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  1. Recommend creating a ticket that will not be answered for days you mean. Not hours, not even a few hours so you can play again, but DAYS so you loose out on playing during a double GD event! I STILL have an unanswered support ticket from two days ago, not to mention I have sent all my crash reports directly via the windows prompt every time my game crashed. Support is about useless these days, they never seem to answer (if they ever do) in any timely manner; or worse yet after an event is over and you have not been able to play. You always seem to lose GD, and loot, not to mention playing time; the later of which is very important especially if you rent a private server like my wife and I do.
  2. I am not sure what game you are playing, but "yes every single zombie is dropping money," is NOT TRUE. I sniped a few zombies one at a time, and a few of them ONLY dropped 100 EXP! NO MONEY what-so-ever!! I watched and made sure, I also checked my GD balance before and after each and every single shot because I wanted to make sure before I got on here protesting. EVERY SINGLE zombie is NOT dropping money! Even "if" they were, and it "just is not visible in the pop-up" it still should register in my GD balance. No such luck! This whole 'double GD event' is a bunch of BS! Why pay to have premium account (I won't be doing that again!), or even rent a private server (I don't know if I will doing this again either!) when events like these get hyped up and turn out to be a bunch crap. If you asked me, the devs owe everyone a LOT of money, especially if they are saying that ALL zombies ARE dropping money, when they clearly are not!!
  3. I loot to make money. Survival loot is not the same as on other servers, and you have no GI. Also friendly fire can kill you even if it is an accident. So, EVERYTHING would change if I were to 'just get a server' in Survival.
  4. I did not 'skip all over your post, nor did I not understand it.' I will however humor you by answering your ridiculous questions. 1.) What I do in PVE servers is just exactly that...I loot items both for personal use and trade/sell purposes, WITHOUT having to watch everywhere I go hoping that I do not get killed by someone wishing to take my loot. What makes the difference WHAT I do in PVE when I am the one playing, and that does not effect you? 2.) I can not believe that you are actually asking this question. Guns are for killing zombies, selling or trading, and if you play PVP they are for killing other players. Pretty damn simple! 3.) Private servers exist in PVE so players don't have to put up with all the PVP bull$hite. The same reason they exist in PVP, so that groups of friends can play PVP together without all the drama involved in Open World PVP. 4.) Game features such as what exactly? NOTHING on/in this game has EVER made me want to engage other players, except for in the trade lounge! I certainly do not want to go shoot someone just to get a reputation or to take their loot. I can acquire my own loot and I don't care what reputation a player has; positive or negative. 5.) PVE player vs environment. PVP player vs player. PVE with 'enviroment' being the key factor, NOT other players. For what it's worth I was not attacking you. Sorry if it seemed that way. Your the one doing the complaining about how OW and PVP should be, and offering all sorts of ways to get those who play PVE to convert and play PVP. Funny how you say New Z is a survival game not a PVE game, yet the PVE servers exist! Why? Because the game is offering something for the PVE players weather you like it or not, that's why. Just because you think that there "is nothing for the PVE player to do" in PVE does not mean that all PVE players agree with your opinion. I find plenty to do. Well if your that focused on playing PVP then why do you admittedly come to the PVE servers to loot? I'm quite certain you can loot just the same on your beloved PVP servers. Oh wait, looting on a PVP server means that you might get killed and loose all your loot, so you choose to come to the PVE servers and do it in safety. Who says you just sit in a PVE server? I'm constantly on the move, town to town etc. I am using the items I loot to make GD, and using the GD to buy more items for trade or sale, or to buy things I wish to collect etc. I really don't understand your concern for what I do or don't do in PVE? Now who's saying that someone should not be on this game? I NEVER said that New Z should be a PVE game, not once. Clearly the devs see reason to have PVE servers weather you like it or not. I not the originator of this thread, nor am I the one doing any attacking of the game devs. Your just an unhappy PVP player, trying to convert all the PVE players you can by any means possible. I on the other hand simply play PVE, and defend it when players like yourself and Geneticzz try to make everyone fir the same mold, that of a PVP player. To me it just sounds like your a PVP player who is unhappy that there is any form of PVE what so ever. You say you don't KOS but this? When I have played on non private servers, I did not answer group requests, nor do I chat. I am playing the game, I am not there to socialize. Based on your statement, had I been playing PVP you would have shot me. So I would have been KOS regardless. Please don't say that in this case I should have accepted a group invite, or talked via chat. When I play the game I am not socializing. I am looting and killing zombies, not trying to make friends or enemies. Encourage PVP all you want, but please stop trying to get the game devs to do away with PVE. You don't see the PVE players trying to get the devs to make changes to PVP servers. Why can't the PVP players just leave the PVE players alone? Go play your PVP. Die, have fun, whatever. Worrying about why the number of people stop playing PVP or have no interest in it is a legitimate concern for the PVP player. But.....the servers are there, let the players play where and how they like, either PVP or PVE. Most PVE players don't care about PVP, so why are PVP players so concerned with what PVE players do, don't do, etc? We are obviously enjoying PVE.
