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  1. Hi there, here is a map where i find skinboxes, mostly autumn, but some Halloween as well. You can find them EVERYWHERE: In houses, in front, behind or on the balkony. On cars, trucks, on or in helis, pools, camper, dumpster, roofs, whatever you can imagine. Hope this help a lil bit. Update 1.1: Added some places where you can find more Skinboxes, around Downtown and at the Airport. If you watch closely you can see that the new circles are thicker. ^^ Update 1.2: Added 44 (i guess) new spots (color is this time a lil bit pale). Have a nice day and good loot. Ecky
  2. Ecky

    Moving on

    Critize the devs? Lol, better dont do that, you saw what happend. A month ago (maybe shorter, maybe longer) i lootet an airdrop. ... "Please wait" ... What?!? After one minute waiting a zombie killed me. I was really pissed and made a really pissed posting about the bugs and the unprofessionalism of the programmer. Around that time another one asked something like: When will (forget the reason) happen? I answered him (in a nice mode): After that answer from a dev, never; and linked to a posting from Sven (i guess it was him). You can imagine what happens: 1) My pissed posting: Deleted (Okay with it, no-one want a list with deadly bugs) 2) The question-posting with my (not pissed answer): Deleted 3) The answer from Sven in another thread: Deleted. The only answer at the whole forum, that said clearly: We have problems, but we are trying. Oh: I forget. I got an warning point for "Abusive behaviour". ... Well i wanted to post the "Notifications" i got for the warning point. I just looked (right now), and i guess you know: Deleted! I tell you what will happen. This thread disappear. I get another "warning point", and NOTHING will happen with the game ... except .. another wekend special. zl;dr Dont critize the Devs. Have a nice day, i hope you will find a bugfree game . Ecky
  3. Ecky

    To get more people here!

    Good idea, because there are no alternatives to "NewZ". Despite of the countless bugs (yes, countless, deal with it) and the will of the programmer to remove them, i play this game. If they would come and say something like: Ohhh, we like you to play PvP, we close Open world for a day in the week to force you to do it ... Well, another player that goes. Not dead: Dying. They know it. Thats why there are every weekend specials. tl;dr Not a good idea to force player to something they dont want. Moin Ecky
  4. Ecky

    Patch 2.22

    Not really ... A lil bit self-promotion: Its for my map. I just wanna change the number of the patch to 2.22, but i was not sure if you changed something. Ohhh, maybe: When i saw the oregon map the first time i thought "Merlin Springs" was a big see, and i instantly liked the idea very much. But its just ...Glenwood; sorry ... lil bit disappointed. A lake with natural and artificial islands (houseboats maybe), one or two dozen of them. ^^ Thanks in advance Ecky
  5. Ecky

    Patch 2.22

    Hi there, if i see it correctly, there is no change at (on?) the oregon map? Thanks in advance Ecky
  6. Hi there, 'updated to: v1.3 / #2.22/ 9,67MB / 2850x1923 // 7 Aliens + 2 not confirmed / 28 SuperZ / 34 Vehicles New: - Oregon State Penitentiary / Alien is confirmed - Astoria / Vehicle - Tacoma International Airport / Vehicle - Roseburg / South-west from ... Vehicle And again: If you have more information, with Screenshot would be purrrfect, please feel free to share. ^^ Thanks in advance. Ecky
  7. Read the first posting ...
  8. Ecky


    Ja, feuchte Muschis sind die Besten: ^^
  9. If i wanna start the game over my shortcut ( .../NewZLauncher.exe ), this happens: No chance to start the game without beeing the admin. ^^
  10. Ecky

    Rent me your server

    The problem i see is if you are on my server you would loot my loot, drive my cars and kill my zombies ... This: doesnt make it better. ^^
  11. Ecky


    More and more people playing for longer. ^^ Well, a half-hardcore-mode. Sounds good. ;D
  12. Ecky

    Competitive Mode!

    This, but then would luck decide if you win. What about everyone gets the same stuff at spawning. Melee, AR, a sniper, healstuff ... Good luck collectors, good luck bambies. ^^
  13. Hi, thanks, but thats ...almost too much, because the devs posted this map: DevBlog - Oregon map. I guess better quality, but smaller and withput POI's. ^^ Ecky
  14. Ecky

    Question about skins looted on world

    I guess they removed the skins ...
  15. Ecky

    IMI, Augs and Honey ( PVP Life )

    Why not a Tec9, B93R or 20x BadaBoom's? ^^
  16. Ecky

    Anyone know where Alien SZ is?

    Hi, i dont know if the alien locations are the same as in open world: Map, Alien, Oregon Habe a nice day ... Ecky
  17. Ecky


    Die da, meiner Meinung nach: Bugfreiheit heißen, bzw. heißt. So sieht es aus ... Ich würde ja noch mehr schreiben, aber ich befürchte weitere Zensurmaßnahmen ... Moin Ecky
  18. Ecky

    Inventory simplification

    Hi there, i quoted myself and ElChupacabra answer from another thread: Quote Global inventory sortable Please make the GI sortable like the normal backpack, THANKS !!! - An extra tab for the vehicles and gasoline / repair kits - Cut the food tag in half, right side - drinks, left side - food - "free packing", your stuff stays where you put it in, so you can sort it by yourself (ok, its the same as the sortable-thing^^) ... there is surely more, but i just woke up. ^^ Thanks in advance Ecky
  19. Ecky


    Another one of the countless bugs : [/img]
  20. Ecky


    I have another idea, inspired from real life, an: electro moped. ^^ Yes, no joke. One seat, silent and no absolutly not capable for cross-country. But before: Thanks in advance Ecky
  21. Hi there, at first the forum needs a underforum for technical questions, and second: read the titel, is a resolution from/for/of (?) 21:9 possible? ^^ Thank you in advance Ecky
  22. Ecky


    Motorbike would be very nice, but please no helis. What about lil boats, for maps with islands on it? And in the sea are:
  23. Ecky


    Hello Sir, i like to have more skins for the famous Famas ^^ Thank you in advance. Ecky
  24. Ecky


    Moin Moin die Damen und Herren.
  25. Ecky

    Vehicle spawn locations (almost done)

    Hi there, something new about vehicle spawns. One verification, two new spawnareas. Campos City, at the Shopping Center (Attention, Super Z possible): Clearview - Southend, just at the other site from the city: Smiths Estate, South from ~ or west from Parkerville, other site from the sea): Have a nice day and good loot ^^ Ecky