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  1. @Sven Well, I would liked to have came here and left a nice comment about this weeks weekend event, but I can't. It's not that I don't want to, because I really do; I was actually looking forward to PVE in Survival, but..........I now have a support ticket #112571 that is over 24hrs old since I last answered support about the issue I am having. NO response from support! I can NOT play the game with the issue I am having, so therefor not only can I NOT play, but I am MISSING out on the weekend event! What is support's excuse now? It was not on the weekend when I first reported my issue and started conversation with support. A few replies later, (24 hrs later) the weekend comes and support is NON-EXISTENT!!! How are players supposed to play and give feedback good or bad, if they can't play?
  2. I love how you ASSume that EVERYONE online is a male! ASSumptions have been made, and now when we tell you we ARE FEMALES you chose NOT to believe us. I will give you the first ASSumtion, but since you were told we are indeed females, you should stop with the insults regarding gender. It's quite alright actually, as I am rather certain these comments of yours constitute sexual harassment!
  3. Players, even new ones, can play on the official PVE servers at no cost. The beginner (warm up server) is for new players to learn how to play in the PVP environment.
  4. Nice to see how someone like you who has only been a member of the forum for a few hours now, seems to think they know everything by your statement. "Every single enemy in new z is defeated by jumping on top of an obstacle and shooting it in the head..." I will have you know that I have killed regular zombies, super zombies, super alien zombies, and radiated zombies and supers as well ON THE GROUND! No jumping on obstacles. Besides that you do not have to shoot zombies in the head to kill them, this is not Survival, I'm talking in PVE. Private servers are just that...private. If you have played on them you should be thankful that someone gave you the password. If you do not like playing on private servers, then why not stay off of them. What players do or how they play in their own private server is none of your concern. After all it is a 'private' server. If they fail to make a password that is their choice and you are simply playing for free on their dime. I don't play the game to make friends (although I do have a few, this however took me a very long time to establish) I do not chat with people when I play. I do not except group invites either, nor do I except friend requests unless I actually know you, or unless I have talked with you extensively off line/out of game. I am not here to socialize, I can do plenty of that when I am in trade lounge buying/selling/trading. I don't know what your calling community spirit style things? Someone a while back mentioned that there should be some sort of co-op missions and things. That's all fine and well for anyone who wants that sort of interaction with other players, I for one do not. The weekend events are only subpar when the PVE side is left out. This has happened and still is happening weekly during weekend events. The events always offer things for the PVP players but nothing as substantial or even equal to what is offered to PVP players. Take last weeks weekend event for example. Nothing for the PVE players but discounted skins, and a so called' collectible' trash bag that was freeking USELESS at best! When the dev's were called on the fact they tried making a lame excuse that it was some sort of joke, thus proving that once again nothing was really offered to the PVE player.
  5. Then please stop saying what should and should not be done in the PVE servers. It's funny how you don't see PVE players doing this bunny hopping crap. What you do see ALL the time in trade lounge, (the SAFEST place in game) are the PVP players constantly hopping as if someone might be able to hit them and do damage! Ridiculous at best!! As far as spacebar/V, this does not dominate every PVE enemy, nor does it turn the entire game into shooting fish in a barrel. What your describing is how this might effect PVP play. PVE players have no need to go about hopping. This insane. The PVE players that I know, along with myself would NEVER venture onto a PVP server (safe zone or not) to buy,sell, or trade anything.
  6. Yet another attempt to force players to do things they do NOT want to do! If you think that players would play ALL in one server you are sadly mistaken. People would leave the game by the masses. The PVE players will not stand still for this kind of change!!! Since when is another player's inventory items count any of your, or anyone else's business? This effects your game play how exactly??? Where do you think all the stuff PVE players gather goes? I will tell you.....we sell it in trade to make money, and we usually are selling to PVP players who ask for specific items that we have. After the sale/trade everyone is happy. The PVP players can quickly re-join their game and the PVE players now have some nice GD in their pockets! So why does players gathering/collecting stuff bother you so badly? It does not directly effect you or your game. I for one do not play PVP, but I am friends with many who do play PVP, and this is absolute rubbish! A safe zone is just that...SAFE! If a player is running for their life and they can make it to a safe zone, so be it. There should be NO time limit as to when you can enter a safe zone. If a player spawns in and immediately is being shot at and they shoot back, and then decide to run for their life to a safe zone, they should be allowed to enter! Otherwise, you are allowing someone to be shot and killed without having a chance to run! Why does the amount of other players currency matter to you? Are you really that upset that some players have LOTS of in game money? This effects you and your game play how exactly? I am no billionaire by any means, but I do have a nice 9 figure of GD, ALL of which I earned over time. Unlike some players I do not buy GC nor do I buy GD to be added to my account. Sooner or later I will become a billionaire, and this does NOT, and WILL NOT effect what I do in game, or how I play the game in any way. It sounds to me like you just don't like other players who have more GD or GC than you do. This is almost how Survival currently plays except for the snipers and heavy armors being in parts. It's OK though since you want to do away with Survival, instead of making a suggestion to add things like the snipers and heavy armor being in parts. I think that would be a great addition to the current Survival mode. This is NOT forcing players to do anything. It is the game offering them different options. And let us not forget that IF a players does not like any of the above choices, there is always PVE! Or I suppose you are wanting to get rid of those servers as well? Did you by chance miss the poll on what should be done with servers? Players were asked, and we voted. A rather strongly I might add, as to what the player base wants as far as servers go.
