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  1. Respect of group sizes

    "Punish" Player forming group near the flag to close angle. Easy win.... Or The player see me, but not see the guy at his side ¬¬. And the another guy don't shot. Yeah, "solo mode". Make a perm ban to this guys and end this. "removal of ALL your Battle Royale victories" is not a punishment. Is a joke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BM2k7HCWPI
  2. Dont Remove The Tropic

    ...and not start. Great Job
  3. Best configuration

    Desativa as sombras, ativa o antialising e desativa o fastload. O postprocess ajuda pra renderizar o ambiente mais rápido. Tenho quase mesma configuração, mas com um FX 8300 e raid 0. Em alguns lugares do mapa o FPS cai e não é problema de configuração. Mas essas dicas matém o jogo mais suave e contínuo. Dê uma olhada no seu ping. Se ele varia muito pode significar que o lag gráfico vem de um problema físico.
  4. Dont Remove The Tropic

    Remove The Tropic Useless map
  5. Maps - Battle Royale

    Does Not starts.
  6. Respect of group sizes

    "temporary ban first, then removal of ALL your Battle Royale victories and it will escalate to a permanent ban if it happens again." "PUNISH" Yea. Makes all diference. temporary ban first = 24h or less removal of ALL your Battle Royale victories = ...but not your money or itens wining with 6 guys in BR escalate to a permanent ban if it happens again = One guy get this ban?
  7. Maps - Battle Royale

    My region ???
  8. Maps - Battle Royale

    3 maps decreases the number of players to start. If you do not want to take it, could you put a counter for the player to log in to the fullest map? Solo player or group and 3 maps make the game dosn't start. One map to BR for week or random.
  9. Respect of group sizes

    Players continue to make groups, even in solo mode. Please change the punishment rules (30 days or perm) and I will record the offenders.
  10. Respect of group sizes

    Yeah. I play fighting with 6 guy in the end every time. 6 Guys at same clan/group. one team make cover and second group kill you from your back I try to record, but it's useless without nicks or tab.
  11. Respect of group sizes

    It is already running?
  12. Stadium Model / Zombie waves

    Really good ideia. It's a old idea at war Z. Make places you only pass with groups. Like a RPG games, but FPS way, no turn or table system. I remember the first SZ was very powerfull. The game should be make special monsters or places to make quest in group. Maybe events using many SZ or alien.
  13. BOOSTERS...

    I'am not playng right now. Sometimes to see the att, but PVP or Loot no more.
  14. BOOSTERS...

    Just do not have reason to play open world to get loot or rep. All items are in marketplace and all players have the best armors. Battle Royale is more fun because you play with fear of die. PVP or open World lost this feels.
  15. Respect of group sizes

    I kill 6 guys and die for one of 3/3 group. Single game or mixed groups.