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  1. Who are you? We hardly ever lose against clans. If you’d like to come fight us in Clearview, please do. We play this game for fun so not many of us are top 10, so it’s not religiously played.
  2. The stopping and shoot is called aiming. But that may be unfamiliar to you
  3. Bot player? The guy is a god and most plebs say otherwise. If you’d like, you can come have a match with us with mods present? Deal?
  4. COR3 clan isn’t looking for more great players. We currently have the BEST sniper in the game as well. Don’t believe me? Join and check “Disco” out PM me if you’re interested.
  5. Don’t think this is helping your case. Screenshot your character page or something.
  6. A lot of people are looking for rep count. My rip to you is grind PVP servers or play open world until you have 10k+ rep or so
  7. If you think it’s hard to loot on this game, please find a time machine and go try it out when it was WarZ. Lol
  8. I agree with this, or keep Colorado V2 and add more small or bigger towns.
  9. Add/Fix: • Punish right peekers or fix it. • Three story building back to Clearview. • Stack all (ammo) button in GI Like: • Streamsniper (reporting) option • Interactive and really helpful moderators. • Grouping System
  10. If this is done, in a month you guys will cry about not being able to find anyone in open world. This happens to me regardless of the server region. Just accept it and keep playing.
  11. Here’s a PvP montage the legendary Disco. Many people have cried and made accusations of him being a cheater, so he is beginning to make montages (mind you it takes him only a few hours for these clips). Hands down the best sniper in the game. https://youtu.be/BNRvf_4WXfg
  12. Hi everyone, COR3 clan is ready recruiting once again for those who have contacted me via discord. I don’t keep my old messages so please reach out! The requirements are simple: • Positive Rep - (15K or more) • Negative Rep - (-50k or more) • Open World and PVP Server players • Speak decent English • Good communication and enemy location callouts. • Have a decent sized GI • Do NOT focus on loot during fights • No asking clanmates for free skins, or lowballing them for cheap prices. • Must be a chill and relaxed person and know how to take a joke and not be a sensitive millennial.
  13. It does sound like an idea.. but some streamers would want to be compensated too much. I’m wondering if it’s possible for a steam re-release of the game.. of course once things are more optimized and things from the dev’s point of view.
  14. KmartNinjaa


    Pvp servers are for rep farming anyway. But it would be cool to see good guys lose some rep for even firing at a good guy.
  15. I would say YES remove the church. That has no need to be placed there.. nobody uses it. THREE STORY GOGOGO.
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