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  1. gizmoooo

    ISP - GAMING sucht neue Member

    We only accept german players atm! Recruitment für deutsche Spieler ist wieder offen! Bei Interesse einfach PM an mich oder per Discord! gizmoooo#6008
  2. gizmoooo

    Instant Revive System - Feedback

    Think its fine for PVP servers as it is now. For offi servers maybe double the respawn time or remove it so u have to log out like how it was back in the days
  3. gizmoooo

    Sell Skins

    Selling following skins! OFFER ME! Troll offers will be ignored.
  4. gizmoooo

    Help us translate the game!

    Guess german is my thing Im bad at this game but streaming it But guess my german is pretty good, and im able to translate from english to german
  5. Great job there Pac
  6. gizmoooo

    ...::: Pac's shop :::...

    I just want ur booty
  7. gizmoooo


    Thanks for the advice :-) i wrote a mail to you guys. Hope we can solve that problem
  8. gizmoooo


    I would send a ticket but for that i have to login on the website and i cant cause i cant enter the pin from the google authentifivcator
  9. gizmoooo


    Hey Guys, i got a little problem. i enabled google authentificator and i lost my phone. so i cant login on the website now. I would do a support ticket but i have to login on the website to create one. So maybe if its possible to remove the google authentificator from my acc so i can log in again. Would be nice to get an answer :-) greetz gizmoooo