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  1. I think, it was the same round which i won yesterday my team killed all 4 of them, let me check later if i still have some streamclips of thier names. But im not sure, if its the same round it just looks very similiar to me.
  2. SIGN UP FOR IT NOW: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/S1Kt8zcpQ5 Leaderboard: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ... ***RESERVED SPOT FOR THE LEADERBOARD AND MORE INFORMATIONS*****
  3. Since there wasnt any resonance at all i'll change the date of the first one to give you more time to register NEXT DATE: 12.07.2018 - 6 pm GMT/ UTC +1 Kruger rifle tournament (1/16) AND CAR RACE (2/16) Hello folks, inspired by Krissy's events, some peepz and myself doing a bunch of fun events with a ranking system. There will be a total of 16 events on different dates. Next Event will be announced here, in my stream and in the official NewZ Discord. Requirements: 1. Everyone can participate 2. You have to agree the rules and the punishment for breaking those. 3. If you dont have the current weapon/weapons or items, you have to get them urself before the event starts. 4. You have to register to each event and not just once. Information: - Map will be the Event Map hosted on EU - Leaderboard system: for example people will be given points based on the place they reached. 1. X amount 2. Y amount... etc. after the last event the ones with the 3 highest points are the winners. Rules: 1. Be friendly, respectful. 2. Trolling or shooting someone will get you disqualified and kicked out. 3. Listen to the advisor of the Events. 4. Zero toleration for racimn, hate speech and other unacceptable things. 5. Hacking/Glitching/Cheating or abusing is not allowed and will be recorded, which means you'll get banned for that. We try to organize a fun environment, without aiming for "high skill players" and trying to offer events everybody ( also beginners) can join. If you have questions, suggestions and wants to help out with organizing use this thread, pm me on discord or on Twitch. - > Informations/rules could be changed till the whole event ends < - PS.: Bare in mind that this one is the first try to set something bigger up, if anything goes wrong i'll find a way to fix it. Thanks and have fun. Pss: Forgot to announce prices since i didnt though about any yet. Will announce them later on ( something like airdrops/skins/gd, we'll see )
  4. Isnt the above stated issues a problem since ages already? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove armor effects, armor is just cosmetic Remove shields Healing is delayed and takes time to apply eg: PUBG and just about every other game out there. 3rd person aiming crosshair removed, takes away peek abuse and one shotting just being a camping whore. remove all guns ability to shoot while jumping. Add sniper limits to teams/clans, if you exceed the limit can't join in. Make snipers rare, like survival type rare remove open world, replace it with survival, drop in and loot to go, no advantages to anyone, no GI's basically a DayZ mod, hopefully a little better -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What i personally disagree: Remove shields / Armor effects -> those are still part of the game, honestly THIS is what makes infestation, infestation... BUT Shields needs to be improved with cooldown Healing -> There was a time in warz when you could spamm meds, this got changed. I never realy liked the "medding" in PUBG or other games using that delayed system. Make snipers rare -> Why? If you want to have it rare, play survival mode. You see the numbers on both gamemodes do you? Majority of active players doesnt wants to farm for hours like in old days. Changing this to openworld will guarantee same ragequited and shitstorm like it was when there was an Sniperwipe leading in 30% player loss over 24 hours. Remove open world -> Sorry, but that would be a big negative. Current 95% of the playerbase wont play survival, nor they ever did since it got released for NewZ. What i personally agree: 3rd person xhair removed: Yea, why not. Sounds good to me. But wouldnt change a thing for "proplayers" they just know how and where to aim, with or without crosshair. It would be a disadvantage for beginners but not a disadvantage for old players. Shoot while jumping: is addressed since ages, this shouldnt be even in the game at first start and is kind of a "bug" which should be fixed ASAP. Add limited servers (weapon wise) sounds interesting, but i guess hard to implement. The idea of having a team and only one person can bring in a sniper is nice, BUT what is, if the sniperman dies and another team pick the sniper up? They actuelly have 2 snipermans in group while the other team still only one. MEANS in the end one team will still have a sniper on each person, while other teams cant do anything against them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Elias question/suggestion: I'd like the idea of daily/weekly/monthly missions, this should be well discussed and optimized, cuz missions can lead ppl to play gamemodes frequently, or do things which will populate servers. Im not very active lately in the game cuz of the problems the threadowner wrote, but willing to lend my hands when needed. I'll always listened to my community and know as a streamer the best what they desire. But desire aint the only thing. You (community) have to see whats the best balance between "desire" and "keeping the game alive). You should always see the negative aspects of your "desire". Bowzy over and out
  5. Good bye funny clips of floating quad's in BR.
  6. Car spawners shouldn't be in Open World. Just my honest 2 cents.
  7. Im also for it... Btw we have ping limit on like 5 servers, why dont we have it on every server? whats the point? those ppls with higher ping then the limit will just choose the first ones, while the eu players joining crowded servers and not empty ones. What we need: Less servers and restriction of ping in every server. Greetings.
  8. CHARACTER NAME: Alph4kev1n Screenshot1: https://gyazo.com/4b4699f027644bd77f048a61e76dd9b0 Screenshot2: https://gyazo.com/49c58200ae531eed9654472ff09c4b28 Screenshot3: https://gyazo.com/88551c374fae47d06805f234d84cb486 Screenshot4: https://gyazo.com/1ae37d3c51f58ab16b7765297dc5558e Screenshot5: https://gyazo.com/8df3ddd138ba95c76e349c29016bca09
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