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  1. you can find most of the skins in here: https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com/Trading_Prices You can't go wrong with Chrome Custom + Chrome KStyle NVG + invisible Large Backpack. There's also Mauser and Karambit Chrome to go along.
  2. If they make Survival Standalone, they better make loot rarer as it was back in warz, cause survival as it is, it's like playing open world deathmatch ar server without dx's and shields. Everybody has hundreds of high end ar's and gear. It isn't fun.
  3. [OFICIAL] Sugestões e Feedback

    Eu tenho deixado sugestões a cerca de modo Survival nos forums e discord, o problema é que o pessoal não colabora, estou a falar dos jogadores. A minha sugestão é fazer um outro modo de jogo chamado Hardcore Survival, assim não precisam de arriscar e dar wipe ao survival que têm agora. Com GI, loot muito raro (como em warz), mapas Colorado v1/v2/cali 2 servidores de cada, uma skill tree maior e mais difícil. O loot é muito importante, é o que vai decidir quantos jogadores vão jogar esse modo. Por isso se fizerem o que vos pedi, façam as coisas direito por favor. Por exemplo, quanto mais difícil for de encontrar algo melhor esse item é. Refaçam as estatísticas das armas, façam com que sejam únicas e cada uma com spawn rate difirente da outra. Os items têm que estar todos na loot table, não façam com que as pessoas perdem tempo a matar os super zombies para encontrar snipers ou assim.
  4. Dunno about the others but Dakotaz got into Miscreated for a while and then dropped it to stream Fortnite, he's doing pretty well now. Artemis worked and he's probably still working on hopeless games like Aftermath and Shattered Skies, which are already dead games.. Artemis actually got Summit to play Shattered Skies for a while, it was hyped for a couple weeks and then died pretty quick.
  5. Harder Survival Gamemode

    Eh, hardcore survival with no GI would die out pretty fast.. unless there's like a leaderboard with prizes and shit idk, but still I don't think it would be as fun as if there were a GI to stash your loot. I've already suggested a Hardcore Survival Mode with rare loot (specially high tier gear), Colorado v1/v2/California 2 servers of each, harder and extensive skill tree (this alone will give players something to do for weeks, maybe more). But in the end it's all about the loot, manage it well and you'll have a great mode to entertain players. Yes it will take some work to sort the loot tables and all that, but I think it's worth it.
  6. New Z Survival 2.0

    warz had that mode, it didn't thrive. Nobody played it..
  7. Hardcore Survival Mode

  8. Should I play Survival, or Open World?

    Well in that case, you might wanna check this thread, can be a bit useful everything can be done on official servers both xp and stacking your gi. Unless you have a clan's server, might be a bit better but still, you'll have to hop servers for fast farming. Good luck.
  9. Should I play Survival, or Open World?

    First of all, if I were you I wouldn't mention about any warz emulator, that might get you in trouble.. Both Survival and Open World are pvp based modes. Don't let "survival" name fool you, there's little to nothing survival about it. Survival Mode - Low pop servers with small group clans (with exception of some that role with 5+ ppl), no dx, no shields, no snipers (you'll see snipers from those who role in a 3+ team sometimes). PVE wise, it's fun until you get bored picking up same stuff from same places over and over, but it will take a while until you get sick of it. Overall, if you're seeking old style pvp without snipers and shields, this is the mode for you. Open World - Total DeathMatch, every server you join every person rolls with a snipers, full geared, with dx's and shields. Not to mention, there's big groups out there (+8 ppl). pvp can be fun, if you're in a clan. Farming rep is kinda fun too, depends if you're fighting us/eu ppl or teleporters from th. PVE wise, loot is pretty much everywhere, ez snipers, ez money, if you choose this mode try to get a private server as it spawns more loot than official and premium servers. Up to you my friend
  10. Hardcore Survival

    The problem with vehicles is not the ammount of them but the way hit box works for them, I don't know how many times I've been ran over behind a wall or a tree or something else I was behind to and it kills me like there's nothing in the middle. That's the problem you should be concerned about, but whatever.. I can't get myself back into survival mode, there's no excitment anymore...
  11. Hot Bar

