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  1. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: REI5 [REI5]COUNTRY/REGION: Brazil / Argentina1. KIPER (clan leader) Contact me on DISCORD: KIPER#75932. rhzGOD3. tommy4. RGA5. KIMZAOREIS6. bielGOD7. monsterGOD8.
  2. ?????????????????????????? there are no devs?
  3. Should you divide the season leaderboards by region (SA-EU-NA-HK), how is it that the Thais play 24 hours straight? The only thing i think is that there are many people in the same account, or in a lanhouse. It is impossible to win Ty
  4. KIPER


    Killed by RECONNECTING
  5. Coloca a Gods academy o dia 24 e 25, dia 23 nao posso
  6. KIPER


    Em hong kong ta 30/30 quase sempre os servers
  7. failed to update FAC, love this game
  8. desclasificado pq o gandalf e racista, logico ne rekiem sempre foi hater da gods, nem o mbrisa, thg ou sla é tao hater
  9. No son los mismos players Streamsniper y monster de NSDZ son fanes de monster y tavinho que usaba ese nombre
  10. KIPER

    Clear V2

    Make clear V2 great again. do a double gd event (so people feel motivated to play), place the respawn system as before and people will play clear v2.
  11. where are teams like silenterror america (?) - high america (?)
  12. Maximum 1 european/asian/etc. for team. Like CHP, rekiem is from spain.
  13. that's why europeans don't come to play the tournaments of america, they don't want to feel less r.i.p newz
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