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  1. Hi there, at first the forum needs a underforum for technical questions, and second: read the titel, is a resolution from/for/of (?) 21:9 possible? ^^ Thank you in advance Ecky
  2. Vehicles

    Motorbike would be very nice, but please no helis. What about lil boats, for maps with islands on it? And in the sea are:
  3. Skins

    Hello Sir, i like to have more skins for the famous Famas ^^ Thank you in advance. Ecky
  4. Willkommen

    Moin Moin die Damen und Herren.
  5. Vehicle spawn locations (almost done)

    Hi there, something new about vehicle spawns. One verification, two new spawnareas. Campos City, at the Shopping Center (Attention, Super Z possible): Clearview - Southend, just at the other site from the city: Smiths Estate, South from ~ or west from Parkerville, other site from the sea): Have a nice day and good loot ^^ Ecky
  6. Patch 2.19 (Hotfix)

    Sorry, but he is right. Before you start something new you should fix the old one. Teleporting after exiting cars has become lethal - February 23 As you (and i) see, the video was posted before. What happens ... ? He is 100% right: Teleporting vehicle - October 17, 2017
  7. Vehicles

    Floodlight, to dazzle the zombies. ^^ Nice idea, i never thought of this. Camo, chrome, etc. fitting to anyones equip. Yes, over 9000 times: YES! But before, fire the programmer: The driving physic, well ... you know ...
  8. Patch 2.19 (Hotfix)

    Errrr, this one (from 03.11.2017 and its NOT from me): As i said here: It could be that i found a hint to survive this. Just press "Escape". I survived, but around 5-10sec later i got a disconnect (luck, bug, feature? Who knows ...). Moin Ecky
  9. Vehicle spawn locations (almost done)

    You are welcome. ^^ Two more screenshots. The first one in the south of Barth Farm: The second one in the west of the Nato Airforce Base: The vehicles are just standing on the street. Grettings Ecky
  10. Hi there, You missunderstood me. I mean the disconnecting not the bug itself. In the last days i got some disconnecting (i guess because of the "beta patch"). So i asked myself if it this time was about the patch or a disco because i pressed escape (maybe the disco happens all the time even without the patch). If it was just coincidence we have a tool to stay alive and just loose the car (bad enough) instead ALL of our stuff!
  11. Edit: as you can see below it happens to me too. Get out of the car, teleport in the sky, fall, should be dead, but i pressed "Escape". I survived the falling, but got disconnect some secs later. Well this happens a second time, and this time "Escape" worked without disconnection! Near "Springer Ridge Trailer Park" i was teleported in the sky, "Escape " again, and found me in the sea, alive (!). This time there was no disco and the car was waiting at the point where i wanna left it. zl;dr If teleport, press "Escape", with luck you survive and lost nothing. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________- First post ^^ Hi there, maybe you experienced the bug that you get out of your car, spawning 100m over the map and fall until you die on the ground. Well, today its happens the first time for me and my first idea was "blink" (you will know what i mean if you know what i mean ^^). In my panic i pressed escape aaaand ... i survived. I dont know if the timing was perfect or if it always happens in that way. After i pressed escape again i spawned ca. 5min. foothpath away. Unfortunately without my car. So i decided to find it and got 10sec later disconncted. Same question here: does it always happens or it is because of the patch and / or the beta? It doesnt matter ... i found my car *happyhappyjoyjoy* and i didnt die. Thats all. Moin Ecky
  12. Vehicle spawn locations (almost done)

    Hi there, the next one verified: Loco Mountain Campsite (my new found spawn and Campos City are still missing). Have a nice day and good loot. Moin Ecky
  13. Vehicle spawn locations (almost done)

    Hi there, at first: THANK you for the map. It helped to kill the boredom until the zombies spawn again ... I can verify two spawns: West Boulder Meterorological Station and Boulder City. Also i found a new spawn! *happy-happy-joy-joy* Problem: i missread the map, thats why i dont have a screenshot. Nevertheless the spawn: Hope this helps a lil bit. Thank you (again). Have a nice day and good loot.
  14. ATV Spawner

