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  1. Not sure is anyone has reported this yet or not, but the new AR stock and AR barrel fits the Kruger rifle. Last I knew the Kruger rifle was NOT an assault rifle. The new Sniper Barrel does not fit on the SCAR-H rifle. The SCAR-H is a sniper rifle and is banned from non-sniper server, so I am not sure why all of this is occurring. Also on the infestationnewz.gamepedia.com page, the SCAR-H is listed both as a Sniper AND a Semi-Automatic-Rifle. With this being said, the new Sniper barrel should fit the SCAR-H.
  2. Katryna247


    Exactly! I have been banned 4 times in three days due to "high ping" issues that never occurred before the FAC/patch. I am still dealing with support about the problem.
  3. Ticket has been submitted, second comment on ticket #106130
  4. I do not play Survival, nor will I, but I will say this. I AGREE with SurZeus...the people (those who voted in the Survival poll) have spoken. It is VERY clear what they want. It is like an election. People who play Survival voted. The majority wins. While you might not like it, sadly this is how it works. All in all it was/is fair. EVERYONE had a chance to vote.
  5. This has been happening to my wife and I ALL night as well! I play through Steam, ans she plays from the downloaded game. It has became a REALLY annoying thing as of late. What's worse is the game blocked her for too many log in attempts, and it also locked our IP as well, therefor, I can not play until it unlocks for her!!!! This is TOTAL BS! We share an IP because we live together, but we are two separate people with two separate accounts!! This should NOT be occurring!!
  6. My apologies Sven. A little too much holiday beverage on my part. Sorry. Thanks for looking into this.
  7. Thanks Vintorez. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season as well!
  8. Hey Seven have you talked to Steve yet about there being no Christmas Trees at the airport on Colorado V1 (at lease this is occuring on our private server)? Also, the super zombies are still dropping winter boxes instead of Christmas boxes. Not sure if that was planned or not? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  9. Keymbo.....Launchboy destroyed no one with 'facts.' You want to talk facts, lets talk rules; because your both clearly breaking them! Now that's a fact!
  10. Your reply: a)There is a problem in a nutshell....you admittedly just don't care b.) There is no 'joke' or laughing matter when you are blatantly referring to someones sexual orientation. Your comments about my post: c.) I have and still do follow open chat but I have never seen such insulting like in this thread. d.) b.) If this is such a shitty game as you say, then why do you stay and play? e.) As I have stated multiple times before, I have tried this and it does not work.
  11. Two words for you Launchboy about your made up Fredaikis patch....sexual harassment. Clearly you have issues with the LGBTQ community as the wording in your post states. I have news for you...Game rules: Hate speech will be taken serious (racism/xenophobia/homophobia/etc...) and will most likely cause a ban. Keep in mind that TRASHTALKING is part of the game. Trash talking and harassment are two completely different things. - Harassing: Going after specific player for no reason just to aggravate them, offending them with personal things, talking shit about their families with the intention of clearly offending.
  12. So I am 50, so what? What does age have to do with anything? I am not crying like a baby, I am simply a woman asking for a little respect, and the last time I checked there is NOTHING wrong with that!
  13. Why are you instigating and trying to pick a fight by calling me sir when clearly I have asked not to be called this? May I remind you of the game rules, particularly this one : Harassing: Going after specific player for no reason just to aggravate them, offending them with personal things, talking shit about their families with the intention of clearly offending. I do believe that calling me sir when I have asked not to be called this and calling me a feminist just because you feel like it to aggravate me falls under this rule.
  14. Just goes to show you I have a point! Once again an ******* calling a female Sir.
  15. You really need to STOP with your theory that I am angry at men and that I am a triggered Feminist. You are free to think what you like, but this is becoming harassment with your accusations.
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