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  1. I can appreciate that, and it was not me that you shot it was a friend who wanted me to post his video because it was during the same time as the other guys (hackers) were there. And between all the hacking and killing, he just wanted to be sure, so yeah if you're not hacking then there's nothing to worry about. Also we must thank all the mods/ devs for working on these hackers and cleaning up the servers. Cheers -Ur X Girlfriend
  2. Ur X Girlfriend

    RIP #2

    He's showing off I believe.... Where is he on leader board? Nobody cares, really -Ur X Girlfriend
  3. I've got several out of drops, a few off Supers, and a couple off people I've killed. So good luck hope you find one -Ur X Girlfriend
  4. All I can say is everybody seems to have played this since Day 1, maybe so but if that's the case than you must remember ATTK clan. They were the biggest group of hackers around!! It wasn't just one guy in a group esp' ing for the group, I could swear that, in order to be in this clan you had to have a hack. It was insane, so for those of you who say you rarely ran into a hacker well you're either lying, stupid , got played and didn't know it... or you just didn't play all the time like I did. But I do have to say that since the game 1st came out, I can truly say that the hacking is probably the lowest it's ever been or that I've ever seen.... So Cheers to that. The report in game system does work so if you do get hacked then dont forget to report. So keep up the good work Devs/ Mods, all of us veterans do appreciate it. Now it's off to play, kill /& /or be killed Spanks -Ur X Girlfriend
  5. Done! I appreciate the quick responce. Spanks -Ur X Girlfriend
  6. Nov. 16, 2017 at 18:48:00 US Server 1 Eviticusy4 or Eviticusv4 (in first video) https://youtu.be/u3JPh-Ss1NA Calvicieextreama --------( in second video)https://youtu.be/4ClyuLUzsws Pelagrillosx------------------( in second video) Kenosi3trece or Menosi3trece -(second video) I have some new video of three players in frosty that are grouped (because they're not shooting each other) and after most of the team (my team) has been shot dead, I went back in with bandicam, (but only records 10 mins at a time because it's a free version) and recorded this.... please take a look . The first video at 23 sec you see the guy walking as he is looking through the wall.... what the heck is that? That's not third person peeking next to a doorway or a window, it's pretty clear he is looking thru the wall. Second video Is that two of these three are looting as I'm telling my last teammate alive (who's hiding in the back room at post office) to log out, they head for him. How did they know he was there? Perhaps they saw or heard him previously. But how do we account for the fact that at the moment my teammate logged out they stopped and turned away. How did they know he was gone without checking the room? Let me say that I know they had ESP. How do I know? Because about 10 seconds after my Bandicam ended two of the three were banned! So high five to Fred's MLG, and the Devs/ Mods! Good job! My point is that it's so difficult to catch a hacker hacking unless you're recording video continuously. I don't like going to ANY EU server at this point because they seem to have more people hacking there than US servers. (mostly due to the prevalent lag switching that seems so popular lately) Thanks for your time & have a great day! -Ur X Girlfriend
  7. I have two videos I need to upload, send or whatever on the forums. Can somebody please explain how to do this.... Spanks, UrXGirlfriend
  8. Ok thanks man sometimes i get lost so i apologize if i posted in the wrong area...

    spanks again, Ur X

  9. YES I too would like an answer to this question?
  10. He is spreading loot all over the rooftop as he is gliding. Didn't know you could glide?!?
  11. OK so in frosty Pine with a bunch of people and was told that a guy (from the ground ) killed 4 of my friends on 5 story roof top so I logged in my guy and a guy named "fieraru din map1" I was told he was hacking so I grabbed my phone and recorded this, you be the judge. I was on the mountain and he turned around and shot me with a kruger from the two story in frosty How did he know where i was, and I didn't make a sound. also another guy same m. o. spawned in 1 hour later with this name "jeani din frosty" (we believe it was same dude The first time was in EU server # 1 than 1 hour later was EU # 1...... In this video, you can't see the loot because he is too far but you can see how he is gliding all over the place, not running or walking but floating (or gliding) all over the rooftop, and in chat was saying how he knows fredikis and he (fredikis) wanted this guy to be a mod but this guy didn't want to because he's better than that, and how he was only using a .22 kruger to kill the whole town. But what you don't see is that he is spreading loot all over the roof top. My friends watched him super jump, shot through walls, micros when shooting .22 and insta pick up. I only saw him esp and aimbot me on the mountain. ok more to come
  12. This IS the main reason I play on survival, I like the fact that the loot is few and far between and that there is hardly any snipers.... Don't get me wrong, I love snipers, I had almost 1000 on I.S.S. accounts (more than one account, AND 3 legendary accounts to boot!) But so did everybody else and then come the hackers like ATTK clan. It was getting ridiculous. As far as the new or revamped system with crafting......Well I'm starting to get used to the routine again.... I'm still not fully happy with it but I am getting used to that again.
  13. I totally agree, If you are going to craft, there should be places of different spawning points other than the guns/ ammo/ meds spawn points, otherwise my large backpack is now full of trash. I mean whats next, are the guns going to start breaking down? Do we need to go to a special bench to repair or what? It worked oh so well in Aftermath, NOT!! Why not just hire Artemis and then that way when this game ends up a total failure, then you can blame him, geez. Please I am begging you stop inventing (or should I say copying gameplay ideas ie:Aftermath or I.S.S. before Fredikis took over) And leave it alone..... Oh 1 more thing what's up with the incredible amount of hacking going on? I have noticed more and more hackers and less bans.....Why?
  14. Hello, can you please tell me why I paid 175 gold dollars to buy the female mechanic jaguar top (100 GD) and female mechanic pants jaguar (75 GD) over two two weeks ago, and still cant change my clothes or customize my character..... Either give me my money back or fix it! Check my GD log and it will show that I paid for this on 8/23/2017 and still today 9/09/2017 Im unable to customize my female mechanic
  15. I hate it! it has the smell of ArtemisKnives all over it. It's something that he started then flowed over to Aftermath and now this. It's like picking up trash! And wow, do you really think that this stuff is laying around if and when (Mauhahaha) a zombie apocalypse happens. I feel that if you want to change this game into building forts and crafting band-aides then make that type of game playing different from the original 'War Z aka I.S.S. aka the New Z' gameplay. If I wanted to craft then I won't be doing it here, as of now I see this coming to the end of another Arma2, DayZ, H1Z1, Just Survive type of game that I for 1 will not be playing. But hey, I started with The WarZ when it first came out, had legendary accounts (more than 1) over 5 years ago, left the game then came back, left it again due to all the hackers and through trials and errors, left again and really thought fredikis (the daddy of all hackers), because of his knowledge and now turned around hack-free sorta speaking, because of him now owning the game really had a good thing coming, but I guess all good things come to an end sooner or later. So for me, it's right about now. Im just glad my clan that I run didn't renew our premium accounts or servers. Time to find a new game.....
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