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  1. soul

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

    Why do I use a car in a personal server and go back after I enter? Can you bring BUG in every update? You technicians are not at all responsible. The host of the forum is more perfunctory.
  2. soul

    why banned me?

    I've been playing for more than 1000 hours. Can you unwind it for me?
  3. soul

    why banned me?

    Why didn't I use any plug-ins to BANNED my game? Can you let me play it again? I've been playing it for more than a year
  4. 我还是说中文吧 英文翻译过来全错了 白BOSS掉落的任务箱子我开出一个S级任务 接了任务后立刻被弹出游戏并游戏报错要求发送问题。现在那个角色进入游戏就闪退并要求发送问题。 能处理下吗。不是我一个人,是一大堆人都是这样的问题。 这关乎我们所有人的利益 拜托了
  5. When I received a S level man's task, I was immediately popped up and reported wrong. After re login to the game, the character could not get into the game. Could he repair the BUG earlier?
  6. soul

    Patch 2.23

    I killed BOSS and dropped a task box. After opening the box, it showed that G36's skin task should be like this. Then, when I accepted the task, the game collapsed. Once again, when I log in to play the role of the game, I always pop up the interface that crashes the request. Can you quickly solve this BUG problem?
  7. soul

    why i dont play?

    file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/%MW443HI[Z09R`[email protected][{QJ.png After the update, it appears.
  8. soul

    why i dont play?

  9. soul

    why i dont play?

    After entering the game, you choose to enter the private clothes and then pop up. What is the interface showing FAC and so on?
  10. Why is the resurrection so long。It's almost a minute. Can you shorten back to the original time? Or only a member can enjoy it. Can there be any trouble in the resurrection where you can get a manual range resurrection, playing California or being hit from the map to the map, each time being killed in the course of a map, and then dead again.
  11. soul

    Can you take my advice

    This is the case, thank you. Recently, I seldom play PVP. When that car can't be opened, can BUG be repaired by people who can't get off?
  12. Can you change the location of the next resurrection? It's too far away from the original place of death. The teams were all scattered, and they couldn't get along with many of their teammates. Because I like the sense of charge, I bought a permanent member, now this resurrection mode makes me very uncomfortable, and I feel disgusted.
  13. I like this type of game very much, but now the resurrection position is very bad. The location is too far away. Every time after death, the resurrection position is very far away from the original location. After death more than ten times, I have reached the bottom from the top of the map. The cost of even the car is saved. It is hoped that the lower resurrection position can be changed. It is best to resurrect within 50 meters near the place of death, or within 100 meters.
  14. Which designer has set up, the car flies to other roof or stone, fence, can not get off! This is the design, with an enemy or a zombie next to death. It is strongly required to get off at any time.