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  1. I'm currently playing only BR mode. I record player playing in group and I get the return on the support that was punished. I enter the game and the same players mocked me. The game has a broken economy, no challenges, no other focus than PVP. I have read numerous proposals for improvement for the game (many of you), and all ignored. I do not see how the game could improve from that point without a radical change.
  2. JKS


    It's a fuck... no clip. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk The game was a Original War Z now. Same errors, same cheaters.
  3. JKS

    Legit or not?

    No have angle. Cheater.
  4. JKS

    All My "Get More Players" Ideas

    No, they will not. The economy in the game is broken. No item is worth, anything is easy and there is no motivation to kill players. They tried to turn the game into a poor PVP and they did it. But now, where are the players? All the predecessors of War Z failed the same thing. Listening to "cry nuub boys" who do not want a difficult game. A loot of snipers, rare itens and medicine. All players have huge IG. No ones play anymnore for loot. I play BR mode because normal and PVP are the same think. All players using snipers, 999+ riot/DX and 20 bullets to kill a guy. All snipers are the same. No makes diference. All Kill in head, no ones in body. All rifles are the same, and smg guns are trash. Pistol have in the fame for nothing. The game no have future on this way.
  5. JKS

    All My "Get More Players" Ideas

    Ban cheater players in live to make promotion. Artemis do that and have a loot of views
  6. JKS


    Not even with a macro, I think you can do that. And look, macro I understand; Nem com macro acho que dá pra fazer isso. E olha que macro eu entendo; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxKhpEPaZ_E
  7. JKS

    Maps - Battle Royale

    Time to start the game is very long and we have players who give up before the count. 20 players and time does not start the countdown . And the counting time could be 25s instead of 1m. There are still the formation of groups in solo mode. Tougher rules would solve the problem since there is a way to record situations. As the punishments are very weak to group in solo.
  8. JKS

    30 seconds

    Make a 30 seconds to start the game after 20 players . And make star immediately if have 30.
  9. JKS

    Dev in battle royalle

    I often see players who are the same clan or simply prefer to shoot a target farther than in a close one. Could they put an invisible online DEV to track and punish these players?
  10. JKS


    One map removed. My point is ; two maps dont start the game. Tropic always have low number off players. Now, one map start more fast. I don't play with groups in solo. Is that the reason.
  11. JKS


    The game no start. Remove or make a caster. And Arena back some times
  12. JKS

    Why is solo mode flawed?

    Make 3 strrikes way 1 day 1 week Adíos!
  13. Sniper: More animation cust FPS. But more precision is a idea. Riot: No animation, but more time to use. 3s to use and more resistance no afects the frames in game.
  14. JKS

    Two suggestions

    Yea. This make more players loging in map to start the game soon
  15. JKS

    [OFICIAL] Sugestões e Feedback

    Tive uma queda brusca de FPS depois de aplicado o PATCH 2.22. Na máquina celeron 847, HD5670 1Gb e 8Gb DDR3 não consigo ter mais que 4 FPS. Vou testar com o MSI afterburner pra ver como anda o uso de CPU e GPU. Na máquina com FX8300 só terei acesso daqui a 10 dias, então posto o comparativo quando tiver. Não existe ainda uma ferramenta de benchmark fixo do jogo? Ajudaria bastante. Uma navegação como a de salto entre os pontos de ônibus seria interessante pra testar desempenho x hardware da máquina. Edit: O jogo está totalmente travado agora. O MSI After não deixa dar respaw, o frame trava em 1500 com som. Mesmo sem não há como utilizar essa máquina para jogar. O número de frames foi para um dígito. Teria como desabilitar a iluminação como a sombra pra melhorar o desempenho?