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  1. This is a silly ideia but i think about and want to post, i know it would very hard to implement because is very Overpowered the idea is: a ultra rare sniper laser that makes sniper shoot hip-fire sorry if i am not too lucid but is just a idea
  2. 1 a IBA Modern Black Skin 2 Black gas mask advanced or skin (MBlack) or a new standalone black gas mask 3 a gas mask for the black m9 helmet
  3. I would like to see a silent vss compact with more power and and hv scar with most power than the vss cmpct... Obs: Sorry if i am posting too many suggestions, i know the game is'nt mine
  4. I would like to know (if anyone can explain) why the backpacks (especially adventure) is so big, i would like if the adventure ia a bit more slim to show the weapon in the back and the military bp to be setted up more lower in the back, more long and more slim and the large and hunter bp to be more slim. Obs: Like i am a pve player, i evit using this backpack because i think the design is horrible
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