  5. EXACTLY! The PVP players buy from us PVE players all the dang time!!! So yeah, let them do away with OW PVE and see how well they fare when they need to buy guns, ammo, DX etc. (FAST, FAST, FAST, GO, GO, GO) as they often like to do!! I have came to the conclusion that while I no longer wish to PAY for a private server, or for a premium account; that at least a private server will keep out all the PVP players and their conversion tactics.
  6. **Clarification before you read my post. When discussing locations I am referring to Open World, Colorado Vl map** Your right, this is NEW Z, and with that comes the word "new." PVE might be a first here, but players like myself, happen to like this rather than PVP. It's why we are here, and why we play the game. There should be NO trace of ANY sort of PVP in PVE servers. I hope you are speaking for yourself when you say "What do you really wanna do in NewZ PvE except for lootings guns you'll never really use. The Player vs Environment experience is lacking in the PvE channels because there is NOTHING you can do there really. "I often loot all kinds of guns, some of which I DO use; any other loot that I do not want, I often take to the trade lounge to sell to the PVP players who don't want to spend the time playing and gathering their needed supplies. All the PVP players want to do is kill you, take whatever you have and bolster their reputation points. If you asked me it is nothing short of cowardice, killing someone just to take their loot and gain reputation points. In turn you may try to say that playing PVE is cowardice because you don't want to risk the danger of being killed etc. Truth of the matter is that for me personally I do not want some PVP player killing me just to take my hard earned stuff, when they can go collect it themselves just like every other PVE player did! Danger in the woods aspect would be freeking amazing to have!!! Riot shields I could care less about, as I do NOT play PVP, but I do loot them and sell to PVP players who want them. Encourage PVE players to play PVP....NOT Going to happen!! There are MANY reasons why the people who play PVE play it! One of which is people like you trying to FORCE PVE players to play PVP by whatever means they can. PVP challenge/challenge survival. I think from what I have read on the forums, they do need to give those who play survival more of a 'survival' type challenge. Bring radiation to Nato. This is already in effect in OW PVE servers. Are you refering to PVP servers? You also state that ". Right now, there is no reason for PvE-ers to come to Open World if they want to stay in PvE because there is nothing else to do in Open World unless you're in Nato." I'm not sure where you are getting your info on this but..IMHO in OW, Nato is not really all that. The airport is the place for loot. And lastly, What I am trying to get at here is that those players who play PVE play it for many reasons, even if you as a PVP player do not understand them. It's not your call. Do what you want to with the PVP servers, but please stay out of the PVE servers and the PVE players realm. STOP trying to force us, by whatever means you think will lure us, to play PVP.
  7. The only thing your missing V A C A N C Y is the fact that this weekend event should have been called the 'weak'-end event. Nothing offered for anyone who does not play PVP or who is not a money player.
  8. And for those of us who only play PVE? What then? By only focusing on Survival, Battle Royal, and Competative, this leaves nothing for those who play PVE. The Community is NOT splitted way too much, there are just more people that have different views than you do.
