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  1. Recruting Minimum reputation -> -15k or +15k You need to send me screen of your inventory & characters You need to have 15yo+ You need to have decent english & quiet mic (no background noise) Multi Clan is not tolerated ! No trashtalking Your kill = your loot If you want to join our clan you can send message to recruitment channel on Discord ->
  2. DMNR/ Demon Slayer is now recruiting - We just created this clan today -We are playing in NA and HK region -We are Active in pvp and official REQUIREMENTS - at least -7k or +3k rep -Loyal -Respectful -No multi clan - Can speak english -Matured player - No trashtalking allowed - Your kill your loot -Active always especially in PVP -No spamming If you want to join just pm me thanks
  3. HUNT3R

    Hello i need En Clan

    Hello im 17 yo. and im looking for clan have -7k rep Experience from WarZ for contact add me on steam =>
  4. Hi im a NewZ player and im looking for clan have only -5k rep if you have interested just message me on
  5. <info about me and my acc> Im 17yo Speak English -3k rep STEAM ->
  6. if you need someone for PVP servers and other add me on steam or other Steam = facebook =