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  1. so is a x64 - core i& 6600 & NVidia GTX965 considered low end?
  2. has anyone notice a drop in FPS with the new Caliwood. I have great FPS with all other maps (open world, premium servers, battle royale etc) but the new Caliwood is not playable FPS for me.
  3. Hi I see zombies getting stuck - all zombies - normal, super and alien. this is at spawn points but also when they are chasing me. see videos anyone else seeing this??
  4. Update so there has been a trail of tickets - i think 6 or seven now - support get to a point and then close it. their suggestions have all been the same and make the basic assumption that I am running VM software. I am not and do not - I do not need to. I have researched this with MS development and other resources I have access to directly with the only outcome being they all suspect something in the anticheat memory management/allocation/script detection of the active game memory. The script does something with anti-cheat (last ticket from support stated this) so I asked what could I do or how does it work so I can see what its doing. Of course the answer was - can't tell you that. So all I know is when I do not run the script - the error occurs - so the script does something to mask the error - and support are unwilling to pursue this as they keep closing the tickets.
  5. Hi there are lots of posts on inventory and how it sucks. After thinking about it from a pure database angle here is what I think may work. I am assuming weapon items have a series of attributes which store the magazine type, number of rounds in magazine, any attachments like scopes, grips, suppressors etc so manipulating these becomes a simple programmatic exercise. 1. No weapon should ever be put in the armory with a clip in it - THIS IS REAL LIFE - IF YOU HAVE EVER SERVED YOU WILL KNOW - so all weapons have zero ammo in inventory. Ammo clips should be removed as part of the move to inventory process. 2. All ammo moved to inventory (ammo in weapons and also unattached ammo clips) should be automatically clip stacked - clip stacking of the inbound clips includes the 1 clip of partial load in inventory. 3. rearrange the weapon inventory view to a table with columns for a. long arms b. pistols c. machine guns etc. 4. rearrange the ammo inventory to a table with columns a. ammo items with full load of rounds b. item with less than full load of rounds - and there should only ever be 1 of these items in inventory - see 2 above taking stuff out of inventory them becomes a simple affair of select weapon / select ammo and if you use load-outs you can pre-load clips as the items are put into your slots or choose to do that manually The same simplification approach should be undertaken for anything that has a variable attached to the item description that makes the item not a unique entry. anyway just a thought....................................... have a fab day
  6. hi in response to some issues - you have targeted my account with a beta script to fix the "cant run in virtual machine" error. The script works. When it is not run - the error continues. when will this fix be rolled into a build? or is there anything specific I need to do on my setup to remove the need for the script? cheers Matt
  7. BinIsDed

    Maps - Open World

    Love the new map textures and detail in buildings, rooms, terrain, weapons etc... awesome work Oregon is going to be a great map. You can see the heritage of the map in all the maps that went before - re imagining some favorite areas into new one is great. I still see zombies no-clipping through all sorts of solid objects, walls, vehicles, trees - makes it difficult but great challenge sometimes - need to keep your eyes open lol I also see that objects and zombies are not at the same level as the terrain - having a zombie pop up under your feet is exciting :-) and some buildings, cars, loot are below the visible ground level. The ladders and stair cases on the side of buildings are still a pain not being able to just walk/run up them - having to jump each step is a pain. This is only going UP - going down they are fine. Of course there is still the inventory management thing - not being able to sort them a-z or something is a pain. Still waiting for zombies to be able to follow me - anywhere I can get to - they should also - makes it super easy to kill them if you can get to a place they cant traverse to. I know its a work in progress and look forward to the progression of this map and game features.
