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  1. @CampersRUs Yeah true story bro.. I haven't played regularly for over 3 months, since they messed survival up. There's nothing else to say really, all we can do is sit and wait for devs to change something. I just don't understand how can they call that survival, at least change the name of the mode to "open world v2" or something, why giving the wrong impression..
  2. the problems is that there's no way for them to get feedback from all the players.. nobody comes to forums, same old people talking in discord, half don't even speak english.. Unless, they make players fill a survey as they start the game, I think that's the way to go and see what happens. Infestation World is right around the corner, you better start moving your ass and prove you can make a good game mode or else consider your game dead. There's almost as many players playing on steam as there were when this game was an emulator.
  3. rdk.

    Alien super zombies on colorado missing?

    He used to spawn at Candlers Cabins, on top of the map where the normal super zombie spawns. Colorado V2
  4. rdk.

    We need REAL New Survival!

    As long as there's enough players playing survival, they won't wipe it. Unless a good amount of players come to the forums and make a poll, but even then idk.. it's too much work and risk for devs to wipe the whole thing. As much as I would love to play old warz again, I don't think it's gonna happen. Everyone got spoiled by having loot laying everywhere. If they ever decide to wipe and do a proper survival version of the game, I would like to see 2 Colorado V1, 2 Colorado V2 and 2 California servers (perhaps adding more servers later on if survival succeeds). Balanced loot, currency, harder and extensive skill tree. The things that made old game fun was, balaced pvp, exciting trading, farming was actually enjoyable. I don't think players care about new maps and so on, they want nostalgia cause that's what brings people back.
  5. rdk.

    Remember this?

    They will only wipe survival if it becomes completely dead, that wont happen because clans from open world are switching to survival. For them it's like a refreshing "open world". I proposed a new mode called "hardcore survival", but even that won't change their minds because there's not enough people to back me up. We have some old people coming to forums, the rest of the players don't give a damn, they go to discord to trade and that's about it.. sad but that's what we got going on here. All we can do is wait for the worse so they can do some changes if the game doesn't die by then.
  6. rdk.

    Hardcore Survival Mode

    Even if you change current survival to hardcore survival, players still have hundreds of weapons, gear and meds. There's no point... unless they wipe, which isnt gonna happen.
  7. rdk.

    Vending Machines

    I don't think that would work, perhaps devs can place them in lounge and then when someone buys one, they're automatically given one from there or they can choose whichever they want.
  8. rdk.

    Vending Machines

    I made this suggestion a year ago, but never heard feedback from devs. I'm posting this again because I just saw this picture you posted of the next patch coming out and couldn't stop and wonder why wouldn't they put this in open world for trading. Vending Machine, you can buy it from marketplace for GC (limited 1 per person), comes with 10 slot, you could buy more slots from marketplace. This would change trading forever, in a good way. No more scamming, noisy lobby, etc. This could actually work on survival too, and would encourage more people to trade, think about it.
  9. rdk.

    Is this game still

    if you play on pve private servers, ppl are friendly. Chances of you finding friendly people on official servers is close to none.
  10. rdk.

    Suggestion for regaining players

    There's already like 3 or 4 different modes to play on, but they're all based on death match, open world, survival, pvp maps, br, all of it is pure death match. Why can't we have something meaningful? Like back in the days, players would be scared taking out high tier gear, or be super excited when finding god tier stuff. You know what I mean?
  11. rdk.

    Suggestion for regaining players

    I just wonder why are they being so lazy to make another mode, just like survival but harder, with rarer loot and extensive skill tree, basically just like warz used to be.. it's much interesting rather than death match all the time.
  12. rdk.

    Suggestion for regaining players

    If they want to bring more players to newz they'd have to advertise more, speacially on steam. But before that, they better make good conditions for beginners like you said above and fix the game. As new players join, they should only be allowed to play on beginner and private servers until they reach 48 gameplay hours. And have a choice to either play on a PVE or PVP server. Once they have played for 48 hours, everything else should be unlocked. Beginners' servers, should have tips, missions and events popping often, so new players can learn as fast as possible and be prepared later on.
  13. rdk.


    I think he meant 1 sniper per 6/7 airdrops... I can't confirm since I haven't checked lately.
  14. rdk.

    Survival Fans did you notice the event?

    Killing zombies to get a default spray? Don't think so.. Events in general should be diverse and have many levels of difficulty, from easy to hard. The rewards must be some unique items you can use in game that is different from normal items you can loot in the map. Could be something wearable, like a hat or a costume, or a gun with a unique skin and different stats.. just saying, gotta be creative.
  15. rdk.

    The Future of NewZ in 2019

    +1 You have 5/6 months to get your shit together. I've been going on and on about this forever.. Now, you have to be realistic about this game. This engine is old and newz staff doesn't have a "professional" coder or coders to make great changes to it. Like, I see ppl asking to change zombies, they can't do new animations and make them more "aggressive" or so, it's beyond their pay grade. What can they do, is balance what is already in the game. Loot, weapons' stats, cars' stats, maps, servers. Big part of this game's success is the fact that it has a GI, so I don't believe in die and start over again to succeed. Now these are the problems they have to address, from my point of view: - Cars. You either make the hit box really small or find a way to counter it real fast. Something like rocket launcher that kills cars but doesn't do damage to ppl, or something similar. - Ghosting. Get rid of it completely, everytime someone joins a server they spawn outside towns like everybody else. - Jumping accuracy. Shooting while jumping shouldn't be accurate at all, this only pisses ppl off. - Survival Mode. Needs a complete revamp. Rarety and balance of loot, guns' stats, better map choice, all of it needs changes. Adding colorado v1 won't make more ppl stick to survival, will only make happy those same groups who fight every day to get on top of the leader's board. Same ppl, different map.