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  1. Thailands & NewZ

    They see you moving in all the frames, but you see them with updates of 15 in 15 fames. Shot>>Back scope>> Jump >> 1,5Meters >> dead
  2. It's a good idea. They will make a skin for that.
  3. Respect of group sizes

    Thanks for listening. I would like to make a suggestion. "Showing players nicknames" could help a lot to identify players in vídeo. Players making bigger groups using team voice progran, not by visual identifi.
  4. Respect of group sizes

    BR CANCER. Make rulles work plz
  5. Instant Revive System - Feedback

    Minha configuração é bem parecida com a sua, um FX 8300, 16Gb DDR3 e RX480 4Gb Rodo em 1920*1080 tranquilamente o jogo. Veja se não falta potência na sua fonte ou alguma configuração está errada. Creio que deveria rodar entre 40 a 60 fps em full HD. Em 1360*768 deveria pegar 60fps tranquilo. Qual é a sua placa mãe?
  6. Instant Revive System - Feedback

    There is a bug where the item in BP between the fifth or sixth line does not load in the loadout. FPS drop all times (spikes) 63 (lock) to 51 and back to 63 at one, two seconds (and ping 28ms to 148ms and back). Random respaw time. Longer loading time on full servers. Highest number of crashes when loging following clan. Big clans back to your back easily. Random respawn at 500m from death and with a longer waiting time (1m) may solve the clan problem. My PC: FX8300, 16GbDDR3 1600Mhz, GA-970A, RX480, XFX 850W, 2X250Gb Raid-0, 120Mb/10Mb at 28ms "stock ping" in SA servers.
  7. Asian People on EU servers issue

    Lock ping in all servers at 200ms. Brazilians play on EUA just because BR no have players in SA. Asians play in SA servers to get 500ms ping advantage. Make login and automatic quit after 10 s detection high ping. You will not see more players abusing the lag.
  8. BR accept 3 on group. In any case, I see groups of 3+ together at the end of BR. How to report without tab-list, nick (scope)?
  9. Snipers and game economy

    The idea is a fixed solution. You found an 1 sniper per day. In premium servers this rate is higher and in private servers in 2 alien. It could be more balanced in every way and smaller. In my opinion both premium and privates servers should not exist. Unbalance the economy of the game because it interferes with the amount of available items. But.... As they have to exist to generate profit the advantage of a closed server and a unique server be sufficient in addition to double XP and GD. About death by rifles nothing can be do since the game is PVP. One solution maybe put the clan tag on the tab list to let you know if online players are farming or making a "group invite trap". Back to game economics I see that most items are expendable and the players use only Heavy Armor, K-Style NVG, DX, Military BP and few snipers (silenced, mauser sp66, 107). There is no advantage in using a QLB, AWP, even it has more damage. No one wears Custom Guerrilla or any other vest. Easy drop of items, the game became a PVP with quick respaw. I do not see any advantage in farm items or picking up items from dead players. It's more easy buy itens selling skins for GD. Maybe the best way to value items is to eliminate itens in the market place. Keep only skins and other items that do not interfere with the game's economy. Riot shields, BP (no all), mele, food, some medicine (no DX and MedKit), some ammo (30's bullets only), some atach, etc... The black market would self-regulate and players would trade excess items for items they need. Wipe didnt work because the drop was the same.
  10. Game is s***

    For all who do not have the ability to use the google translator. The player is complaining about the advantage obtained by the variation or simply the high ping. The ping filter should exist on ALL servers.
  11. Patch 2.18

    Logout always "disconnect from server" in SA. You must be restart the game to login again. When you log again you die in random place for zombies. LoadOut no get ammo sometimes. Ping jumping to 23~~43 and drops 10FPS every time.
  12. Snipers and game economy

    Advantage for players who lost hours looking for snipers seems fair to me. They have 1000 and does not use. If they put into circulation to buy ammunition because ammo is rare?
  13. Snipers and game economy

    Yea. And diferent firerates. looks weird?
  14. Snipers and game economy

    The game has a gigantic amount of snipers in GI. It would be very interesting to avoid a wipe valuing the use of weapons while reducing them in the GI. The black market can't absorb all snipers. So players keep their stocks of snipers. The value of each sniper becomes worth less and less. One solution would be to decrease the drop, and make ammo expensive in market. Also events for more drop in Alien or more aliens with more life. Together they modify the damage of the snipers to value snipers to the point of becoming a hit kill. A QLB with a gold bullet could kill with a hit in the chest. (heavy) An AWP could kill with a shot in the chest and with a gold bullet shot anywhere. (heavy and prays no efective) The total damage of blaser, awm and M107 could be improved. It is easier to kill someone using a 50m rifle than with 2 M107 shots in chest. For the other snipers the damage could continue the same, but... ...interessing would also make the firerate slower for one hit snipers (QLB, AWP), more fast to higher-power sniper (AWM, M107, M200) and faster for less-power snipers (SVD, OTS, VSS, SP66, and Desert). I play using a golden bullet and no makes difference anymore. It's a same 3 headshots for rifle and no hit kill at AWP. Is a useless skill. I hope all can understand my bad english. Thanks.
  15. yeah i miss the old newz to

    Dude I got hundreds of snipers. You want an easy game go to www.barbie.com.br If you kill a sniper player you will have two snipers. No farm required.