  8. Yup the handbrake makes sense - all vehicles have them (or a foot brake) which his designed to hold the vehicle on a particular gradient with a particular load - lookup the spec sheets for the stryker or humvee... make a guess on the others..... the 3rd person view - outside vehicle is really bad. yes you can zoom in and out and look around but you cant change elevation. When going up or down hills you end up looking at the back of the vehicle and have no vision at all or looking at the side of the vehicle... going up the road to mount massive weather station - the stryker stops and can't make it.. really?? its a 6 wheel drive all terrain vehicle... going up a gravel road should not be a problem - and its not that steep. I think you need to reassess the vehicle dynamics out... what vehicle can climb what angle. Like the ATV should just about climb vertical walls.... of course low range uses more fuel per klm/mile. also vehicle spawn points - how about some deep inside boulder and campos and maybe inside the other forts like camp splinter., norad, nato, ridgeway, cottonwood and the various storage areas attached to them rather than in the outside safe area... make them harder to get to and a reward for getting them out. would really love a trail bike - something nasty like a yamaha TT600 thumper or a KTM 690. how about some good driving rewards... or experience points for no/little damage over time/session... or maybe for covering all the marked paved roads.... thought anyway. apart from that loving the new vis and new refreshed parts of the colorado map.... I think the new loco motion camp is good , could do with a super zombie bit disappointed in delta peak... the cliffs that were in the other map gave it a more closed in feel devils pass.... was good with the zombies before - needed a super zombie or 2 to keep it interesting - maybe just a small 2 or 3 car and a tent in the middle somewhere i like the locations that are not marked on the map... nice like near smallville and hill ranch i think the basement of varo needs more "secret items" there are 4 or more super zombies down there... getting in and out should be rewarded big fan of norad - i think this gets all the elements nearly right, challenging and rewarding for patience... maybe another super zombie or 2 would be just right not sure what the point of emerald peak retreat is.... nothing to gain really there... except a super zombie and an alien... who seems to stay stuck in the fenced in pit cheers still loving it BINISDED
  9. Hi so following on from my post a few weeks ago... 1. Inventory Management - surely we can get a feature where the inventory items can be sorted A-Z - its really messy the way it is 2. Ammunition Management - a 9mm or 5.56mm or AK round is just that - the magazine it is in dictates the weapon. 9mm is used in multiple weapons including pistols and MG as is 5.56 and AK and .50 etc. It would be nice if we could manage rounds... not magazines... i.e. unload all the 9mm in a magazine and put it in another magazine for another weapon. 3. Zombie movement - so a way back you introduced a run/crawl/on all fours rush movement - which is great and makes them harder to nail, however just before the zombie gets to you it stands up for its striking pose... makes it easy to kill - not great gameplay - surely they can reach your location and start striking while they are crouched. 4. Zombies can't go where humans go? why can't they climb and jump?? They need to be able to really follow humans... getting to a climb spot and then mowing them down gets boring. This would be awesome for super and alien zombies... nowhere to hide and mow them down. 5. Uber Zombie.... there needs to be an Uber Zombie that requires multiple players/thousands of rounds to take down. The Alien is good... lots of rounds for a single player but when 2 or 3 join the party it's just boring. 6. Super and Alien Zombie stop at the edge of their defined area - allowing them to be culled - how about this - if a Super/Alien gets to its range limit AND is shot (i.e. projectile hits them)... then the range centre is then transferred to the players location with a similar range distance ring around that point? 7. Grenade/BadaBoom - when these are thrown - the zombies should go to the explosion point - that's where the noise comes from - not to the player location. 8. Zombies ... you can run through them..???? So lets say you are on a watchtower stair... pile of zombies on the stairs chasing you... you can just run through them - taking health hits.... you should not be able to get past them.... not great gameplay. 9. General landscape features.... is it just me or does the position of rocks/trees/shrubs change from time to time?? 10. External building ladders - some of these are difficult to negotiate.. you ave to jump, look up, move forward etc to navigate upwards e.g the building in the compound of Death Valley and some of the multi story maze buildings with the central staircase where you have to access the external ladder from a window like in Campos and Boulder. Keep up the great work - I like the tweaks you are doing to the maps and visibility settings and the textures are getting much better. The buildings are also getting better, Matt
  10. The M49 or M203 are Single Shot launchers that have a long reload and target re-acquisition time - similar to a bolt action .50cal or the swan off shotgun reload and acquire time. I am not talking multi-shot, rapid fire launchers that some games have - yes they are just bad.......
  11. all good valid points - get your point on auto reload and good suggestion - enable a manual mode looking for stack clips.... lol super zombies - yes agree - should pause and then return to "patrolling mode" noted on grenade launcher - but it is a single shot weapon and reload time is similar to a shotgun - anyhoo horses for courses in relation to sandbags./barricades - they only exist while you are in the game and alive... when you exit or die - they do also - having a persistent build would get messy another thing I was thinking was that a backpack should be able to be dropped - and stay as a backpack at that location unless retrieved by the player or discovered by another player - it should not just open up and spawn the contents - sort of like a mystery crate
