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    Weekend Event! (Week 50)

    thailands >>> rest of players kill someone and get his dx.
  2. JKS

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Nice points We have a lot of useless itens in game because no have sense use a pistol to kill zombie if you have 10 rifles around you at silencer and stanag 100, 200. Itens like a sniper silencer are rare. This is great, a new item and no have in the store. If they put to sell, all silencer snipers will be useless or the ofhert be low. I saw in BR the opportunity to create a beginning perspective for the open world. With these changes new players will be massacred and will give up the game. A peak in an event and then end.
  3. JKS

    Battle is Battle, not Open World.

    We will have a lot of players in first time and the game mode are dead in a month. We just need a punishment for group players. They ignored and modified the game mode for a pvp. RIP BR. Less players in game.
  4. JKS

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Yea. The NEW BR will save the mode. Like a loot of shit maked in open world and now we don't have 1/3 off players in game. Event is diferent off diary play. All players using redstalker at all meds and armors. Put riot and wood shield and end the mode more fast.
  5. JKS

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    It makes no difference. Nobody cares about limiting the number of players. The number should be unlimited since there is no punishment for larger groups that the system allows. We learned this when the game was solo and nobody was punished properly. O problema é que em grupos os players nascem juntos, em "grupos" via TS nascem em lugares diferentes e cobrem uma área maior. Os grupos deveriam ser mistos ao invés de formados por escolha. Daí eliminaria o problema do jogo sujo. Riot and wood shield should be eliminated for all game modes or make it more difficult to use. That would make the whole game more interesting. Without the benefit of macro and instant protection .... Somente se você gastasse do seu loot os itens. Senão o BR vai terminar com o PVP tradicional que não tem nenhum atrativo. Provavelmente não joga o modo e não tem itens no modo de mundo aberto. The staff wants to turn BR into a PvP open world without the need for GI. If you do this with an attraction for the mode we will have less players in the other modes of game and more players without characters with XP. The game needs new players, no the same players in another game modes.
  6. JKS

    Clan Territories

    Clan territory should ensure a respawn closer to the flag or at least inside a building or something safe. An advantage for the conquest of the place. And option to respaw to the flag or traditional respaw.
  7. JKS


    2 times in last hour No other problems, just hapen
  8. JKS

    Loot - Battle Royale

    Posso escrever em português aqui sem problemas champz?
  9. JKS

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    1. "as there is no game dollars in this game", but the reward is on GD, no? It's a problem with my bad english (your final item say that). 2. Fair play and strong rules clear for all. This is a key to get players. More than 50% of this is the anticheat (and in this point, anticheat, I have to say GREAT JOB!) 3. Yea. I can make a list, vídeo or prints. ElChupaCabra speak portuguese, is more easy. 4. Yea. The game have a "ignored" itens and the PVP on open world is out off reality. Open World is a SNIPER-PVP-DX-RIOT-HEAVY-KSTYLE. No makes diference, all the same. BR explore more all itens disponibilized in game, like water, energy drink, scopes, medium backpacks, pain killer, bandage, pistols, armors like iba or MTV. For players who serach for a game with no IG and a great "surviver fast experience" is the rigth option. 5. If you have 2 maps the game dosn't start. We se it before when we have solo and group, 2 maps, 4 options to enter. 6. In discord the players report a group in solo, but the "devs" say all the time "we need a solid provs". But this vídeo is a solid prove, right? Devs do nothing else more than "give me the nicks". I understant, it makes more easy to punish the guy. But we have players banned more than 2 times and no a real punished, like a week ban or magic GD to zero. I reported in game. It's functional tool? Maybe the option "group" in report? Or It is necessary all the time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4YP2TqCsOU&t=9m15s Sorry, but I discord. I am a brasilian (Really? I had no idea kkkk) and all players with was banned on this mode are completelly shure about why they have ban. Google tradutor help a lot. They say "I can't understand" but it's a lie. They lie to save his ass. And this is the point. If you have a punish, they will try to understand. No ones stop to play new z because have a warning ban in game. "broken rules" is clear to a chinese guy. If is not, they cannot start the game in the first time. Yeah, if makes difference I will help there.
  10. JKS

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    If you did the right things the game would be popular. After this event you will get less players then before. I set a list to make the mode popular; 1. Good prizes for the winners. Like old BR when you can get a 1M wining the battle. 2. Legit game make players playing in the rules. Ignore players report or hugs in player who brake the rules make honest players away to the mode. 3. Respaw and loot equilibrated to make more fair the start. 4. Make the "identify of BR" with pistols, mozins, low meds, low armors. If you like to get a G36, make a mission, not a lucky respaw (and the another guy have a pistol) 5. One map (random or vote in fórum) , group mode BUT limit and punishmants. Like in item 2. , we have a loot of players was win spitting in the rules and they are playing now. 6. Real DEV's with power (or want) to do something, not Ctrl C+ Ctrl V bots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs1FQrsmE4s They say to me "give the nicks to ban this players". Yea 12Hrs ban ¬¬, for the guy with I record killin me, because de "dev" can't lost his precious time to log in the game and get the players in duo.
  11. JKS

    Battle royale the end

    Yea. Weekend trash event. Who have this great ideia? Sergey Titov? Why not make a 2x price GD or correct the "die respawns" in map? OR BAN DUO PLAYER IN SOLO MODE? No!!!!!!! Great 2.26 path with nothing to solve that. Great grand trash event to destroy the BR. After this weekend the mode is forgotten.
  12. JKS

