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  1. Masks

    Perhaps the masks could offer more damage done while wearing, but offer less protection than helmets. Also you could possibly make the masks more rare?
  2. Ranting about cheaters

    Yeah this is so true! I have seen as many as 5 people get banned for cheating in just a few minuets, let alone in 3 years!!!
  3. Weekend Event!

    EXACTLY! Feeling left out again. This event seems as though it is aimed directly at the PVP players, and the money players. The PVE players either won't play as much this weekend, or when another event is being held (say one for PVE players) the servers will be full of PVP players trying to get in on a PVE event:( I feel your pain Campers:(:(
  4. Footsteps volume

    Yes I like this idea. Louder footsteps would be nice please.
  5. Maps - Open World

    Played Oregon on an Private Open World Server....there were little to NO zombies to be found. Traveled around from town to town and still the same result. Also not very much if any at all loot. What is up guys?
  6. Servers List - Open World

    MORE zombies are always good! YES please MORE zombies!!!!
  7. Glove Skins?

    Glove skins? Seriously? Have you ever looked at another player...you can not see gloves. Have you ever looked at yourself? You can only see gloves in FP. So no need for glove skins.
  8. Vehicles

    Well said friend, well said! As I read the previous post I was thinking this myself.
  9. Lack of Zombies for PVE

    Yeah I am still waiting as well....
  10. Ranting about cheaters

    No one specific. Just a general rant about cheaters. NO worries what-so-ever here from me. I don't cheat when I play:)
  11. Performance

    I myself am not having issues like others with the new FAC but I do have a few questions about it. When in your chat window you see a notification that FAC has banned someone, is this a global ban, a proximity ban, server ban, or an entire Master server ban? I am VERY curious because I have seen and experienced something similar to someone using macros, my character freezes and I can do absolutely nothing. I either die or after a few minuets play (being frozen in place) resumes as normal IMMEDATELY following an notification that someone has been banned. I would like to know HOW someone gets banned and their name was NOT on the server list of players? Example: there are 10 people on a 10 player server. Names are players A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and my character (player B) starts lagging, a few minuets pass and suddenly as soon as the notification posts that player W has been banned everything goes back to normal. HOW is this possible when there was NEVER a player W on in the first place. I am constantly checking to see who is logged in new so I know that there was NEVER a player W. So can someone explain that?!! I know other players that are experiencing the same problem as well.
  12. Weapon Statistics

    The FN FAL should no longer be considered a sniper rifle. If this is the case (now being fully automatic) it would/ will/ and does give the user an extreme advantage for those who play PVP. For example before the change you could only fire single shots as fast as you could aim killing perhaps a few before being detected and killed. Now, after the change it gives the user/sniper an advantage to wipe out entire groups at great distances extremely fast. I do not play PVP, but I am sure a lot of PVP players would agree with this.
  13. Performance

    I TOTALLY agree with what CampersRUs said. It seems as everything is focused on the PVP players.
  14. Ranting about cheaters

    Just got to say this and get it off my chest. IF you play and use any cheats, macros, aimlock, lag switch etc. YOU ARE A COWARD! Why do you feel the need to cheat to play a game? I bet it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it? You cheat, you become number one in whatever game you were playing in, you don't get caught, you brag; yeah this makes you a real big person. Why can't you play the game like the rest of us...BY THE RULES? Oh wait, that means you have to actually WORK for your title, rank, and placement. You have to work hard to become good. Things you don't want to do. It's OK it's no skin off my back, your a lazy @$$ coward who is afraid and has to hide behind cheats. No problem, at least I have morals and can sleep good at night with a clean conscious.
  15. Patch 2.19

    Not sure if this question goes here or not but....with the new patch it was said that the new AK 15 (previously the AK 12) were spawning all over the place. I have been on several Colorado and Colorado Vl servers and have not yet found 1! I play with several friends who have also not been able to locate even one! Are the spawning? Is this a glitch? Have they not been released yet?