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  1. So are those of us that have comments on this thread as well. You are quick to point out your thoughts and ideas, but when someone has different ideas than yours you seem to get a bit fussy. This is a forum of free speech, or at least I thought so, You can not post a thread and expect that no one will comment or challenge your views. You were offering your thoughts and ideas of how to improve the game, and we were as well. I can respect what you are saying, but when you talk of "forcing" players to play a different game mode than they do, this is when your ideas become null and void.
  2. Funny how you don't know how rank works. In the forum players are given ranks as to how many posts they make etc. "Killer", by all means is just a title in the forum. The ranks alternate between "good" and "bad" ranks. It in NO WAY matches your in game reputation. And you assume that I do not? I am on very good terms with the devs, good enough I am not afraid to give them my opinions and good enough terms that I am also not afraid to call them when they screw up and try to blame things on a player, or their PC's. Are you listening to what you are saying? FORCED.....No one should be forced to do anything!!! They should not be forced interact with another human (gamer) ever. Players should not have to rely on other players to complete missions. This mentality is why a lot of people do not play Facebook games that require players to rely on 'friends' to help complete missions. So much for solo gaming where people just want to be left alone to game. Don't get me wrong, I DO interact with other players (real humans) when I go to trade lounges, but ONLY then. What if PVP players were "forced" to now have to play in PVE mode? I guarantee that they would not like it, so why are you trying to force PVP on those who only play PVE?
  3. You simply can NOT force players into playing a game mode that they DO NOT want to, like PVP. If you think that players will adapt and play PVP you are wrong. Players like myself ONLY play PVE and we will not cave to such whimsical demands! What will happen is we WILL quit the game entirely taking all our money (no more private server rentals, no more paid accounts like premium, deluxe, etc.) with us; and lets not forget we talk with our friends, fellow gamers, and word of mouth goes along way. It will not simply be a few PVE players quitting, it will be in masses! The same is in reverse as well. I do not think that die hard PVP players would like it very much if they were forced to play PVE. Removing vehicles, but letting long term players keep it as a perk is in no way fair. Making them available in the market for such high prices solves nothing. A player can be a long term player (VET) yet not have that much money ($25M) as you suggest. Trying to make players either have that much money or requiring them tho purchase GC is by no means a fair demand. Some players play FREE and not only have NO intention of ever buying GC for anything, but some players do not have the real money to spend simply to get GC to buy a fake item (like a car) in a video game. Players with built up banks is NO guarantee that they will spend. The PVE player has a built up account by looting and selling loot to the PVP players, as well as NOT spending money they have acquired. The PVP players acquire their money from looting and selling, as well as killing other players. Their bank is built the same way. NOT spending. New Z players were even polled (Feedback Vehicle System on November 18th, 2018 by ElChupacabra) and we voted NOT to remove vehicles!
  4. I like a few of your ideas, but could you please explain why you want each of these changes? I'm just curious because I also feel that the sniper barrel should increase damage by a sniper rifle. But this right here ^ is the best ever idea in my opinion!
  5. I agree with you completely JKS. I'm sorry you lost in your match. I was not trying to get you in any trouble, I just wanted to point out what I have read about macros. I think the devs ( @SVEN, @Fred, @ELCHUPACABRA, @ 3LIAS ) should make a once and for all statement on macros use.
  6. You are only allowed to use macros to heal and for shields! On January 2nd 2019, in the Open World, General Discussion, Macro's and Hacks, KOTAZ said: "You can use macros to shield and heal any other eg rapid fire or recoil dampening are bannable." So based on what KOTAZ stated, you are cheating!
  7. Katryna247


    I like this idea. I think that if zombie dogs are added, that they should run faster than zombies, and faster than players. This would make players have to actually think of an escape plan simply because you can't outrun the dogs. No mere spray and pray either, it would make players actually have to use logic and tactics to escape being eaten by zombie dogs. Make them have a coyote mentality ie: if a dog spots a human it would howl and alert the pack, next thing you know you could be chased by a legion of zombie dogs. This sounds FUN!
