC trade "organization" and pass items one at one. I can make it using macro, why the game don't have this way? I use macro to loadout rifles, desclip, and drop trash itens in trading lounge. Just I need to set in loadout the itens and make a "circuit".
  20. *They could slightly improve the game for players who play solo and have the merit of killing an entire clan alone, but they die due to numerical disadvantage. -And the sniper barrel + AWP should be ONE hit at golden bullet in the player chest with heavy armor , BUT the sniper have to a desvantage, low reload, or slow moviment. *The VSS sniper have a much fast firerate than a normal sniper. Fix that. -We need a skins for riot shields to organizate the inventory. *A automatic sistem to organizate all inventory, specialy to rifles, snipers and AMMO. Client side like trade server. The "stash itens" make the inventory a caos. -The riot shield might have a new drawing to prevent the use of a bug. or Temporarily ban players that use the bug and clean up their experience tree. Thks for all.
  21. JKS

    Loot - Open World

    Nato During the "2X GD" event. A loot of zombies no drop money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLBGzUgxORE
  22. JKS

    Viking Week Event

    Yea, nice event But.... Only XP, no money drop. Nice
  23. Em português porquê não conseguiria explicar corretamente em inglês. If you do not speak portuguese use google tradutor or jump to next post. Basicamente a economia do jogo está quebrada. Precisa consertar o valor dos itens no jogo, valorizar uma gama maior de itens. Custom Guerrilha no momento é utilizado somente pela skin, pois heavy é abundante. Medicamentos são limitados a DX e medkit no PVP. Deveriam ser retirados da loja ou "encarecidos". As estatísticas dos rifles não fazem sentido no conjunto. Armas como AK tem spread menor que 556. Há problemas também com snipers e bullet drop imprecisos pela tabela oferecida pelo site. Há também o problema da descaracterização dos itens. Helmets são divididos em NVG E não NVG. Não faz diferença Usar qualquer um que tenha defesa de 15%+. Coletes diferem somente no caso da AWP, mas mesmo assim não geram hit kill. Uma sniper cara que precisa de AR Barrel para deixar o player com 0,65% não vale a pena. Acaba que todas as snipers ficam no mesmo saco, somente mudando a popularidade e se for silenciada. Já pensaram em colocar no jogo a possibilidade de absorção de itens por NPCs comprando de players e um mercado de venda de armas baseado nesse estoque? Poderia funcionar pelo navegador. Outros problemas como skins ao invés de Riots de todas as cores e organização via client side do inventário (desclipar todas as armas ou juntar todas as munições "quebradas") também seria bem vinda. Uma aba especial para carros e seus itens de reparo e reabastecimento ajudaria tbm. Há inúmeras modificações necessárias e que seriam somente de "reparo" que restaurariam a forma de interação entre os players, estimulando o PVP e a administração do loot. No momento não temos itens raros e a maioria dos players veteranos tem inventários quase infinitos. Temos que fazer eles esvaziarem seus cofres e aprender a jogar contando seus itens vez a vez. Novamente desculpe por estar em português, mas dificilmente ficaria coerente em inglês. Obrigado pela atenção e espero uma resposta de ciência de sua leitura.
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