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  1. For all itens in the game or only skin boxes?
  2. Make groups in BR with no limit off players. No one is punished in the game for doing this. I send a proof of group to support but the guy in support don't ban or make nothing. In another proof the guys are in group and get one warning. The game rules are cleare. Unfortunely no ones folow the rules, the players in group and the devs. So the best thing to do is to release the number of players per group and change the rules of the game. So no one has to worry about anything and the game loses another chance to improve, as always. BR player in group. - [Other] #116236 Ps: Also, they banned me on discord. To punish outraged players with players breaking the rules, the ban is quick, but players who are breaking the rules are not.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/app/555570/reviews/?browsefilter=toprated&snr=1_5_100010_ Infestation The New Z qualifies as a "survival" game, but you only have to enter a house that will have 3 AK-74 thrown on the floor, vest and helmet and you can go out killing any newly spawned noob. Still makes sense much of what has been written. It's from : 22/nov/2017 às 14:25. 2019 and the game economy collapses and some bugs still are there.
  4. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    Will be nice to see a "impossible place" in this events with SZ, a lot of zombies and no stairs to use melee. Like a quest in the old tibia. You can't go back. Maybe use the BR system to improve a quest is not a bad idea. You join naked and get the itens to the objetive or die trying.
  5. JKS


    "Dear customer,

    You have received a warning ban because of grouping up in Battle Royale with a higher amount of people which is against the rules.


    Support anwser.

    "Thanks for the report but there is nothing to see on your video about a big group and I actually watched one of these players on twitch and didn't see anything wrong."

    Your anwser 


    "Thanks for the report but there is nothing to see on your video about a big group and I actually watched one of these players on twitch and didn't see anything wrong."

    Probabily your anwser

    Why we lost time recording if the game don't cares?




  6. JKS

    Life bar

    Make the total life off character smaller and increase the defense off armors and helmets. It's make you get more damage from low damage guns (if you are naked) and make the armor more important. And the math are more easy to do. Pistols at low caliber don't make damage on heavy or custom armors. Naked kill's you, but at armor the damage must to be zero or less than 5% (impact, not pircing) One shot at .40 pistol don't kill one guy in this game. This is insane. But makes sense if he uses a m9 helmet
  7. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    I play BR because I don't like the "sniper jump fest" in OW. Now we have the OW in BR. No changes relevant to everything discussed and still do the opposite.
  8. Qual o nick do seu amigo. Dependendo fui eu que denunciei.
  9. - If you could organize a weekend event, what four (4) feature points would you do? 1. Easy to do. That does not require new programming. 2. Should not unbalance the game economy, like half price itens in marketplace. Make double GD but not half price. 3. Use events for weapon status tests, interface, new zombies, new items that will or not be in the game. 4. Hold in-person events with online devs or stream bans like the old war z did with Artemis Knives. - What do you think we can improve on for future weekend event(s)? Events with commemorative dates with their own themes, but one for month and quick time event for not have event itens after the event. - What previous weekend event points did you like the most? Why? No special point. - What previous weekend event points did you NOT like at all? Why? Double rare itens. The game has a big problem with easy loot. I yesterday to apply a skin on an Iba had to buy it in the store. I searched one on a private server and found numerous custom and heavy, but no iba or MTV. There is a list of strong items available as opposed to weak items. Finding a sniper is easier than finding simpler items like water, dmr ammo, or grenades.
  10. I not say that. It's @nipples
  11. Market don't have meds to sell or ammo? I not see that.
  12. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    There are topics in other sections. I got no answers, not even a "like" to point a visualization. Most relevant example: https://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5382-weapon-statistics/&tab=comments#comment-43034
  13. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    I say this to you guys from the forum. The game doesn't care so it makes no difference. They changed the game's GD drop system. If you average the value of double GD events versus normal days is not noticeable. It's half the double. In old events all zombies dropped money and twice the value was double. Now the zombies have less GD chance and I have a premium acc. I earn not double but the equivalent of killing two zombies. I not have double GD, I have "two kill for one kill". GD events are not events, they are fake. Events with "more chances" are also false as the value decreases in total. The interesting thing is to see how they care about GD programming. But simpler things like correcting rifle status or increasing riot shield delay are never done. Not the right place to post this? Who cares? Are you going to tell me you're "worried" about the forum? Eu duvido que esteja. Viu como é difícil tentar explicar algo em outra língua que não é a sua e ter uma resposta genérica?
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