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  1. ashe


    i think u forgot to disable resampling
  2. TEAM (or team name): TILT COUNTRY: USA TEAM CONTACT INFO: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dinkleburger/ PLAYERS: Player 1: The Zoo Keeper Player 2: The Mahoogler Player 3: tsmacks Player 4: DAD Player 5: top (Xale, Potions, Talent, Bish, Chandler)
  3. can you post the time schedules some time soon? I need to know so I can take off of work
  4. this was covered already but nothing has been done LUL
  5. because with the introduction of new acquisitions, it might create an imbalance of how the current staff runs things. their way is THE way.
  6. it is said that pictures are able to depict thousands of words. unfortunately, with this picture that I drew, there's only one message concerning our new beloved map district https://gyazo.com/336db4685c1019c36bbcd265d5dba1c1
  7. well I told you guys several times on how to go about the map rotation.
  8. the behavior towards this idea has been more than positive according to my thread. i have yet to see a negative response to this idea and I don't think there will be because everyone agrees that the maps that are currently being used are boring and overplayed. additionally, if you're nervous that the community will be upset, all you have to do is create a community-based poll to see what maps want to be played. I will bet you if you created a poll to remove springvalley and replace it with another map, the results will be phenomenal. the main reason I posted this thread was to shed light on the map pool idea & to immediately replace springvalley with clear v2 or cliffside.
  9. alright coolio. but I did mention that you should completely remove springvalley since it's been in the pool for weeks. don't continue to innovate it lol the purpose of a portion of the thread was completely removing springvalley and replacing it with clearview v2 (i.e. a map rotation). i said this earlier. also cliffside was a great addition to the collection of maps. change it up. keep rocky ford though because it's always popular. another thing, can you go into depth about the map rotation on the patch notes? you only briefly mention it and it seems that the details you said has no correlation to the actual topic itself
  10. awaiting a response from the man himself
  11. i appreciate the rapid response but I would like to briefly mention that as I explained previously in my topic, there aren't many other ways to reach the top tier echelon of newz devs without sparking some type of attention otherwise you'd see a continuation of responses on every single thread on this website lol i digress, so allow me to begin by addressing the first topic of discussion: the map rotation i respect the fact that you are informing us now of the current situation regarding the map pool, but what I am curious about is why is it that these things slip through the patch notes and become unnoticed? in future patch notes, you need to alert the masses that things are changing, you can't expect them to know what's going on by keen observation. so I do take it that you will continue with the map pool cycle starting ASAP? (also a side note, if you are curious of what maps to put, you should give the opportunity to the community that actually plays the maps. create a strawpoll of all the available maps and let them decide. this would really help your situation) about the blending of both remaining colorados: now I am not an experienced mapper, nor will I ever be, but with my personal experience through game-play, I can tell you that it shouldn't be deemed such a difficult task. both colorado v1 and v2 are the same except for slightly altered terrain, perhaps a few different locations and encampments, but the structural layout of the two maps are the same. if you are unaware of how to go about this, ask the community. as I mentioned several times previously, the community is what your game is based upon. nothing can work without it. consider creating some type of poll to see what the community wants to have in the next colorado map and incorporate it from your responses. people would be delighted to have a say in that sort of thing. caliwood: i am up-to-date on it, but you claim that there isn't a problem with optimization. well, that's because the people that play it don't reach out to community forums like this to voice their complaints. it's predominately new players who have no grasp of the ability to talk to the community in any way shape or form. as a closer, I would like to thank you that you are taking the time to read what I have to say. however, it's kind of sad really, I've asked several known players about this issue and my main response was: "they don't care about the community. they won't listen to you." that's somewhat depressing to know that players who have been around longer than most feel that way towards their own community. i hope this diminishes in the future and we can all come to an agreement.
  12. i think he means the big boys at the top. i noticed that moderators have more compassion for the game than others
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