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    Why did you do this? Are you drunk? The mode has its own characteristics, why destroy it? The only thing we asked for (and that was ignored all this time) is real punishment for group formation in solo mode. What is the difficulty of understanding this? I need to draw? BR is the ONLY mode you can use useless guns to play and have emotion in die or choosing the strategy to win. Now is a fake trash pvp overpower like "normal" mode.
  13. JKS

    Erro após terminar partida

    Grava e posta aqui em inglês, champz
  14. JKS

    Patch 2.26

    yea. Maybe. Or to get advantage. Great. I will record all the BR to get this assholes. To confiando porquê é você que está falando champz. Abraço.
  15. JKS

    Suggestions On A Few Different Topics

    If you have a Celeron 847 with 8Gb DDR3 (notebook RAM) and a HD5670 you can play New Z at 25~~40 FPS on 1280X720. It's my girl PC. I test and make a feedback because the FPS drop in new anticheat. They see (maybe) and correct the problem. Now the FPS is normal. My problem is; the guy have 4Gb DDR2 at x2 240 (32nm) at 8600Gt and they no optimize the PC and not send feedback to the game, but IF we have a new improve he comes here and say "my fps drop" and go away. BUT, I asked for a tool to make a log to DEVs and I not have a anwser if this is possible or no makes diference from desenvolpers. And in addiction I say, the loot are a problem in game. We have a loot of itens drop in zumbis and useless itens in everywhere. Less itens in map make the charge in processor less agressive. I will test using MSI and make a feedback on my PC. If the MSI don't make me get DC.....
  16. JKS

    Patch 2.26

    Two maps? We have players from that? And we need a REAL punishment to players with broken the rules in this mode. Will be the same 12Hrs ban to large groups?
  17. JKS

    Patch 2.26

    Yeah. If they have a more rare or difference status make sense. Like a more spread, but more fire rate. But is the same with another color. Should be all CQC the same and a skin from this rifle.
  18. JKS

    Suggestions On A Few Different Topics

    Cause FPS drop and community cry. It's a good idea, but we have a lot of babies in game. The sniper rifle are "elite guns". But if are hard to get and ,again, the babys cry and the game make more easy get that. If they put new special guns in game, in one month all this guns are nerfed or yuo get 3 in SZ all the time. A city using "bases" in map to get PVP from the sides and long shot are great from buildings and territory battles. Doors animation cust much FPS or programing, like cars. Clearview are example of PVP city. In my opinion getting snipers should be harder to use and harder to get. BUT, more damage and .50 or AWP hit kill. We need a functional economy in the game that currently stands for items, it only depends on skins.
  19. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    Thanks for do nothing. The players in group are now laughing and getting his dirty rewards. Good job. What happened to the new z that punished players who cheated? Now do you reward them?
  20. JKS

    Measures To Resurrect Battle Mode

    An example; Many changes in weapon statistics due to feedback cause problems in the game economy. In fact the game works like a big economy and the players keeps up most of the time because of the thrill of playing an online survival game. I have seen many facilities apply and make the game a fake pvp with zombies. Many game features are useless such as cars, wooden barricades, lv2 vests, not NVG helmet, all pistols and revolvers, bandage, posltice, pain killer, shotguns, rifles (all are similar), backpacks and food. There should be a logic of advantages and disadvantages in various game systems. Med as a bandage should have a faster cooldown because they heal less. Bleeding was the cause for this item. Pistols should have great accuracy at close range. Rifles should have a high recoil and a lower precision than pistols at short distances, in addition to a much larger spreading. Snipers should be high precision weapons for long distances, but difficult handling and speed of use. Sniper now are used like rifles. We already have items that would make the game well diversified, but the search for the false PVP has eliminated that possibility a lot. And this largely came from the easy-cry-noob-player feedback. We don't have a economy at rare itens, only skins economy. We don't have a loot importance, because is easy to get all itens. We don't have territory battles because we don't have a territory to battle. All is the same. we don't have punishments to prove the importance to be right. We don't have emotion anymore in game. Just a fake PVP.
  21. JKS

    Measures To Resurrect Battle Mode

    If you were sure that you would be banned permanently would you commit the infraction?
  22. JKS

    Measures To Resurrect Battle Mode

    Banned player? Maybe because we don't have perm ban in game he comites de offense? But, ban players is a bad idea. This cause low number in game and don't make a right culture by example. All the problem is: Now we don't have appropriate punishment to players breaking rules em BR. If we have a skill tree in BR delete this status in future will be a nice punishment.
  23. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    BR full of groups, kkkkkk
  24. JKS

    Feedback - Vehicle System

    A delay to enter/out the car to a server verification don't correct the crash? Cars should be not use to pvp, only to move. Sorry if that no makes sense.
  25. JKS


    Wipe? Yea, great ideia. All players will be happy NOPS Only make the loot more rare and take out the hight market , DX, medkit, NVG, 45+ mags, snipe ammo (or high price), scopes.... Make the players trade in blackmarket itens more. The economy will correct herself. And farm will have players again making money (selling itens) to buy itens in blackmarket. Now farm is to easy. 10min and you have sniper, heavy, cure, backpack and more. Make this itens rare and locate in special places make the game interesting to explore. Even quests are more interesting with the actual sistem. The problem in the game is easy kill, easy death. No have more "loot" rare or "mother-with-work-in-zone (mF) I have losed my sniper!" react.