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  1. keep the 3 maps and remove pvt servers. most official servers I play on only have 3-10 players at a time. imo pve shouldn't be an option because the game was clearly not meant for it. the survival part of the game is ruined because of it. survival mode looks like OW now. in order to preserve the original intent of what survival should be remove pvt servers and reduce the amount of loot that spawns. you could at least disable pvt servers for a time and then see how it goes
  2. imo a survival stand alone release would be an amazing thing but we cant forget the elephant in the room. which is all that they have already done with implementing the design and functions of this game and business aspects prohibiting that branch off of a new asset. so in a business perspective it wouldn't be possible b/c its a free to play game. now lets say they did branch off would you be willing to pay for that copy of the stand alone???? (how much $$ people willing to pay?) now think of all the people who had already invested into the survival. would they be willing? also is the economic risk worth it for the company? (time/profit) a small indi game comp. like this is probably better off just wiping the survival loot so everyone starts fresh and promoting that mode more as to get people on board. i think we can all agree that survival needs an overhaul and that it needs to remain unique from OW in is own ways. they should just wipe and reevaluate what the players REALLY want.
  3. imo a wipe could set that stage we all imagined survival should have been. i miss that old style pvp where you barely scrape by and hope the 3 bullets can down the next guy. i play for the pvp and would welcome a wipe but the looters wont. loot should be scarce. making it a challenge for looters. think of loot as time, the more time it takes to loot the more people play the game. currently im taking a break from the game only b/c its a little boring to find allot of loot all over. when its more beneficial to loot a small town than it is to scavenge the lands for players and rare stuff pvp becomes counterproductive.
  4. just recently i started playing with random players i made friends with (long time lone wolf). i was amazed that i couldn't msg them when forming a group to discuss tactics or trades. yeah sure i could just use discord or add them on steam. imo it would make the friend making/trading a bit smoother. also an "all chat" of sorts could help new players with questions or charity.
  5. imo this is one of the worst bugs i face. its so hard to recreate. it happens randomly. id say a 2% chance every time you leave the vehicle. nothing worse than getting a good kill steak and an inventory full of loot to just finally die to this bug. in my experience i notice it happens more often when you exit a vehicle near a road/flat surface or another vehicle.
  6. nice post. for suggestion #4 maybe we could cycle a couple items that could drop at a time. IE. 2-3 openworld items can spawn in survival for a week and then next week a whole new set can spawn. so if people want those items they have to farm during that week or wait till it comes back. they could even put a loading screen featuring such items of the week.
  7. MrTurner


    would love to see something besides pvp or loot added to the game (wishing for npc's quests base building). this game has evolved so much there is no telling what the devs will do next.
  8. wow nice. when you do get around to making some tougher zombies, pleas for the love of god dont give in to the people saying they are too hard and then nerfing them. (this seems to be a trend in this game and others over the years)
  9. looks good cant wait. id like to see adding a swamp area where the swamp is taking the land back where the streets and buildings are flooded like boulder city.
  10. i think they wont add allot of things to survival mode that make it harder on the player b/c they want new players to be able to have a chance and learn the mechanics of the game. where as OW is just a shopping mall snipe fest with 3-5 man groups t-baging the nearest bambie corps every chance they get. maybe add servers in both modes that lock the player out after a certain time period based on how long they have played. this allows new players a nice way to learn with other new players and allows the devs to be creative without fear of deterring the new players from either modes. (i cant remember if we already get noob servers in this version played 3 different versions of this game over a 6 year span hard to keep track sometimes)
  11. what an actual good survival montage!!!!??? WITH GOOD MUSIC??? more plz
  12. survival should have been the hard core version of new z. remove pvt servers (know this will never happen). the loot should be a 1/3 of what it is. zombies should be able to hit you from the ground and they should be a threat. all damage should be doubled. make it first person only. cars should be rare. the mode is still great but i don't feel like I'm surviving
  13. yo rdk. id have to say since you dont pvp options are limited. wait till crafting gets going. idk if it was this game or another but didnt someone say base building was coming to survival? maybe you can funnel thoes resources into a nice base or start up a clan where you trade with each other? wish more people traded in survival tbh.
  14. just want to say what an amazing job you guys did keeping this game alive. played since the original war z launch and up to the end of iss worlds close. congrats on this mile stone and i wish you all good luck in the future btw the survival mode is amazing got me hooked again and i love the fact that not many script kids running around
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