  9. Thanks Sven. I been trying to sell a few hard earned extra XMR rifles, and the ammo. Just never knew what the ammo was worth, and I did not want to price it too high or short change myself. PS: Not sure what your calling rare, but I have 40 full clips
  10. Been looking everywhere and can not seem to get a price. Gamepedia site only has the XMR-32 rifle listed. How much are the XMR-32 Clips?
  11. Not sure is anyone has reported this yet or not, but the new AR stock and AR barrel fits the Kruger rifle. Last I knew the Kruger rifle was NOT an assault rifle. The new Sniper Barrel does not fit on the SCAR-H rifle. The SCAR-H is a sniper rifle and is banned from non-sniper server, so I am not sure why all of this is occurring. Also on the infestationnewz.gamepedia.com page, the SCAR-H is listed both as a Sniper AND a Semi-Automatic-Rifle. With this being said, the new Sniper barrel should fit the SCAR-H.
  12. Katryna247


    Exactly! I have been banned 4 times in three days due to "high ping" issues that never occurred before the FAC/patch. I am still dealing with support about the problem.
  13. Ticket has been submitted, second comment on ticket #106130
  14. I do not play Survival, nor will I, but I will say this. I AGREE with SurZeus...the people (those who voted in the Survival poll) have spoken. It is VERY clear what they want. It is like an election. People who play Survival voted. The majority wins. While you might not like it, sadly this is how it works. All in all it was/is fair. EVERYONE had a chance to vote.
  15. This has been happening to my wife and I ALL night as well! I play through Steam, ans she plays from the downloaded game. It has became a REALLY annoying thing as of late. What's worse is the game blocked her for too many log in attempts, and it also locked our IP as well, therefor, I can not play until it unlocks for her!!!! This is TOTAL BS! We share an IP because we live together, but we are two separate people with two separate accounts!! This should NOT be occurring!!
  16. My apologies Sven. A little too much holiday beverage on my part. Sorry. Thanks for looking into this.
  17. Thanks Vintorez. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season as well!
  18. Hey Seven have you talked to Steve yet about there being no Christmas Trees at the airport on Colorado V1 (at lease this is occuring on our private server)? Also, the super zombies are still dropping winter boxes instead of Christmas boxes. Not sure if that was planned or not? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  19. Keymbo.....Launchboy destroyed no one with 'facts.' You want to talk facts, lets talk rules; because your both clearly breaking them! Now that's a fact!
  20. Your reply: a)There is a problem in a nutshell....you admittedly just don't care b.) There is no 'joke' or laughing matter when you are blatantly referring to someones sexual orientation. Your comments about my post: c.) I have and still do follow open chat but I have never seen such insulting like in this thread. d.) b.) If this is such a shitty game as you say, then why do you stay and play? e.) As I have stated multiple times before, I have tried this and it does not work.
  21. Two words for you Launchboy about your made up Fredaikis patch....sexual harassment. Clearly you have issues with the LGBTQ community as the wording in your post states. I have news for you...Game rules: Hate speech will be taken serious (racism/xenophobia/homophobia/etc...) and will most likely cause a ban. Keep in mind that TRASHTALKING is part of the game. Trash talking and harassment are two completely different things. - Harassing: Going after specific player for no reason just to aggravate them, offending them with personal things, talking shit about their families with the intention of clearly offending.
  22. So I am 50, so what? What does age have to do with anything? I am not crying like a baby, I am simply a woman asking for a little respect, and the last time I checked there is NOTHING wrong with that!
  23. Why are you instigating and trying to pick a fight by calling me sir when clearly I have asked not to be called this? May I remind you of the game rules, particularly this one : Harassing: Going after specific player for no reason just to aggravate them, offending them with personal things, talking shit about their families with the intention of clearly offending. I do believe that calling me sir when I have asked not to be called this and calling me a feminist just because you feel like it to aggravate me falls under this rule.
  24. Just goes to show you I have a point! Once again an ******* calling a female Sir.
  25. You really need to STOP with your theory that I am angry at men and that I am a triggered Feminist. You are free to think what you like, but this is becoming harassment with your accusations.
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