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  1. K 0 0 L

    International Forums!

    Dont see any Norwegian channel in there!!!!
  2. K 0 0 L

    Oregon - The New Map

    Great start on a new map! + Hills-Trees-water-highway-nice pvp landscape. - Spawns -Sounds. (Becuse you can spawn direct bak, you need to make spawns further away from where you died, and the sounds fucks up hearing pvp foot steeps). Thx for trying! Good work!
  3. https://gyazo.com/a22a9100f3083953a44b2a64c5b1e16f You guys says we should expect some randomli dirt talk , trash talk in this game. ... But somwhow having lose canons mods banning players when they do is oki? This guy Nordmo is a legendary account, he is a "paying" costumer, he is one of many thats subs streamers in this game..many streams.expect from a "power hungry" mod , easy ban? Plz fix this
  4. K 0 0 L

    Patch 2.18

    Svenna, yes I did read that and the rest. You ask for feed back, we give . Dont shoot if you dont like what we write. Its just sugestions?
  5. K 0 0 L

    Patch 2.18

    Seams like a good update, but yes I do think as some guys here that "premium forewer" Legendary account" should have some more benefits than a skin or a spray badge. I do like the game and bought first lifetime premium, but my account have also bought Legendary account. So yes some ekstra benefits like more slots should be in order. Legendary accounts should also be avilable to take the bus system for free, same with lifetime premium, its just a fair thing to give back that dont cost the game to much. Its all about take and give , and so far have players given much more support than gain benefits. But hey, this is my 2 cent . Peace out!
  6. K 0 0 L

    Piles of money

    The money drop is when there is noone to collect them / claim them. The owner of the car dies, car blows up. Car killes alot of zoombies, the owner are dead. so the money fall to the ground! Ez
  7. K 0 0 L

    To Devs about environment and quality

    This helps how? Just make the game nice again, its not hartbeating anymore! Its just a random fps shooting game with more crashes than other games!
  8. K 0 0 L

    Xmas&Winter skins

    You have heavy christmas?
  9. Great map, thx alot, I noticed you are missing one tree down at 8E ish !
  10. K 0 0 L

    Want to BUY ... Adventure Backpack

    Yar welcome
  11. K 0 0 L

    Want to BUY ... Adventure Backpack

    eu1 now than i guess?
  12. K 0 0 L

    private server question

    no, they will still stay in until they delite your server stats! ( if you dont renew server for 6months or smt)
  13. K 0 0 L

    Patch 2.11 (Hotfix #2)

    This makes no sence!
  14. K 0 0 L

    Life Time Premium

    I bought first life time premium for 50$ than Legendary for 200$= 250$ , But anyway, most of us do/did it for the support of the game and the GC! It does not mather!