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    This game dead af

    This games dieing day by day
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    These Thailands

    +1 my vote
  3. TrickzSparkz

    Search clan / group

    Msg me
  4. TrickzSparkz

    Looking for teamm8s

    You got anything else other than skype?
  5. TrickzSparkz


    Selling heavy black knight throw me your offers
  6. TrickzSparkz


    Send me a pm
  7. TrickzSparkz

    WHC1, Wanna hump a cactus is now recruiting again

    Rate your skill level from 1-10:7 Rate your G.I from 1-10:8 Country:Australia Age:18 Real life name:Ivan Teamspeak 3 and mic:Yes How many hours do you play daily?I have recently started playing everyday for 4-6 hours How long have you played the game?I have been playing iss and simulators for years no Why do you want to join whc1? Looking for a clan to join to play with good teammates and to be the best Anything else you want me or us to know? Im very patient and also very friendly and mainly on the whole day and night
  8. Dont mind just looking for people to start a little group with
  9. TrickzSparkz

    CPUD is back and reformed

    Can you send me invite the one in the desc is invalid