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  1. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    Is possyble make a FnFall with 40 bullets?
  2. JKS

    New Zombie

    Is there a way to add zombies that travel longer distances? For example they migrate from nato to clear (close to bus stop fields)? They will follow high sounds like snipers .50, awp, awm.
  3. Put in the midle of forest. We have terrify songs in the forests, but no especial zombies since war z. Make this moth**f****r take this work and his scream to folow hin in the map. Can you make this zombie jump like a spider to be more terrify or climb walls?
  4. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    I can't trust in silent. He hates me and loves specific players.
  5. Recomendo enviar direto no suporte, daí vai poder passar dados e informações que não convém colocar aqui, onde todos podem ler. Vá no suporte e escreva em português. Coloque somente no final ou no início PT-BR para entenderem qual idioma você está falando.
  6. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    Chupa is seeing the AR?
  7. No one uses AR anymore.
  8. Descarga el visual c++ https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  9. JKS

    Winter 2019

    1. BR have groups more than 3. If you play fair you can't win. 2. PVP is sniper jumper fest. No makes sense and the hitbox is wear. This game is dead. competitive is a shame and premium server no have new players spending money in game, just old premium players or premium event players. The winter event with no snow maps. Just collect some items.
  10. Nice system. Last Post in a Thread December 20, 2019 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/634091961938214925/663812132843814915/unknown.png Last staff message December 06, 2019
  11. JKS

    Season Pass 02

    I agree that the game has to be profitable and I don't see why the game doesn't invest in an internal improvement of its economy to make more money. Those who take care of the game's economy development sector should be fired. The game could be economically strong enough to have a real enough currency / cash ratio to look like a cryptocurrency.
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