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  1. That make the FN Fal useless. Why did you do that? Player complained here in the forum? And please, make a benchmark to test the best settings for the hardware.
  2. Why the easy pvp players don't try CS GO ? Serius, the game have to many GI itens. And the AR are useless because players have full med at macro. Newz maybe will change the name to sniperZ and delet all rifles. They are useless.
  3. All sniper should be rare. The game is overfull at snipers.
  4. Great idea. But will be ignored. This idea have 2 years or more in open world. The players don't like difficulties. Only easy stupid pvp with glitchs.
  5. The game in Ultra uses less 5Gb RAM and less 3Gb VRAM. The game is CPU bound. If you have a 4 cores cpu and 6Gb RAM With 4Gb VRAM you be fine in all maps.
  6. Yes. And you understood why no one came to answer, after my answer now?!
  7. JKS

    Loot - Open World

    Game crash all the time. NA, SA server.
  8. Special armor with cancel thernal vision. All itens rare. Special bullet is golden bullet. They will nerf all guns if they apply that.
  9. Rare snipers at hight bullet drop and dificult control. A sniper should be no have a chance versus rifle at 100m
  10. But the idea not is end with pvp but improve the drop to value items like sniper or heavy armor, for the game have more than easy drop+pvp. We have the easy drop now and the game is destroyed. Trading no have player selling itens, only skins and 20~~30 player on. The rain off snipers is a stupid ideia, please this make the game go to end fast. We try this stupid mode a loot of time. A mix with rare itens and great pvp for zones or itens are the best.
  11. It would not work. Splitting players in different modes was an error. Correct the drop of snipers for "rare" Remove special items from the store like military BP, DX, 45,60,100 ammo and increase the price of items like sniper ammunition or remove from the store as well. Players have a lot of loot in GI. Make them lose those items using than. And before you talk about new players, they do not even exist. Why do not you put expensive skins to drop in SZ? If a high drope works then why not apply to GC items?
  12. Basically the game economy is inflated and no have a goal. XP too. There is no attractive navigate in the game outside the pvp. Rare items, collect money, unique skins ... All this is lost in keeping all the snipers the same, using money only to revive and many skins that no one uses. Oregon map with nobody playing... An item buying and selling system mentioned in this topic would renew the way the game works and bring a better balance of items in the game.
  13. JKS

    Weekend Event

    The Gold Pot is usuless or wat?
  14. "We are currently checking the server issues." KOTAZ at one hour ago
  15. Yea, technical problem. But did you see the new useless skin? Awesome.......
  16. Yea, I not create the first topic.
  17. JKS

    Weekend Event

    1. 100 zombies 2. cach 50 coins 2.1 . have 50 coins and a pot 2.2 Drink the beer wiith a pot and 50 coins in BP.
  18. Topic closed.... http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/7378-potential-bug-glitch/ You need to cache 50 coins to complete the 2nd mission. The problem is that if you get coins from the inventory, they will never be "collected" and you will have to drop and cache to count. If they correct the "bug" count only coins with you colect, the other coins in inventory are usuless. The best solution is to make the "cach" coin desapear. And the mission item is for what?
  19. This is the third time that such an idea appears in the game. It was never even considered. Maybe is apply to Nether.... The forum is full of good ideas to improve the game. Which one was applied? They created a new map that nobody asked for. They put up a system of flags, which nobody asked for. Skins I do not even need to talk. A way to organize inventory automatically? It will be thought ..... (response from 2 years ago). Is there really any way for you to convince me that the discussions raised in the forum are taken seriously? See this topic: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/6743-the-big-merge-and-facts/ Great player ideas that want the game better. They do not have to be applied, but answered correctly. Simply saying "that it will be seen" is a response that leads one to believe that nothing will be done.
  20. Great ideia. Will be ignored. Sorry.
  21. Interesting know that. This explains all the problems in new z with players with lag.
  22. Delete Hong Kong Region.They not have 10 player logged in all day.
  23. JKS

    Macro Med

    Riot/Med macro are free to use. Riot Glitch are free to use. The solution is not to prohibit but make useless the use. Like a "E" interact. WITH 500ms make all macros down. To use med you need hold the "med button". Macro in this way will be destroied. But this community not approve that.
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