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  1. flogic

    Weekend Event!

    Time to buy katanas !
  2. flogic

    Patch 2.27

    Players behind trees are unshootable , overall good patch
  3. flogic

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Clans without limit just like the good old days
  4. flogic

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    Stealth nerf to Boulder , you guys removed 2 buildings that made the spawns a little easier to play in , now you get spotted from 2nd bridge all the way to the corner building Same with the building near the ramp , you spawn at the lake and you get seen from 10 kilometers away
  5. flogic

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

    Time to get Heavy Twitch
  6. flogic

    Patch 2.23

    Will the hours of the downtime gonna be reducted from our premium ?
  7. flogic

    Maps - Open World

    For the love of god , make us mute the music in Trading Lounge without turning the game sounds off.
  8. flogic

    The new secret spot on v2

    If you look at your map , it is at J12+
  9. Could we for the love of God have the option to toggle snow on or off ? Using NVG now sucks big time , everything is so bright . Same thing goes for the sound effect when we pick up items , can we get the option to either have the new sound effect or the old one ?