  7. Thanks for the reply Steve, BUT......I was just wondering that myself! Thank you Campers By your explanation of this again I can see WHY PVE players who are venturing out to try Survival are leaving. If you read what you wrote, you are basically saying to trust no other players, in other words...shoot them! By shooting them you gain a negative reputation. Oh isn't that just something. It then becomes all about rep points. PVE players coming to try, TRY, Survival are NOT interested in reputation points, especially when "trust no one" comes into play! This FORCES them to have to play PVP in the "trust no one" manner which you described. I trusted a "so called' by reputation a Lawman! If you can not trust someone of a law abiding reputation, then why have reputations at all! I know how the game works, so please save your forth coming explanation on reputations. Something NEEDS to be done either to SEVERELY punish players who choose to kill those with reputations that are the same (positive/negative) as theirs. A player who is a civilian who gets group requested by someone of a positive rep, should NOT be killed by said individual with a positive rep. Granted yes, they might be scared of the individual they group request (that is a given) BUT, grouping them and them killing them should NOT be allowed!! If players are so concerned with their reputations, they should practice getting them on PVP servers. Again this is rather pointless. When I played, even when I took NO loot, ( I was going to get killed anyway so why give anyone loot) I was just trying to build up my skill tree. Why would you want to waste skill tree points on several characters when they are so hard to accumulate in the first place? Quickly re-joining with another character does NOTHING to help you when your trying to build up your skill tree on your primary character. On a last note to the Devs that did listen....THANK YOU!!!!! Survival PVE and I liked, and would be VERY interested playing that again if you ever open a PVE Survival server!!!
  8. @Sven @3lias @Fred THANK YOU FOR THE PVE SURVIVAL SERVERS!! Really means a LOT to those who have asked and suggested. THANK YOU again! This is a very nice step toward implementing lots of ideas. Hyped for the Police theme! Can't wait!
  9. @Sven the reworks look amazing! Thank you again for all you do. I am super excited for the complete new patch to get rolled out. I feel from reading the patch notes this has something to offer for everyone.
  10. Love this idea JKS. The ban process should hit them HARD to prove to them this is no joke! That way if they do get banned they had plenty of warning, and plenty of time to think about if they were going to do it again or not.
  11. I TOTALLY AGREE with this idea!!! Maybe if the macros was banned more people would play PVP. I have several friend who have quit playing because you can not kill someone who meds and shields faster then you can shoot. I don't play PVP, but I think anyone using macros is a coward and afraid to get killed. If you have to play a game and cheat (as a lot of players use macros, and yes I know that is allowed for shields and healing....but it still is a [email protected] cheat) if you have to cheat to play, you should not be playing at all!
  12. How do laggy players have the advantage. When I have lagged (for whatever reason) I certainly had NO advantage. I lagged and zombies that were far away surged, I was frozen in place, and when it all stopped lagging I was dead. This bu No means is an advantage.
  13. @Sven Whomever made this decision to shut you down on your WiP with the reworks is a total @sshat and a jerk!! I thi9nk that whomever did this to you is actually jealous of all the wonderful comments you relieved. You have done WONDERS to bolster the community. It is sad that whomever made the decision clearly does NOT want to see or hear what the players want. Clearly you got nothing but raving reviews about how well you were doing with this little project. It saddens me that it has came to this for you. Please don't give up the fight, we are behind you! I can't even begin to express, because mere words don't do you the justice that you deserve, nor do they even begin to describe, all that you have done. You are true to your word, honest, and fair. You Sir, are a dying breed, and you are AWESOME!!!!
  14. Awesome job SVEN!! Looks amazing! Please continue the great work that you do! We sincerely appreciate all that you do, especially with doing some of this stuff in your own time.
  15. @Sven, @Fred, @3lias Not sure where this goes but I am posting it here because it does involve Survival and WHY people do NOT want to play it. I have been playing Survival for a few days, trying, TRYING HARD to give it a chance. Now after this last event that occurred I will NEVER play this node again!!!! I and a few in game friends grouped, we ALL had civilian, constable, or even better yet LAWMAN ranks. One player in our group the Constable needed some help and myself and another player went to aid them IN the safe zone. We gladly shared our VERY HARD GOTTEN gains with them. As soon as we rolled our (as a group) just as we got out of the safe zone we were fired upon immediately and killed by the so called Constable! This sort of behavior is what is driving players away from your precious Survival game mode as well as PVP! I NEVER again will group with anyone but my wife, and one VERY special person (not naming names but you know who you are) I do NOT care what reputation you have, unless I know you personally, group will NOT happen!! Can you see now now I ONLY will play PVE? It's pretty darn clear....(most but not all) PVP players are @sses. No matter what perks PVP or Survival have or get I will NEVER play in any mode that has ANYTHING REMOTELY resembling PVP!!!!!! This sort of behavior NEEDS to be curbed if you want players to even try Survival mode. I tried it like a fool, but fool me once shame on you, because there will NOT be a second chance unless by a miracle of fate there opens up a PVE Survival board. I now you think that there could be no way but I might have a solution. You could keep ALL the aspects of survival, just minus the PVP. You die and loose ALL your stuff just like now. Loot is rare and hard to find, just like now. The revive timer even stays the same, just like now. Zombies are everywhere and hard to kill without loot, just like now. All that would change is to make the server PVE. Everything else would remain. And now onto my second complaint about Survival. I know this has been discussed and even voted on, but I still have a complaint/solution that I don't think was discussed. When you die in Survival and have to wait 7min to revive, players get tired of waiting and move on to other things and often times never go back to playing as they are now engaged in other games or activities. My suggestion would be a 2-3min revive time with the player loosing all loot, just like now. The only issue I can see if this were to occur is that other players after looting the dead player would wait and camp, only to kill them again. This wait time was a concern of mine when I gave Survival a try.
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