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  1. I have completed my required 10 specialist missions and collected my 10 specialist coins, however when I go to the trade lounge to find the vending machines they do not work? Could someone please explain how to get my rifle? Thank you.
  2. Katryna247

    Loot - Open World

    Not sure if this question goes here or not, and my apologies if it goes elsewhere. Will the Autumn Boxes become Legacy Boxes in 2019?
  3. Katryna247

    Patch 2.25

    Super zombies on HK Colorado V1 open world are not dropping ANY loot when killed after patch 2.25
  4. Katryna247

    Loot - Open World

    Colorado V1 HK server super zombies are not dropping ANYTHING when killed after 2.25 patch
  5. Katryna247


    What vehicle do you have feedback about? ALL of them If this feedback is about an issue can you explain what the issue is? When your vehicle gets stuck on rocks and you "can not exit vehicle" you either stay in it and die, or log out and loose it. The F7 (unstuck vehicle) does NOT work! If this feedback is about an issue, since when is this happening? After what patch? This has been an ongoing issue, so I am not sure what patch was/is involved. What do you think we should change? I am not sure what you guys need to do to fix this issue, but pleeeeeeeeease FIX it. I am tired of losing cars and do not have the time to submit a support ticket every time this occurs.
  6. Katryna247

    Halloween Week 2018 (End)

    It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Devs!!!
  7. Katryna247

    Ideas for better Open World

    Remove them? Have you lost your mind? Super Zombies is where you get a lot of exp points from. You just need to get some skill points, fill your skill tree, and practice different ways of killing them. In my opinion they are TOO easy to kill, even for beginner players who do not yet have a high jump skill. If you keep getting killed by them, stay away from them until you are better and more confidant.
  8. Katryna247

    Halloween Week 2018

    I found the secret spot (NICE placement BTW) but can someone please explain how that all works? I have been there multiple times at all different times of the day and night and still can't seem to figure this out. It might be because of an issue I submitted to support where I had fire sounds but no visual of the fires, or I had visuals of the fires and no sound of the flames?
  9. Katryna247

    Halloween Week 2018

    I think it is a skin for the Katana that you get from the Halloween box......I 'think" I been wondering this myself
  10. Katryna247

    Bus stops

  11. Katryna247

    Bus stops

    Colorado V1 map, all bus stops are missing. Not sure is this is related to server setting for the event or something seriously wrong.
  12. Katryna247

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    Fist of all a BIG THANK YOU for the new PVE content! I an hyped and can't wait to play for it! And now a few questions...Can someone please explain how/why the crossbow is considered DMR, and how was it even considered in an assault rifle class to begin with? Also are players ever going to be compensated as promised for the loss of ammo when the crossbow ammo stats changed from 5 to 1 per item? THANKS again for the new PVE stuff.
  13. Katryna247

    New Sniper XMR / Contracts / Coins

    O M G! CAMPERS I LOVE your idea!!!!! Your welcome for my input. They asked, and I answered:)
  14. Katryna247

    PVE server playing as PVP

    Currently there is a private server on the US board called BR-TS3- this server is listed as PVE but it is playing PVP. My friend and I discovered this when she accidentally shot me and I took damage, proving this was/is a PVP server. Here is a link to my start screen and you can see my PVE box is checked. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053493929/screenshots/
  15. Katryna247

    New Sniper XMR / Contracts / Coins

    Btw, I think it should be 5000 zombies for every weapon. I mean, isn't 500 too easy at the moment? Personally I would be OK with 5000. The numbers I listed were just suggestions as I stated and could always be changed.