    Here's a little suggestion that'd make br experience a little better, this can apply to all game modes btw. When looting, only the consumables will go straight to the hot bar, everything else you pick up goes straight to your backpack. That way you don't have to consistently go to your inventory to drag hot bar stuff down to the backpack. *reseting to full ammo after you kill someone in warm up br, would be nice too.
  12. Footsteps volume

    Could you adjust the volume of footsteps please? Step sounds are so low compared to ambient sounds, I'm having to turn the volume all the way up to be able to hear steps, but the ambient volume gets so high it's hurting my ears when I chop zombies' head.. Am I the only one having this problem? Btw, this specifically happens in BR, no not in the warmup. I haven't looked into other modes yet
  13. Hardcore Survival Mode

    If some players enjoy current version of survival mode, you might consider adding a new mode, hardcore one. The base of this mode consists in rare and balanced loot. That's very important. Loot - Loot has to be at that point where players have to scavange hard to find a weapon, scavange harder to find a better weapon and so on. Apart from weapons, all the loot has to be rare. Just add possible loot spawns to all buildings players can enter, cause I've seen a lot of empty buildings on current survival just filling the map space.. Other thing, every possible loot item has to have a chance to spawn in the world, not just through super zombie. For example, let's say custom guerilla spawns in military areas, but it also has a chance to spawn in civilian areas but the chances of finding it are 50% slimmer than in military areas, but you can still find it. Also, bring back item boxes with good loot in them. It was exciting find one in the past. Loot Balance - This topic is very important for this mode to succeed. Basically, the better is the loot the rarer it is in game. Let's talk about the weapons: The better the gun is, harder it is to find it BUT if someone's gonna waste a lot of time looking for a certain gun, they're expecting it to have better stats than a less rarer gun. You'll have to rework most of the weapons' stats and match them to its rarity. Lets say L85>Sig>Tar>Famas>AUG>M4A1 etc.. L85 has to be rarer than a Sig and much rarer than a M4A1 AND present amazing stats, like OP stats. Nobody will use it in a daily basis, but it will be amazing finding it. There's a balance and that's what's exciting about it. Every weapon has to get stats adjustments and its rarity in the game. Same goes for snipers, snipers are already op so they don't need stats adjustments. Loot in general should follow this rule, the better the item is the harder it will be to find it. Just make rare loot worth find it, balance the stats. In the loot table there has to be OP items, but they also have to be super rare so there is no complains about people abusing them. The person who find such an item will be super happy and it won't be a problem cuase he's one of the few ppl who got it. Those two topics above were the main ingredients to make "survival" real survival. If you want to make it even better you can make the skill tree wide enough to give ppl weeks or months to complete it, with new skills of course. Other thing that's missing is Survival's own currency. Missions and Rewards can we be added, like someone said in the other topic, when you kill a certain amount of zombies you get "this loot" or currency.. Rework the whole crafting system, it doesn't add anything special to the game, unless the items you're crafting are worth crafting, unique stats. These are my thoughts on how a Hardcore mode should be.
  14. Hardcore Survival

    Sven, we're talking about the loot in general. What you call Survival, doesn't feel Survival, it never was survival at all. For example, you go to the airport or splinter and you come out with a military backpack full of high tier guns and gear. The loot is irreversible, you can't just make the loot rare right now, ppl already have thousands of AR's and other high tier loot that will ruin the experience for new incoming players. Survival should've been from the beginning about the survival and not "less than open world loot". You log in the servers and all you see is pvp just like in open world, where ppl fight each other, die and then go back with sigs and shit just minutes after they die. There is no feeling of being scared of losing guns or gear, it's just pure death match just like in open world, the difference is, in survival your GI looks slimmer than in open world and there isn't dx and barricades you can use, but the rest is the same.. that right there isn't survival. We want old warz feelings back. I'll give you an example of old times, there was a couple friends looting boulder and one of them finds a Sig Sauer from the crashed heli, and he goes "omfg I just found a Sig". You know what I mean? I speak for myself, but I think that's what ppl are looking for, that's what's exciting about the game..
  15. Hardcore Survival

    I'm pretty sure for most ppl it is not a hassle, gives us something to aim for while playing. But that's just my opinion.. I don't know man, what we have now it isn't fun