  12. The grenade launcher is a fundamental piece of squad equipment....................
  13. Some additional thoughts 1. ammunition types - there are a number of different variations in ammunition particularly the "machine gun" types and .50cal automatic weapons will invariably have tracer rounds as an option... cool night time stuff - and also armour piercing .50cal comes in many variations including depleted uranium armour piercing shotgun shells come in solid, and then varying sizes of ball do some ammunition research and you will find heaps of new stuff 2. weapon trees look at world of tanks, world of ships, world of planes they have excellent equipment trees a similar system for weapons showing upgrade paths and the ability to buy or take from inventory - saves the noob trying to work out the difference between a rail mounted scope and a fixed scope :-) 3. another thing I was thinking was that a backpack should be able to be dropped - and stay as a backpack at that location unless retrieved by the player or discovered by another player - it should not just open up and spawn the contents - sort of like a mystery crate
  14. Hi Just some observations, thoughts and comments. 1. Ammo magazines.... if my weapon takes stanag and I have a mix of stanag in my kit - then I should not have to inventory select and load a new stanag type when one type runs out. i.e. the weapon has stanag 30 loaded - runs out - i have stanag 45 or 60 or cmag in my pack. It should automatically load the next available compatible mag type (stanag) .. you will need to decide if you rule base this to select the biggest mag, the mag with the most inventory or something else... its just a pain and not reflective of real combat where you just stuff mags in while in a firefight regardless of the capacity. 2. Part used ammo mags - there should be a function where you can combine contents of part used mags to make full mags. After a firefight you do this as a matter of course. 3. Spawning. I can not count the number of times I have spawned and someone has spawned on top of me. Really?? you should not let this happen. 4. Sniper scope movement. The ridiculous amount of movement in the sniper scopes in zoom mode is just awful, particularly if you are crouched or prone. Really if you are prone you never have this amount of movement. You may standing after running but as your heart rate falls your steadiness improves. If you are a sniper - your kit will most likely have a monopod or bipod for use prone. Most other games have bipod a deploy feature. In the real world you carry an empty sandbag... establish your position and them fill the bag as a support. 5. Remove mag from weapon increases weight - I noticed when I remove a mag from a weapon my total backpack weight increases. Why? The full weapon is already part of the backpack load including its mag. Looks like poor maths/formula/weight algorithm. Also part used mags have the same weight as full ones.... not real. 6. More weight - slower pace and increased food/water use. The bigger the backpack, the more weight it carries, therefore you use more energy to walk and run, thus your food/water reserves get consumed in proportion to the weight you carry. You also run slower with a 100kg backpack than you do with a 25kg and for shorter distances. 7. Sniper zoom field of view. (Applies to tactical binoculars) Looking through a sniper scope on a weapon designed to shoot over medium to long distances (300m to 1klm). The active field of view in the scope does not work. Lets say I am 400m from a target area. I zoom and I can not see zombies, other players. This is not real and makes the sniper function just a waste of time. I should be able to sit on a hill 600-800m away from a value target and wait and through the scope or tactical binoculars - see everything that is going on. 8. Zombie spread - I would like to see zombies all over the place - not just near towns, vehicles etc. That includes super zombies and aliens. They should be randomly set. Also the number of them should also vary and perhaps they should vanish/spawn randomly at a place. Its a bit of an easy game when you know there will be 1 superzombie/alien in a place. Also there need to be zombies on the not obvious paths between locations. 9. Zombie range. So they follow you for a distance and then stop. Makes it easy to kill superzombies. Perhaps they should immediately respawn back to their centre of focus when they reach the limit. 10. Spawn reset - so spawn is reset when you mess with your stuff anywhere except a vault. Cool. I use that to move around maps quicker. 11. Deliberately spawning players close together. I saw this change in the last few weeks., It does not add to the game. Forcing players to confront each other is just baby stuff. If you want to do that - make the maps smaller. I just run away from the town or feature where I am spawned. There are lots of different types of players. If all you do is cater for aggressive fighters... the point of the game is lost. 12. M203 weapon or M49 - would be cool to have a greande launcher - M203 (M16 with M49 attachment) or M49 40mm is a cool unit... but there are others... and also rifle propelled grenade attachments could be an option. Then we get to bazookas and other weapons that would be good for fun. 13. Building a base.. so if I spend time and effort sandbagging, barricading a place - it all goes to the bin when i quit. What about making something I make into a base as my spawn point until I get killed. Maybe allow me to nominate this as a base... Once confirmed it can not be removed back into inventory. If I move then I have to build another base. If I die I loose it. Thanks
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