    First ...? ^^ Yeah i know, pic is a lil bit dark, please excuse this:
  15. Patch 2.19

    Me too. I rent a server and wanted to complete my skilltree, ... At least the aliens changed there position (Nato). Not much but enough. After 3-5 kills they gone again. That let me think that they maybe change the position to make farming more ... yeah more what? Interersting, exciting.^^ Please fix this at fast as you can, its sooo boring without zombies ... ;_; Have a nice weekend and good loot.
  16. ATV Spawner

    I never saw an ATV in the game nor on the wiki or in this forum. Therefore i thought it came with the last patch and i'm the lucky dude who discovered it ... But after 5min i found this one: Have a nice day and good loot.
  17. "Problems" , just me?

    Hi there, i loged in at the Nato airport: very little zombies, very little loot, hardly super zombies (different places) and NO alien zombie. I played around 90-120min. Im not really sure, but i guess after patch 2.19 it was still working. And i said no to the beta. So, is it just me or has someone else these "problems"? Thanks in advance Ecky
  18. Not even normal zombies are reduced , supers too and NO alien zombies (2 nights, 2 different places). Even loot is alot decreased ...
  19. Hi there, I saw this in another thread ... Are there privat servers on survival or did i missunderstood something ?!? Thanks in advance Ecky
  20. Frosty Pines or BAMBI PINES ? BAMBI POWER !

    Wallah lan ..... some "player" killing beginners from behind, making fun and screaming "f*cking bambies". Too bad that you cannot behead other in this game, or? Wallah isch schwör lan ... Voll witzig, aba bessa mache Messa, ja ? Ecky Scheißesturm erwartend
  21. What is the purpose of "Decay"?

    I guess not. Bulletts loose energy while flying. But this ... is not good. Even if bulletts fall straight from sky they have energy, because gravity.
  22. Update: Thanks to K 0 0 L 's friendly hint there is a 14th tree, i've overseen it (shame on me ^^). Hi there and Merry Christmas, well i still decided me to make a new map for Patch 2.12 #2 and try something new. I sat here in my dark room and didnt saw the green circles on my print. So i make a new map with white ones and cutted the map so it fits better on a DinA4-Site. Anyway! I post both maps so you can decide which one you want (if so). Well i walked a lil bit around, and i guess (no guarantee) that there only these 13 Trees. I found zero up to 5x Winter and/or Christmas Skinboxes under them. Have a nice day and good loot Ecky Normal: 1593*1768 / 1,45MB Small: 1253*1766 / 1,19MB
  23. Hi there and merry Christmas. Do, did, does "Likes" disappear? Was there an Rollback or whatever on the server? I'm 100% sure that i liked a thread from Wolf_Digital: How to find public privat servers and now there is nothing (and i guess i was not the only one that liked that). Bug, feature, bad memory? Have a nive day Ecky
  24. Hi there, here is a map where i find skinboxes, mostly autumn, but some Halloween as well. You can find them EVERYWHERE: In houses, in front, behind or on the balkony. On cars, trucks, on or in helis, pools, camper, dumpster, roofs, whatever you can imagine. Hope this help a lil bit. Update 1.1: Added some places where you can find more Skinboxes, around Downtown and at the Airport. If you watch closely you can see that the new circles are thicker. ^^ Update 1.2: Added 44 (i guess) new spots (color is this time a lil bit pale). Have a nice day and good loot. Ecky
  25. Anyone find the Secret Spot yet?

    Hi there, but you say "west of". It was west of Anerly Station (on the area of the Aerodrome Military Airport), in the middle of nowhere (just perfect). ^^ But now its east of it, and not really "hidden" or "secret". Have a nice day and good loot. Ecky