  8. I agree Campers, I am sick and tired of all the same old excuses we are being given. I am also agree with DNI Adrian about how they love to tell you it was 'because of the weekend.' Support should be support plain and simple, and if support is not/will not be available the TELL players the proper response times on tickets. We were ALL told that the devs would pay more attention to the forums/tickets because not everyone has or uses discord. Obviously this is not the case. I feel bad for new players, hell I even feel bad for any player for that matter who has an issue that effects game play if and when they submit a support ticket based on the response time Ruler had to deal with. WHY would anyone want to play a game where when they had a problem it took support that long to answer!!! What if this problem occurred during a weekend event, or a special weekend event(Viking Weekend for poor Ruler) not only are players losing playtime, they are also missing out on exclusive items. It is a pretty rude thing to to to place one game over another; and pay more attention to the needs of one game's players over the others. Unless your doing it for the money, because we all know Nether is a paid game and not a free stand alone like Infestation. War Z. Infestation Survivor stories....New Z is turning into the same thing. It is history repeating it's self, and we all know where those games are now..... Not that is is going to help or solve anything(because I feel New Z is being thrown back on the shelf in place of Nether and devs are giving Nether priority) but I feel that Nether should and NEEDS it's own forum, simply to keep threads separate. Most of the posts on this forum seem to be Nether related. You keep asking WHY you are losing players, yet you never listen. Perhaps you should have a looooong sit down with Sergey Titov. The following quotes are from Sergey Titov about how he failed: "I have realized that as the leader of this ship, I missed all early warnings that were saying, 'Your community is not as happy as you think they are, you need to alter course.' We chose to tune out negative reactions to the game, not paying enough attention to them – and this, again, is my fault. We chose to rely too much on numbers – percentage of refund requests, number and dynamic of our daily and monthly active users, etc. Well, in hindsight – those things probably work well for more casual games, but the hardcore PC gaming community is much different and can be very vocal about what they feel. Even when the percentage of players with negative comments is small, as the community grows, even a small percentage can add up to be a very significant absolute number. And it's not just a number – those are real people with real issues they are having with the game." All quotes are from the following article: https://kotaku.com/war-z-creator-apologizes-i-became-arrogant-and-blinded-5971562
  9. *points to the above post* Saving space by not quoting. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE with what you just said!!!!
  10. Great video @JKS! This is proof that the zombies were NOT dropping money!
  11. @Steve @Sven Here we go again with yet another weekend event/themed weekend event with DOUBLE GD/EXP having issues and nothing getting done to resolve them. Zombies not dropping GC like JKS reported just happened during the last double GC weekend just a few weekends ago! Players were assured that this bug was fixed, now JKS is not only having an issue with it but it got made into video proof! The issue I had with Battle Royale not being melee only was not addressed either. It was not even commented on in any timely fashion; so the one time I decided to venture beyond my comfort zone(PVE) and try BR, THIS happened! So much for wanting someone like me to try another form of the game. Lastly, although the event was much appreciated and fun with the change of scenery and all, sorry to say but, the loot was not all that great. The game was flooded with war hammers and war axes. This drove the price for them into the ground. Those of us who acquired ours from Alien drops of Legendary Weapon Crates, no longer have million dollar items, we now have shite! As the event progressed the loot seemed to fall short of anything worth gathering. The spawn rate of the boxes seemed non existent, and I have yet to see anyone with the Holy War Hammer, not to mention while watching a Twitch feed and seeing the entire map searched, the players found nothing! You would think that if anyone had one of those, that they would most certainly want to show it off!
  12. Not sure what's going on here but I just decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try Battle Royal since it was supposed to be melee only. This was not the case in either Colorado or Tropico. Also, not sure why the low player numbers here, but I never got to really play because there have only been up to 14 players at any time when I tried playing ( and I tried several different times). I checked my timezone to make sure I was within the given time for melee only, yet still no melee.
  13. Katryna247


    I would like to say THANK YOU SVEN! This event is amazing so far, and I can't wait for it to offer more over the next few days. I do have one slight concern though and I can not remember if it has already been addressed. The Viking loot, specifically the war axe and war hammer, are now so easily found in the Viking settlements that their value has taken a downswing. Players who have a few of each weapon that they acquired from the Legendary Weapon Crates when they killed an Alien Super no longer hold the value that they once did. I don't know if this was intentional or just something that was not foreseen.
  14. Thank you Sven. !t would be really nice if we could have an official area for suggestions just for the weekend events. Perhaps more people would be active in the forum if there was a place to post such things. I have more ideas (besides the one I posted) but would like a proper place to post them. If players don't want to post things publicly, perhaps a drop box kind of thing , where only Dev's could see the posts.
  15. ME TOO! This sounds awesome! I am even going to set my alarm clock!!
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