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    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    Tarde JAJAJAJA
  2. KIPER

    Seasonal Leaderboard

    Should you divide the season leaderboards by region (SA-EU-NA-HK), how is it that the Thais play 24 hours straight? The only thing i think is that there are many people in the same account, or in a lanhouse. It is impossible to win Ty
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    Killed by RECONNECTING
  4. KIPER

    PanamCup18 - Novas datas/new dates

    Coloca a Gods academy o dia 24 e 25, dia 23 nao posso
  5. KIPER

    Check-in for Week 1

    Vai gods pqp caralho
  6. KIPER

    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    I can join in hong kong with 360 ms
  7. KIPER

    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    just a thai with 400ms, welcome to newz
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    Em hong kong ta 30/30 quase sempre os servers
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    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    lets playyyyyyy
  11. KIPER

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    failed to update FAC, love this game
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    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    desclasificado pq o gandalf e racista, logico ne rekiem sempre foi hater da gods, nem o mbrisa, thg ou sla é tao hater
  13. KIPER

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    No son los mismos players Streamsniper y monster de NSDZ son fanes de monster y tavinho que usaba ese nombre
  14. KIPER

    Clear V2

    Make clear V2 great again. do a double gd event (so people feel motivated to play), place the respawn system as before and people will play clear v2.
  15. KIPER

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    where are teams like silenterror america (?) - high america (?)
  16. KIPER

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

  17. KIPER

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    Maximum 1 european/asian/etc. for team. Like CHP, rekiem is from spain.
  18. KIPER


    that's why europeans don't come to play the tournaments of america, they don't want to feel less r.i.p newz
  19. KIPER


    Put the close respawn in clear v2, many South American clans want to play on that map but that makes it unplayable
  20. KIPER


    ufffff, clear 50/50
  21. wtf? why u change?
  22. KIPER

    Newz 2k18 season

    +6m gd... Really? Play a whole week to win this? Spend more loot than a normal person spends in a game year I played in my SA region against thousands and thousands of chineses, thais, who know what they are with 500 of ping In the first season what i won, they gave me a Heavy Alien, (which at that time was worth 80m) and i dont remember another prize. But now? only 3 boxes? People feel unmotivated to play now, honestly. cya rip newz
  23. KIPER

    Newz 2k18 season

    Considering the first season leaderboards, i received 1 heavy alien (80m) and another prizes. At that time there was no instant respawn, which was spent 10 times less than loot. There were no Chinese with 450 of ping in South America. There were more people in the game, which was easier to have people motivated to play a whole week to win their prize. Adding people on servers with 5/10 people with killstreak of 50, 60 ??????????????????????? I did not spend time in reporting them, since people are not punished in this game, I got tired of reporting people doing boost in the double gd, and nothing. Honestly, very angry, it was a good game.