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  1. JKS

    Patch 2.29

    What is the time for radiation now?
  2. JKS

    Just a question?

    Aproveitando, (e desenterrando) ao invés de todo esse trabalho poderiam tornar visível o quanto de XP o personagem tem. Creio que custe muito menos para desenvolver e para o servidor. Se esse número estiver na tela creio que o XP dado por cada zombie não precisaria aparecer sempre.
  3. JKS

    Zombie Legacy Bug

    No Clip Zombies
  4. JKS

    Simple, but controverse....

    I know he will not. I'm not Thai. The reasons are self explanatory. If there is no possibility to apply there is no reason to discuss. And if that were to improve the game, it certainly would not apply.
  5. Simple points I'd like to see in the game: 1. Same system to put the items in IG like safes, where ammunition automatically group. In the "selection of characters IG, it does not work". 2. Grass with fixed size when enlarging the view. 3. Cars on all servers, but extremely rare. 4. Elimination of items that fall from small zombies. These items are useless and only get in the way. 5. Elimination of use of macro for sniper shooting (shooting, knife, shooting, knife) 6. Increase the maximum rendering distance according to the player's will. 7. Days and nights with higher acceleration to decrease transition periods. 8. Sniper of one hit, but rare. 9. Make use of riot take some time to "plant" to eliminate the macros. 10. Eliminate useless items from the game that no one uses, like poultice or wire barricades. 11. Correct the height of the tower walls to the player does not appears only when the player lying down. This eliminate the camper in tower. (or make other way to climb the tower) 12. SZ drop money or something to do with XP after opening all skills. 13. Longer wait for more player number of the clan logged in or correct the respaw to give solo players a chance. If you kill 4+ players you will die because the respaw is close to you and the first "died player" are coming when you are figth the 3º.
  6. JKS

    Feedback: Night in PVP servers

    >> Never should have put the reputation of PVP server with Open World K Style NVG should be a rare item in game. If you have night in pvp servers you have to make "normal" K style with new attractive, more resistance or make NVG always on, like a gas mask. Honestly I prefer make the Kstyle a diferent helmet, because if we have night in pvp servers this item are useless like all body armors in game, except heavy armor.
  7. JKS

    The Big Merge and Facts

    The cars were basically removed from the game and their market value increased. They are now used only on servers for farms and transportation and not on PVP. Resolved a small economic problem of the game. Could you do this with other items in the game? I doubt that now a player will abandon a striker, something that was once common. This game have a economic problem and no ones cares about this. Think about make the itens more rare and see the game having more PVP and clans figthing to get loot from the enemys. ...and more rare don't means 1/10000000. Only take out off the market some itens and set snipers to have diferent stats. or increase prices....
  8. JKS

    Macro's and hacks

    Yeah, but heal have a cooldown. Riot should be a time to use. The player heal, use riot, shot, get mele, shot and use other riot. All in 2s. Yea. 12Hrs ban.
  9. JKS

    Patch 2.28 (Hotfix)

    The idea of cycling would be to attract zombies (using a classic bike bell) and maybe do it like in the GTA where it does not explode even with a nuclear warhead. It would make it easier to gather zombies and use grenades to kill then. No bike "life", just character direct damage. The ATV is very useful for this, but very fragile. And have problens to make all 4 wheels in the ground. The Striker gets stuck in irregularities due to lack of traction in the middle. The killer is still the best of them, along with the Humvee with his dubious suspension. The Bug is no good for anything off the road. Could you slow down the full ATV speed and increase the striker's acceleration? And make the ATV more heavy to stay in the ground.
  10. JKS

    Patch 2.28

    The sight effect of the gas mask is better than NVG green. Can K Style have the same effect and the lower nvgs have the green? Make the K Style NVG rare and take out of the market. Gas mask too.
  11. JKS

    Patch 2.28

    About Radiation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2BkVdnUe50 * Great difficulty to kill normal zombies * First person improves immersion in the game *It does not look like it, but it's really difficult without being prepared * 10 minutes of radiation ? It takes a lot of time to get there. More time or stop time when you are there? * The gas damage does not seem to be worse than running out of night vision . * Xp of SZ toxic is the same? The drop is worse than the Alien .... * Repellent should not work in this area. * Within 24 hours (in the game), the area appear how many times? Nice work and I will try record in day now.
  12. JKS

    Patch 2.28

    If we have de same function at Lounge? The itens will be stack automatically. My inventory have stanags 30 at parts. 5 stanags out of the major group. The meds are stack automatically. And if you want sell AR you will be tired to click to full BP. Pass using shift+ Righ click is hard to do for weapons? I will test tonight the att. Nice work putting a hard experience in the game.
  13. If you have ammo and a car (premium or private required) death valley. Normal servers Varo. 4 Sz, fast kill and reload and another server to kill they again. Make a circuit killing Sz in servers US 001, 002, SA 001, 002 and start again. They will appear again to your 4th login.
  14. JKS

    Loot - Open World

    Please, make the hunter and Adventure BP more rare in game. It's to easy now to get. The drop is more equilibred, I see more smg and shotguns in game, but the itens drop in "wrong" places. Meds drops in everywere. Rifles in houses and snipers ammo in cars. Meds in drugs store Rifles in military places Snipe ammo in towers or military citys. Make the game have more sense. And we need more zumbis in the map. Is to easy run in anywere and kill zumbis in the floor. Zombies should be no drop itens or rare drop. This drops the FPS and leaves the map dirty. The time for the items to disappear is long. Obviously this happens to retrieve items when they die. Thks for all good work.
  15. Colorado. Nato or Varo to kill SZ. Death Valley for SZ and Alien. Caliwood Airport Oregon Rio (only zumbis, one SZ)