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  1. JKS

    Weapon Statistics

    1. All AR rifles 2. In AR rifles we have spread. But it makes de gun spread all shots, even when you shoot slower. 3. Don't know. 4. The spread should be lower if you are standing and pointing the enemy. Maybe a spread reduce if you are lowered. You can't jump and no makes all players jump and shot like retards. 5. weapons recoil should be exponential. The guns with higth firerate can shot 3 bullets before recoil start. Thompson and EVO have this problem. You can shot easy at same point because the recoil are very slow to response. Thanks for all. *Para salvar para mim posteriormente editar AK 47 VS Scar 556 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwmEhf5ejyk Scar 556 Less recoil More fast reload More precision Rifles FireRate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmeRROzi_4k
  2. Some time ago I wanted a market that sold players' weapons/itens bought by NPC and placed on a "shelf". The purchase amount by the NPC would be set by the stock. The sale value as well. The idea at the time was to eliminate trade servers and trade via browser to put trade players in the game. A lot of time is wasted selling a product via chat. And if you want to sale/buy some item you can't stay all the time in the trade lounge. This will help player to buy and sell itens and make the guy who have 1000 SVD but even a 10 heavy sell snipers to buy heavy.
  3. Yea. We have Ak with better spread than a Sig Sauer. If you put all the options in a rifle and play against a sniper at 50m the advantage remains his. I would love to see rifles being used as rifles and not shotguns like now.
  4. I agree. I currently have about a thousand snipers on my GI. It is virtually impossible to get into any server with more than 10 players and not get sniper shots. And now snipers like VSS and Mauser SP66 are ridiculously easy to use. VSS has a very high firing rate and Mauser has the same bullet drop for 200, 250, 300m. Maybe increase AR headshot damage or make snipers more slow to get another shot.
  5. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    I tried at the airport. Profit on items was around 650K. I prefer to stay in dead valley and gather 850k in less time and with more visibility
  6. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    I don't find a tocix kkkkkkkkk, nice. Best loot, with a bug
  7. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    I will record and post here
  8. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    There is a slight exaggeration of PKM drop for normal radiation zombies.
  9. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    Maybe keep this after the event, at least for Toxic and Alien.
  10. Because it I say; "They treat you like an idiot when you report a bug"
  11. I reported a GI bug where you are not forced to respawn. The support don't pay attention because they think I'm reporting something common in the game See this video (all video), I put a Skin in the sniper to make more easy understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM7p304eCR4 This will be the third time I report this bug. Please pay attention . I AM NOT FORCED TO RESPAW
  12. Sorry, but I can't understand well. I sayed that before, but my native language not is english. I try to say, the Radiation is fun because is diferent. But no have sense to explore because the itens droped are very "low level". Only in airport, with a great strategy you can make a "good" loot (if you no have a dc or die with instant respaw zombies). I can't understand why we have PKM drop in Radiation. Yea. They treat you like an idiot when you report a bug http://www.mediafire.com/view/yovq7bh4mjisuk4/Suport.PNG I discover a bug when you crash the game and login again, you not forced to respaw. You can do that at many ways. But for the suport I most try in real life. Thks support, I apreciate that. And they fix my 107, but I do not care about my 107. My problem is the bug in game. PKM drop in radiation (to much) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdfbfDBN0b0 Same "login" after move GI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXkHojMPIWE 107 fixed in my inventory (maybe I can dup this item if I try, but I not do that if the support don't care about feedback) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEAmxSUJ_cI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp7xEECYISU Thks
  13. No. The "normal zombies" in the radiation. The normal zombies drop PKM a lot. The Toxic costs 3 x 200 PKM and drops nothing or less than SZ "normal" Radiation definitely not makes sense to explore. And airdrops. Think about get out this option and put a more "toxic areas" events to get itens.
  14. JKS

    super zombies

    If you have a server private or empty server kill SZ zombies, get out off server and wait 7 min. They will respawn again because the server will be restart.
  15. Yea. I have a topic saying that too. No makes diference.
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