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  1. Bring back this rocky ford and I'll literally marry you

    I started newz to late for know this rocky but it look better +

    Playing with + rep char become unplayable in rocky ford You need to find a solution for +rep people who want to kill everybody and not necessarely teaming with all bambies (i mean +rep)
  3. Patch 2.18

    in ur asss bitch
  4. Round of 32

    u forgot ts eu today
  5. Round of 32

    I wont miss this match
  6. Story

    Official Partner
  7. AR Stats - Feedback

    as i said your not enough playing ar, imi shoot straight 100% of the time, not the aug, and btw the aug dont reach 600 of fire rate
  8. AR Stats - Feedback

    to make clear what i'm looking for, less firerate for imi tar, something around 605-615 instead of 645, but add 0,5 damage.
  9. AR Stats - Feedback

    this conversation is not only about damages of imi tar
  10. AR Stats - Feedback

    not op, just the only weapon shooting straight, i mean if ur hiding behind a boxes and shooting with 3rd person you can play with everyone weap, but as close distance riot to riot with some first person shoot yeah imi tar is the best. I just need something between aug and imi tar, shooting straight, not to fast and 3 tap
  11. AR Stats - Feedback

    you're mainly sniper player now, imi tar became rare, thats the last weapon who shoot straight, i deal good if she stay like this but same dmg as aug would be nice
  12. AR Stats - Feedback

    you should give 0,5 dmg more for the TAR, then she can kill some1 with 3 shot in the head like aug, its annoying to see people survive with 0,5 HP, also increase more fire rate for sig, IMO
  13. NewZ #25 Juifar [HIGH]

  14. rocky sniper only headshot